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  1. Do you people really need to be told when to cheer something? and now you’re blaming the owner because you don’t know how to cheer? sheez
  2. Heard Jake on the radio yesterday…said he’s not concerned about CMC touches, said CMC not concerned either
  3. We know Sean Payton got 5 tds out of that train wreck winston And we know they’ve beaten us 9 of the last 11 we’ve played them
  4. Scott12345

    Peyton and Eli

    They need to get Luke on there one week
  5. Scott12345

    Peyton and Eli

    I thought it was terrific their insights were spot on eli…hard count only at goal line right before rookie jumps offsides payton…I prefer to play against man defense in two minute drill as Carr hits two bullets over the middle to get raiders a FG to tie it in regulation all 3 of them (Wilson) calling out what they see in defense every play and that’s just a few I can think of very welcome relief from the network mouthpieces i watched them Q4 thru end of game
  6. Been watching them with Wilson since Q4 started they were great…better than any announcers I’ve heard in a long time…and no commercials to boot
  7. We cut him for a reason…he’s not good
  8. Sucks…he was playing well as spins as he went out our secondary went to crap
  9. I thought he did OK…no fumbles and fair caught every punt
  10. He looks like he’s in a state of pouting
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