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  1. 99.9% sure he’s talking about Jax.
  2. I’m a public school teacher in Oregon. We have the second highest number of covid cases in the state in my county. Ask your questions about schools and I can answer them. Greg is literally saying exactly what public leadership is saying about schools and COVID post election. No tinderbox info here. Moreover, decisions are made at the state level and passed down to schools, by people who were never school teachers? So not sure of the point here. Wear a mask, save lives, but kids are hurting right now.
  3. I’m moving to 2 or 3. I’m giving up #8, first next year and #73
  4. I just got a subscription to the Athletic for 1 dollar per month. I don’t think Joe Person is worth it... but fug it. I have heard people talk about it before on here, so check it out for the same deal.
  5. WFNZ is really frustrated with the vocabulary of “offered” and the timing of the press release... to indicate that there is turmoil between Rhule and Tepper.
  6. I feel like cider drinking and making bowls that smell of fairies and unicorns go hand in hand.
  7. My daughter is 13. She’s seen me watch every panthers game. She knows exactly what each of those words means.
  8. Why can’t you announce hiring while their team is still playing? Why even interview during that time then?
  9. Hello fresh, blue apron, and freshly are reporting record sales... so is it?
  10. Wilson is a less downs looking version of Pickles... it’s why I don’t want him
  11. Nobody was serving meatballs this time around.
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