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  1. Cmac contract was recently restructured… he ain’t going anywhere this season. Next off season very possible this season just not likely
  2. I guess he heard about all that cap room we got over here
  3. 4.23 got to be a record … That’s the type of 7th round risk I’m into
  4. Trading back or oline (hopefully one of the top 3)
  5. I was convinced he will be our pick at 6… now with this news on draft week… would you still take him at #6??
  6. It’s simple….. BPA.. fug I’d take sauce at #6
  7. He pretty much a panther … haha Gilmore did too and we played him
  8. In a perfect world hell yea I’ll take take deebo and or jimmy if we have too … I’d give up the 6th overall pick and more also giving deebo a big contract… tepper wants a billy for a headquarters in tax payer money he better start putting out a product that atleast assumes he trying to win it all … with the addition with jimmy and deebo and hopefully and vet starter or good rookie to help out the oiline. With horn coming into his own we could be a dark house playoff team….
  9. Well charlotte is the biggest banking city in the east coast behind New York .. maybe this is where he wants to be being a hedge fund banker and all.. head quarters might want to move to charlotte … but from the sound of it he has dished out over 100 million for a unfinished project because the town where it is at has failed there contract …. So I’m sure tepper pissed … but remember owning a sports team comes with major tax breaks
  10. Well if reports are true Rock Hill are the ones at fault…. Yes I do see this as how it might play out in Charlotte…. I guess we will know more in a year or 2 but it seems moving the team and or having a fully funded stadium is the end game here … Tepper understands money so expect the most money play. which in my opinion is a more marketable city with a new tax payer fund stadium!! wish I had a few billy we the people deserve ownership haha:..
  11. I like Minshew atleast he plays his heart out!!!!
  12. I’m definitely from the belief that you draft a qb every year (not Saying 1st round) but even if we have tom Brady .. we should draft qb anyways just for that very reason or at most tradeable asset later
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