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  1. 3&0 we rocked the show !!!!! Keep pounding Last time we were 3&0 we went 15&1 let’s get it this is a great start far from over but enjoy week by week !!!!!
  2. Happens every year just got to bounce back
  3. Lmaoooo so spot on . We had a coach from highschool that looked like him that guy would drink beers on the sideline and rip cigarettes all game but was a great coach
  4. Got 2015 vibes ! Remember 2015 week 1 we barely beat the jags this year it’s the jets ! Can’t wait to see how this plays out
  5. This might be the best defense we ever had let’s see how it plays out I’m very optimistic! One game at a time let’s enjoy the ride !
  6. Some one needs to feed her salt water
  7. Everyone talked smack from the saints and other fan bases saying we would get destroyed after Winston throwing 5 tds well guess what we are for real !!!!!
  8. Let’s go !!!!!!!!! 2 and 0 we rocked the show
  9. Two bad passes by damn darnold a fumble by darnold . With that we could have been up by 4 scores I’ll take it as week 1 jitters but wins a win !
  10. I think we will win if we play aggressively, joe Brady and rhule played conservative
  11. This is where we blow our lead somethings just never change
  12. We will destroy him the game will look like Ivan drago vs Apollo creed
  13. I’d love to have him as a back up just for his loyalty for us . Wouldn’t hurt to put him in a nice qb package like the saints did
  14. Let’s factor in mccaffrey and I think he’ll be better . Darnold ain’t the answer but he can still make us a playoff team
  15. Will be making homemade Chinese food a healthier version
  16. If we are a playoff contender I think he could win it Jeremy chinn has a chance too along with reddick
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