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  1. I was right and y’all were wrong I was crushed on this site earlier this year when I said draft Mac jones ! And now look at him he’s great while we’re struggling with darnold . I knew Mac was the real deal but y’all stay lurking with Jason la canforas draft ratings . Lol seasons done I hope the giants beat us bro so we can get a real qb
  2. Stop making excuses he was supposed to be an upgrade over Samuel and he isn’t the man sucks he has done nothing quit making excuses
  3. I don’t like negative threads but what has Marshall done this season , imo he was the biggest let down so far other than Robby Anderson . We all had high hopes for Marshall and he isn’t even living up to devin funchess or Brandon lafell status and That’s not good . Smith seems hungry so he should get the reps . We’ll guys panthers season is far from over and I think with minor adjustments we will be fine and turn it around . Keep pounding !
  4. Only one Michael Jordan for this city and it isn’t him get him out now
  5. Yet everyone talked smack to the dude in the off-season that was obsessed with him
  6. No it isn’t , thus team faught and there is no signs of quit . Once cmc is back we will not lose.
  7. No offensive line once again biggest need neglected
  8. Embrace the suck , seasons finito darnold blowssssssss
  9. These lineman make Byron bell look amazing
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