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  1. Antonio Brown is also available to take on that mission
  2. https://theathletic.com/live-blogs/nfl-coaching-firings-interviews-hire-updates-news-on-matt-nagy-jim-harbaugh-mike-zimmer-and-more/HE5Vg4t6NXXL/
  3. Lmao yet we still have some fans that love him, unless this is sarcasm and went completely over my head lol Fire Rhule
  4. 8 pages on a topic about Sam Howell and not one person has listed his strengths and/or reasons why he'll be a great qb (or just reasons to draft him in general).
  5. The 54th player, known as THE Fans who had to watch and pay for this season. P.S. I said 'had to" because my love for the team made me. Damn near had to hold me to gun point to watch, but I watched every game this season.
  6. What he did made sense. I fully understand that it could have been better at QB/OL. Those moves will forever be tied to his name. Year 1 we were a rebuild team. He turned over a roster, we had a bridge QB. Made sense for 5 wins. Wanted more but couldn't complain with what we had. Year 2 this team has a lot more talent. Very Questionable QB change. and Very Questionable pickups at OL. Understanding this was a rebuild team helped it make some sense out of the moves he made. But when we started moving in "win now" mode... everything was lost. Year 2 is what mkes me want to get rid of Rhule. Like I said Coaches make mistakes. Busts happen. Projects fail. But if can't improve from those mistakes... gotta move on. He is trying to adapt to the NFL in a very "desperate manner". And the problems he is facing aren't problems he inherited... they are problems he created... that's why we must move on. Long way of agreeing with you while adding some. I may be generous in my feelings toward roster moves but im looking at all moves not just the OL/QB, not saying you weren't
  7. Yeah I fully agree with this. I just wanted to hear from the small group of people that want him here for another year. I've heard (and seen for myself) every reason to step away and hire a new, more experienced coach. Giving the "keep Rhule" crowd a chance to speak as to why
  8. Which I agree with. I don't think Rhule is a bad coach. I just think his "culture"/"structure" is built more for the college level. And I don't think he can adapt/keep up. Every coach has a couple roster moves they mess up on. So overall im not mad with the roster moves, obviously could've been better at OL and QB, but getting out-coached on a weekly basis with little to no improvement... I can't deal with. New coach or not, you gotta show improvement and the ability to adapt.
  9. https://www.si.com/nfl/panthers/gm-report/why-moving-on-from-matt-rhule-now-would-make-zero-sense I keep seeing articles of how Rhule and Panthers can fix this, what we can do next, etc. Articles like above stating it wouldn't make since to fire him so soon and blah blah blah, read if you'd like to see their argument. Question(s): Are there people out there (in the fanbase) that want one more year? Just to at least see? I would like to see Rhule fired myself, but am I and those wanting Rhule fired overreacting?
  10. Understood which is why i said it could pay off down the road. But keeping Douglas and draft capital as well as Dan Arnold maybe would've better suited us in the now. Maybe. I understand the reasoning for and against both the denzel and CJ transactions.
  11. I'd be more upset with what we gave up for CJ henderson seeing as we could've just kept rasul douglas who is making some plays for the packers. But who knows could payoff down the road i guess idk im just a simple fan, fanning
  12. He would've played like a 5th rounder here with our coaches. Success there doesn't mean there would have been success here.
  13. I agree however, it would suck if its 2021 draft all over again... picking high enough to select a QB, but not high enough to select the QB we (our staff) wants. Ultimately after Bryce and CJ, I think any of those guys can have a spencer rattler type dropoff/regression. But I get the logic in it 100%. Just looking at all possible outcomes ya know.
  14. Don't think it works like that. And Rhule is a guy that would likely prefer to be terminated rather than not being able to continue running his system/the show. Either Rhule's show or no show. I doubt he'll leave here and not get any other opportunities. Even Joe Brady is still getting interest from NFL teams (not sure for what positions though). Have to thing colleges would be interested as well. Regardless I am part of the Fire Rhule train. And regardless I think we are doomed for another rebuild year after this years regression. A new HC and OC would have things looking up though
  15. In terms of the running the ball, he had to do a lot on his own this year. 11 rushing TD's. He's a lot like the guy people love riding here, Sam Howell in terms losing guys this year. Corral had to play without 2 of his top WR's and both his top TE's (injuries rather than Howells losing skill players to draft). No excuses IMO though. Just like should be no excuse for injuries... next man up. On a well coached team that is. Biggest thing he improved on was decision making
  16. I think that is an area of growth for QB's... to learn to put the heart aside and slide rather than take the big hits fighting for yards every play.
  17. https://www.si.com/nfl/draft/nfl-draft/nfl-draft-matt-corral-is-a-master-of-manipulation
  18. Not the best article, but I think the writer is a Panthers fan and he shares what we all feel
  19. Didn't see it, my bad. And i know there is a lot of threads on this and they probably won't stop till Rhule is gone.
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