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  1. Love to sign him! Just for the chance he will be back next year alone is worth it. 2 year deal .. 1st year min 2nd min with big performance incentives… pushing it to a market deal … little risk big reward …. If he don’t like the terms then move on … but love to have his talent and attitude on the offensive line… does he zone block well ? Seems like thats the type of olinemen we are looking for are looking for have zone blocking experience
  2. I’m sure We will get a comp pick for him if he is not resigned …. Also based off d Hopkins deal (tho I blame bill for that) and the rumored 2nd round pick for jolio .. comp pick might be higher then what an actual team will give up for Robby …. I’d like him on the team this year after that he probably gone.. the Mitchell, his age and the amount of money he will demand in resign …. my theory he stays with the team does about as good or better then we don’t sign him because he wants bigger money deal. then goes to free agency without a lot of takers and signs back to Carolina for marke
  3. Will Aaron Rodgers be traded ? Will Deshawn Watson be traded ? will jolio Jones be traded ? what players are expected to be cut ?
  4. Cap space is not going to be an issue for the next few years for this team. Time to see Tepper throw that wallet around!!!!
  5. I got over 10 poos just posting this topic .. is what it is ..
  6. We got Donald, but In theory Watson settles these issues.. and have no more bad will on him then Big Ben had back in the day… Tho society has been alittle more “woke”. I don’t think the league punishes him if he does settle out of court with no police or criminal charge attached to it.. with that said and if the deal is right.. would you push for the trade and or be okay with Watson starting the 21-22 season for the panthers ??
  7. If Aaron Rodgers wants to be here. Then whatever it takes. But if Matt Rhule doesn’t buy into then [email protected]&$ him
  8. Having a 7 foot wing span i would expect his bench too be lower then his peers.. In Rhule I trust
  9. I like taking kickers punters in the 6th and 7th. Long snapper, well I guess why not that too ... but I think Trey smith was worth the gamble... but I trust our front office know more then I... good draft boys ready for the season!!!!
  10. If he the next kittle then we got a gm forever ......
  11. Trey Smith jabri Cox marco Wilson tommy Doyle Jamie Newman Shaun wade
  12. Would love to have Arod .. I understand if he doesn’t want to come or the front office rather go another way
  13. Cap will explode it will take player salary’s a couple years to catch up... Let’s lock up everybody while we can before the big money days coming
  14. Falcons at 4 would like that package ... lions would like that package fins love that packege .. if they really dangle that much capital ... it won’t be #8
  15. #15, next years 1st and Gilmore for #8 if a QB drops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lions would do that deal, maybe Bengals.. that’s a baller deal
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