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  1. 1.Ayeeee is what it is bro .. ask your mom 2. never said his mechanics are like cams .. he is a poor man’s version of a poor man’s cam .. if that helps 3. generally picks after 5th round or pass are project picks .. im for one always express taking a qb every year aroujd 5-7th because of the value of the position..(only rounds I would see any value for ar15) If you pick him in the 1st you will be very very pissed 2nd round: pissed 3rd round: still kinda of pissed 4th round: meh lame 5th round: maybe I can see 6th round: fug it 7th round: why not he is a good kid and can run the ball very well .. cant read a defense fast enough and make touch passes short or deep. wish nothing but the best for you 2 , seem like a great couple
  2. I am very happy for baker !!! I wish nothing but the best
  3. I’m a gator fan and I have watched him live… he is not a qb.. but a very good athlete… he needs revamped arm mechanics, think poor man’s cam (but like last year cam)… he ain’t it maybe in the 5th sure … give up anything higher then a 3rd it will be a waste
  4. There’s no question he has all the tools to be a franchise qb …. But like most jobs it’s the soft skills , it’s your character, are you willing to sacrifice ego for the betterment of the team ? New York is a hard place to play while young …. If this doesn’t humble this kid nothing wil(getting bench and learning how to react without ego) .. if he somehow gets over himself he will be a killer if he buys in and motivated !!!!
  5. Looks like rams offered a similar packege as 9ers but instead of this years 4th they offer 4th next plus Cam Akers … Should have we took rams offer ?
  6. It better be a bag if they trading cmac( 2 1st plus … and better talk to Sean Payton’s lawyer … he might want him next year …
  7. Year 3 is the year he turns every program around…. We were “competitive” in both those games .. it’s Bob and baker 1st season(in theory it take 7 years in Matt Rhule offense to figure out ) panthers got baker late in the offseason .. the center wasn’t in sync with baker … the refs …. Prediction do or die time there needs to be fireworks in the next 4 games or Matt rhule and any staff assistant associated with that regime will be gone…. (Haha)
  8. Update: had my fantasy draft last night!! traded jt for cmac (keeper league) to the haters thank you to the lovers thank you
  9. I don’t have CD lamb …… I have a choice of 3 players jt(who I’m trading for cmac), daviln cook and Travis Kelce … Keep 2 who you keep out it davin cook or Travis Kelce ? another top5 running back or the best tightend where there isn’t any in fantasy… tough call leaning Kelce ,. Just on the fact that I’ll likey always have plus 10 point lead cuz the disparity of tightends getting points (12 man keeper league)
  10. I’m trading jt for cmac … It’s done!! Let goooooooo … $$$$$ keeper league jt only plays 1st and 2nd down , shitty oline and Matt Ryan … cmac will wreak havoc… .. he is heathly and we have a schedule early too make big gains
  11. Well well well , that time of year again boys … I play in a keeper league… I’ve been after cmac for years …. I am planning on trading jt for cmac … talk me into it or out of it … thank you a ahead of time
  12. Baker played thru injury last year… I except an uptick in all areas … I like him at 6 mil and 24 5th then Donald … unless baker blows up …. I’d like to see Corral week 6 or 8 starting !!! let’s go
  13. You don’t think they would express Bezos (who wants the commanders) just like tepper ? Why would Roger still up for synder and not JR?
  14. Trade or cut him. Marshall up next !!
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