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  1. What I appreciate most about the article is the quality of who was played last year in the numbers presented by Darnold (NFL teams) vs. Wilson… 0 power 5 schools and a bottom 10% college level strength of schedule.
  2. I really dislike Joe Brady. I find myself really liking Phil Snow. Before last year started I would have thought the opposite. Interesting.
  3. I believe his eyes grew even closer together, he turned into a cyclops and is touring off Broadway in The Iliad and Odyssey.
  4. They had 187 yards of total offense. So who didn’t add any wrinkles? Our defense was the best on the field, and Kony Ealy should have been the MVP.
  5. That and we had like 4 turnovers. 2 in the redzone, and 2 in our red zone. One right after a 26 yard completion which was overruled in the booth by a ref whose family was there wearing Broncos gear… but it’s whatever. Didn’t play well enough to win.
  6. It’s pride month. Back off. He/them, is a sassy bitch.
  7. I have watched 3-4 times. Would love more of the 2nd-3rd round pick intel. At one point rule talks about if they get cleaned out, Marshall Jr. will be on the board, and they were trying to secure a guarantee from 2 teams drafting in front that they didn’t get.... would love more of the Conversation with the Jets about Sam Darnold.
  8. Some of the stuff is put together by multiple people. Usually has different angles
  9. Sounds like Robby is def. in the plans. Not sure why the rumors of him getting shopped.
  10. As much as I think Joe Person is a tremendous boner, it’s worth it.
  11. If it’s just a montage of the poo we have already seen, like it normally is, fug off.
  12. Absolutely anyone. I couldn’t watch him this year. He was so dogshit.
  13. I live in Oregon and a few years ago we played Chad Cota’s son Chase in South Medford, so it was awesome to get to talk to him about the Panthers.
  14. I will go with Lester Towns, Chad Cota, and Nick Goings
  15. I drank so many Colorado kook-aides last night, I peed on the wall
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