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  1. Who do you think she wants to sleep with? Young athletic players, or fuging Tepper. You know he’s cucking in the corner.
  2. With any luck he has the grail already. Lol.
  3. Ivan Pace Jr. Bumper Pool, and Jack Colletto
  4. Great! He’s kinda like Wilson. Here is the problem.. drafted in the 3rd vs. 1 overall. It’s not a comparison.
  5. I think when the guy we draft number 1 can’t play QB in the NFL we get to see how good this “guru” staff is at QB development because the guy that’s gonna be there long term is Matt Corral.
  6. Few weeks ago he said the pick should be Stroud
  7. Media coverage on Bryce and the hate for Stroud is starting to sway way more people to Young. I’m currently a doomsday Younger. I don’t want him, and feel like we are making a huge mistake with him, based on frame. Height is a concern because the outside pressure he creates for himself with longer, deeper drops. I don’t want him. Stroud or AR
  8. No poo. Thank god we have Corral who will develop because this guy won’t hack it.
  9. No kidding. I got a D in geometry in high school. I have a Masters now. Strouds ceiling is higher. Bryce Young is capped out.
  10. By penalizing teams after the hit occurs. This isn’t the fuging pre-crime from minority report
  11. Yeah. Only an idiot would do that. It’s what this franchise is. A fuging joke. Imagine 2/3 qbs being there at 9, and we traded all this poo for this kid, cause he knows what to do when the ball is snapped. This staff from scouts to coaches is really the worst part of all of this. Guy is already at his ceiling. Bad bad bad.
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