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  1. I got many and still doing more!!!! That time of year ... Looking at all my mock draft a coming theme is trading down.. Love to get Pitts in the 1st !!!!! David mills in the 3rd seems like a good long term pairing with joe Brady (even tho he gone in a season or 2)
  2. Tlaw wilson fields pitts sewell chase smith slater
  3. Linebackers get paid way more then safety’s ....... my thinking as well.. I guess we will know in couple years
  4. any of these guys from 4-7 all oline Adrian Ealy Garrison Coleman Landon young Earnest Barrett Jackson Carman Trey smith Kendrick Green Aaron Banks Josh sills Jimmy Morrissey Jarrett Patterson Drake Jackson Trey hill Nick Harris Deonte Brown Ben brown Jack anderson Chad Mays Teven Jenkins Jacoby Hammer Tyler Vrabel Cole Van Lanen Mitch Corr Cameron Tobin Abraham Lucas Daniel Faalele Cordell Volson
  5. Sewell worth ever bit of #8 would love to have him... Pitts however is a mismatch that we can’t pass up if he is there specially with all the oline talent in this years draft go oline whole draft after Pitts pick.
  6. Tlaw Zach Wilson Fields pitts sewell slater chase d.smith anyone of these guys in order top 8 picks Prefer trade back if the top 6 are gone and get another 2nd or 3rd rounder and drop back to no further then #15
  7. Pitts is the man if he is there you can’t pass on him ..... oline deep in this draft Pitts is generational
  8. “build it and they will come”
  9. The jets could get a 3rd round comp pick next year .... so the value was atleast 3rd round next year .. I say its better then paying 3 plus 1st for unproven rookie .. wish it was just a 2nd . But it is what it is .. I trust the staff !! Go panthers
  10. Giving up a 2nd and 4th next year .. kinda of have to pick up the 5th year option
  11. Jimmy g got a no trade clause this year. FYI so there’s that
  12. Not at all ! But what happens to Moton ?
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