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  1. Thanks for the post. You’re like the depressed donkey from Whinny the Poo. Go outside, find a girlfriend/boyfriend. Call someone.
  2. Exactly. And really sad that it took 30 days for 24 minute video. Other teams have multiple episodes. Shoddy at best. Super disappointing.
  3. Are you saying that Zach Wilson and Aaron Rodgers are on the same level?
  4. Only 24 mins?!? Other teams have 4 episodes out. You complain about the staff, Jesus, this media team is pathetic.
  5. Till he goes for 300 on Action Jackson.
  6. I’ll take Tepper at his word. Let’s see what happens.
  7. Where can I get that sweatshirt
  8. I know. That’s what we need. Literally every other franchise does a series, not 30 minutes with 23 of it being snippets we already saw.
  9. Garbage as usual. Get to more behind the scene stuff
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