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  1. agreed...i still like graham would like to have them both monk is gonna hold out for a max deal anyway
  2. I have never been a big fan of wilson goes all the way back to his state days hope he goes to the bears...let Rogers kick his tail
  3. This is a big deal...if they don’t plan to pay him, he is tradable i really like devonte
  4. I don’t want to lose Graham he is a ten yr guy...but would love to have him
  5. minn is awful & we cant miss gonna be 3-3 on this road trip...just fantastic PS: townes looks miserable...he would look happy in a hornets uniform
  6. hayward & cody will both play tonight...
  7. nobody is talking about trading CMC except a few morons on this board
  8. tepper wants to be engaged...good for him but he is smart enough to listen to the football men he hired
  9. i get it....but CMC at his best is not just any RB, he is one of the best players in the league
  10. I get it...it was really bad...Teddy was really bad but CMC makes a difference and we have no TE to help get those 6-7 yds we need on those drives
  11. We don’t have a TE on the roster worth keeping every QB needs a quality TE and we need one id consider Pitts big time at #8
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