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  1. The guy can barely publicly speak without shitting his pants. He also has Tepper’s nut sack hanging off the bottom of his face
  2. We should have traded them. We could be a 2-7 team with a a future, or with them, 2-7 and still straight fuging garbage. The Carolina Panthers are a desirable destination no matter what, because only 32 mother fugers get to coach. Should have traded these pricks for picks. Period.
  3. Love this kid. Can’t wait!!
  4. Jesus. If I believed in trigger warnings, should have fuging put one on the thread title. fug that guy.
  5. I’m keeping receipts on Zappe
  6. Not sure about horns ability to stay healthy, but goddamn he’s good when he does.
  7. He was flying on special teams yesterday. His time will come.
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