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  1. I’m close by, in a much less ritzy neighborhood, lots of kids breaking into cars out this way
  2. This will be a nightmare since clt city council will be involved they can’t even get a single house built without it becoming a disaster I still say there is a big, big chance it ends up in SC with the headquarters
  3. That’s not what he said…but it’s possible and yes somebody should have asked him about the horrible surface he is putting down
  4. atlanta not gonna beat philly knicks were not that good
  5. collins gets out there a bit much, but he has grown on me...he is actually kind of funny and he knows his stuff
  6. This Garza guy is not another kaminski is he? I saw the Iowa kid when Carolina played them and he looked really good, but Frank was good at Wisconsin too
  7. Thank goodness…he is horrible he was terrible at Carolina too
  8. im not as high on our WR as everybody else in here DJ can be really good but disappears a lot...Anderson is like a Ted Ginn with hands...but not a 12 catch a game type...and we have had NO TE or RB production for a whule hopefully the rookie can give us something...& Arnold at TE needs to be big time having CMC back will help tremendously...with him we are definitely better the rest still needs to prove it
  9. maybe now we will have somebody back there that can cover a TE, or anybody for that matter, & is actually capable of making a tackle in the run game
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