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  1. Sure I would have loved to have a quarterback like Russ for all those years too. And many of the defensive players they had drafted too. I just was saying they have blanked many drafts as well. Maybe we have the duo to find stars. Maybe rhule is smarter than Carroll. Idk. I'm excited for this year to see what everyone looks like.
  2. Seattle, has been notorious to trading back for more picks. What did we do this year? If you actually look at the draft classes, Since Fitterer arrived in Seattle in 2001, they have had 4 drafts total with 7 picks or less. Til this year. Many years they had 9 -11 picks. That is alot of misses. I hope it works for us way better than it did for Seattle.
  3. Mr. Uncle, he was assistant GM. Do you think he didn't have a big say in the draft. He may have not had the final say, but he is right there for these drafts. Since 2001. So I'm sure there is relevance. Maybe just not to you and your thoughts.
  4. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/sea/draft.htm I know alot of people, are excited to see a different approach to this year's draft. I believe it was more exciting for us. However, that being said, The Seahawks haven't had the best of drafts in recent years...They have had a few very good drafts back in the day of Russ. But since then, not very many names that you might even know. Not sure if this philosophy was that fruitful building long standing players. But hey at least it was exciting and gut wrenching. Hope they all pan out. Doubt it..But here is to 2021.
  5. That's a very bold comment about never. If your speaking about depth sure. I mean if your sold on Moore and a now drafted player who hasn't played a down yet. DJ is great But he is no Smitty and Anderson is a different receiver than Moose. I'd rather have Moose. They stand head and shoulders over the 2 we have and maybe with our whole wr room. Oh the old days. Excited to see what this year brings however. Just bold saying NEVER.
  6. Hooooov is my all time favorite panther of all time. Loved his grit and his do my job attitude. And he could fill in when their were injuries with "double trouble" not that he would produce big numbers but he always pulled his weight. Miss ol 45.
  7. You are correct sir. He is a maller. I remember a Tight end who was a similar type who became one of the best ever. Jason Witten. If he can match half of Witten's career was, he will be a huge steal even in the 3rd round. He is gonna make the Defense ends tremble with fear. Also he helps with our possible weak bookends at tackles if Moton gets hurt. And Witten...wait for it..was a 3rd rounder.
  8. JJ just signed a 1 yr contract in March. Maybe the kid we drafted is for next year. Not sure what we are going to do. At least he was smart. Get good at a talent, makes a million a year, and get what many don't receive in the NFL, Fully vested retirement. Congrats dude and thank you for your amazing talent. Not 1 bad snap since season opener of 2010!!! J.J. JANSENC, CAROLINA PANTHERS Panthers re-signed long snapper J.J. Jansen to a one-year deal. Jansen, who was slated to become a free agent next week, will stay in Carolina, where he's played all 16 regular season games with the Panthers every season since 2009. SOURCE: Alaina Getzenberg on Twitter Mar 10, 2021, 8:22 AM ET
  9. Lol. Did anywhere in the post mention the Panthers picks? Please learn to read the actual words that are written before posting.
  10. Atlanta is gonna be tough after this draft. Ugh. Dalman is a very sound center.
  11. I'm sure all the coaches, front office and probably the ball boys know what needs the team needs. So many Negative Nancy's on what YOU think the team needs. Did they offer you a contract to be in their draft room?
  12. Has anyone else noticed how many of the local college players closest to the hometown team, have been picked. Probably due to travel restrictions for the scouts to see outside talent. Just like the last 2 picks.
  13. Trey Smith Jacoby Stevens Simi Feheko Blake Proehl ( Why not it's Ricky's boy) UFA Larry Rountree Kylen Grayson if we get a 7th rounder in a trade. He is a pass catching TE. Be a good backup/ST behind Arnold 1and Tremble.
  14. Glad we passed on Moehrig. If Vegas liked him that much, he sucks.
  15. How do you figure? In our last Super Bowl, Denver was the def, We were the offense. Or how about the Patriots? Their winning seasons has been with not great offenses. Or Tampa Bay (Sapp days)..or Baltimore..or pick other teams. Oh wait. Wasn't Atlanta the offense juggernaut compared to the Patriots. I'd really take a look at the stats of championship teams.
  16. I like Williams. But I think you might be able to find a back alot like him in the 5th or 6th round. Rountree is a hard nosed runner and if you look at this stats, He has the 3rd best college career numbers of RB in this draft. And played on a terrible team.
  17. Andre Cisco is a beast. I'm hoping he can fall into the 3rd round to us. If the TCU safety is still there take him in the 2nd and take Cisco in the 3rd and we know have one of the best young secondaries in the league. Cisco is super underrated in many mocks going into day 3 in many. Which is absurd. Torn ACL last year in 3rd pregame. He isn't big but is a ball hawk. Across his collegiate career, Cisco logged totals of 136 tackles, 2.0 tackles for loss, 13 interceptions, 14 pass deflections, 2 forced fumbles, and a fumble recovery. Had he played all of 2020, Cisco would have been a three-year starter as a true junior. That’s not something many Power Five players can boast.
  18. There are 2 big name LT left in free agency. Fisher (granted he may be out for half the season) and Villanueva (Ravens are linked to). Not sure who else is out there that are actually decent. Guarantee next draft will have a left tackle available too. Every draft does.
  19. I'm honestly not surprised by our choice. If one thing I have noticed is just how little people on here, know what Rhule is about. Obviously he has a say in who is being drafted. Rhule, is not a HC who desires a spread offense. He is all about defense, and ground and pound football. He is not much different than Riverboat Ron. Go take a look at his time in Temple. This is what he does and wants. At Baylor, he had to change his game plan, as all the high school teams in Texas ( obviously where most of his recruits come from) run more from spread RPO offenses. I think Surtain, would have been the better pick at 8, but hey, it's what he wants. They were never going to pick a QB with the pick anyways. All a smokescreen to get a desperate team, to trade up. But when "Jones" didn't go #3, no one wanted to move up anymore and Chicago was too far down to get what they wanted. Many of the fans better go and look and learn, Rhule is an old school coach with an old school mentality. Which, by history, has been a championship mentality. Next year, we will welcome Sam Howell as our "franchise" QB.
  20. With TB being traded, and watching so many tear down the guy because he didn't live up to their expectations. With us signing Darnold and we all know how short his leash is with all of the highly paid fantasy general managers we have on here.. hopefully Sam can do what these players did in their career. This is their first 2/3 year records as a starting quarterback. Glad we didn't live in a society that needs to have their instant gratification back then or we may have never seen their glorious careers..Not every new guy goes 13-0 Big Ben.. Montana. (2-5) first year, (13-3) pro bowl second year. Jim Kelly. (4-12) (6-6) pro bowl (12-4)pro bowl Aikman. (0-11) (7-8) (7-5) pro bowl Peyton. (3-13) (13-3) pro bowl Brees. (8-8) (2-9) (11-4) pro bowl By today's standards, If they all were rookies now they would all be replaced with the next big thing. Not at all saying this about TB either. He sucks and sucked before he came here. How fast will it be til all 5 quarterbacks hit bust alert?? 4 of the teams will be looking for a new quarterback by 2024 draft. So much for a "Franchise Quarterback". Might be the dumbest saying I hear during the draft build up. If it were true, we should have a shift in football records more often.
  21. I've seen alot of boards having him still ranked in the area of 210th best prospect. About early 6th is what I have seen. Tho he looked really good during pro day, it may have just been Mills throwing almost perfect too. Who knows. But he may still be there.
  22. Larry Rountree. We could use a ground and pound type back to rest CMC. He runs hard and is strong between the tackles. Be nice to have that at the goal line. And he actually is a back who can pass protect.
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