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  1. He is much needed depth behind Chuba who is expected to have more touches with CMC out. Chuba has had a rough time catching the ball which is prolly why they're bringing in duke johnson
  2. They are likely still examining to see just how bad the injury is and will evaluate how long they will keep him out. IR has a mandatory 3 week wait period (correct me if im wrong) so they're likely waiting...
  3. Im saying we need depth behind him.... Obviously its next man up. But what hapens if we have another injury or covid protocol ... knock on wood see what you got me doing man
  4. We are now the Carolina Darnolds for about a week maybe two
  5. And that's how you know that they use analysis to track what (or who?) gets the most views. Cause literally what does Tom have to prove? His legacy was set like 4 superbowls ago lol
  6. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/panthers-matt-rhule-on-chuba-hubbard-filling-christian-mccaffreys-shoes-thats-why-we-drafted-you-man/
  7. Maybe they should focus on Sammy D instead of this so called goat that has only won like 7 rings... he hasn't deserved to be talked about especially after not winning the super bowl last year. Lol just jokes. I'd love to have my team talked about more.
  8. I mean they named buccs/rams America's game of the week.
  9. And all pre-season we were saying that we aren't a playoff team. We were all clear that we are still a "rebuild team" with a chance to make the playoffs due to above average (or maybe higher) coaching and favorable matchups. But understand that i am not knocking Darnold. I like what I've seen from him. I just don't wanna see drastic changes in the plan.
  10. I think this is the Defense's team. Darnold has played great without everything being on him. Our defense has won games and he has been great at just playing steady and not trying to be a hero like in NY. Not saying that if it's all on him he would revert back to that, but the plan in place has been working. Defense wins the game. Darnold doesn't turn the ball over to lose us the game.
  11. Maann, I might have to rewatch the game just to see Steve's reactions at this point haha
  12. Damn... I definitely didn't catch that. Steve keeps it real lol that's for sure.
  13. So do we play AJ in Horn's spot or pick up a FA to possibly take that spot and continue with the plan of inserting AJ into the nickel spot? Still some guys like Sherman and Dunbar out there. Just want to see what you guys think the most likely course of action is.
  14. nflstream.io **not sure if there is a "s" in there but they have all professional sports on the website. You can even watch redzone on there regarding the nfl stuff. Also include Spanish links for those that prefer it.
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