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  1. This isn’t my video and I didn’t post as a Sam-hype video. In case anyone was thinking that. Just a short analysis video
  2. Video also mentions Jimmy G having a higher Turnover Worthy Play (TWP) % than Sam in 2021. Just a note. This is just an analysis video (11 minutes)
  3. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Fool me three times and we get a new head coach. or however the saying goes lol
  4. “It might happen today” ”if not today then by the end of the week” “If not by the end of the week watch for the end of the month”
  5. But im saying they can easily add to his play time if he is healthy. Adding dunlap wouldn’t take from any potential snaps ygm or other DL would have is basically all im saying.
  6. YGM played 31% of defensive snaps last season. they can easily up that percentage if they feel it is necessary. No DL guy is playing 100% of snaps there is gonna be a rotation.
  7. Oh im not arguing the more. That was an argument between you two lol. Im just showing trying to show stats for people that think he would come in and take snaps from our younger players or not help our defense. He would be a good rotational piece. I don’t expect big numbers either but i think he would definitely help.
  8. Defensive snap % last season burns: 69% dunlap: 38%
  9. No one in free agency right now will magically make us playoff team. Still this would be a solid signing because we are lacking depth.
  10. 8.5 sacks and many more stats off just 38% of snaps.
  11. You definitely could, but i believe fitterer has been on board with every qb move so far. From a value stand point the moves made sense. And when you have a coach in your ear that has 100% confidence in his self that he can coach up any player… that + good value = make the trade/sign the player.
  12. I think its fair to judge Rhule on what he’s done so far as well as fitterer. However i do think its too early for tepper. I’d like to wait and see what Rhule does next and if that doesn’t work, I’d like to see the next coaching hire. I think i need at least two coaches to judge tepper as you can judge a coach off of two quarterbacks he has selected (not meaning for that to be any direct shot at rhule just in general). but that is my opinion.
  13. Everyone knows he’s good. The question is… (drumroll please) can he stay healthy? Would be a major check mark for the season if he is cleared to play all 17 games.
  14. I want Corral to play not because I think he can have a rookie season like herbert, but because of the much better qb class coming in. Would like to know what have instead of ending up in a daniel jones situation. We have already had enough setbacks. not saying start him week 1, but i wanna see him at some point.
  15. Correct me if im wrong, but shouldn’t there be a team already hired for “fan experience” type stuff. So instead of paying salary they’re asking PSL owners to volunteer? Could’ve just asked for an end of season survey but they would’ve all just said fire rhule i guess. Winning cures all in the end, but i guess it’s good they are trying to enhance it for the fans that go to games regardless of wins/losses
  16. Threads like this should have “tweet” or “joke” in the title. No hate/disrespect. Just saying. buddy does look old though
  17. just curious Also (unrelated to the argument above) What’s your opinion of robby?
  18. Being part of the can’t fish worth a fug crew, i caught a sun burn today
  19. Burns is back today also couldn’t read report but Panthers social posted burns today
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