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  1. Haha, I’m mom. Dad wouldn’t accept her diagnosis, I knew almost the minute she was born, that she was unique…..had to chose between husband and daughter. Chose my daughter, and she is worth it a thousand fold. lots of years of prayers, best physicians in the field, and counseling by a neuropsychologist and dedication from my entire family. The public school system is wonderful in Ventura County, so many free services offered these children, but I chose to hire my own education specialists and counsel, there are so many hard working people that did not have the earning potential I had, so I declined those services I have her to thank for my patient nature and desire to fight for those that have no voice. She’s strong, independent and clever….and although she is in a male dominated art form, she does not put up with any of their (insert “s” word), as tiny and petite as she is, lol. She might have pulled from her Asian ancestry in her looks, but she has my Latin fire.
  2. Forgive me for starting this thread, but my youngest daughter is one of the guest artists! I’m so proud of her, she has had many struggles all her life, due to her autism. Although high functioning, autism is autism, and she has struggled in structured activities and personal interactions…..but has improved by leaps and bounds over the years. She is so worth it. She goes by an alias, Kempo.
  3. Just a little OT here, but MB is around my age….but looks, acts, talks like an old, old man - not just now, but even when he was at UT. Surely, I can’t look that old!?!
  4. I have nothing against Florida, I rather like them….but I love Coach O, so nervously cheering for him and his Tigers to win.
  5. I just don’t understand how NFL teams (not just the Panthers) don’t address the most important piece of the offense, one that must be cohesive and normally slower to develop, with scraps and FAs. You have to draft, and keep on drafting, quality lineman, so the young ones can be eased in to the rotation and learn till their time to take over. Doesn’t matter if you run the ball, or throw it all over the field, oline matters. So frustrating…..not just for Sam, but whoever follows him, don’t do it to another kid QB just out of college.
  6. Sam is just destined to play behind the bottom of the barrel offensive lines in the NFL. Growing and learning for most QBs comes with starting out behind serviceable/good lines, while they develop and catch up to the speed of the pro defenses…in time, they adapt to less quality lines as they continue their careers. Unless you’re a future QB HOFer, you can’t rise above poor offensive lines, and how many QBs are in the HOF? I can think of several that had stellar offensive lines….
  7. I knew this would happen…but didn’t think it would be this quick. Played every position on the line in college, and did very well in all of them. There is versatility, and there is stand out versatility in every position you’ve played on the line. Bruce Matthews like.
  8. I had to take a break myself…..felt that loss like a sucker punch to the gut. Terrible, horrible football weekend for me too…can’t get away from it.
  9. I want to throw up, I don’t like anybody right now.
  10. What a suck a$$ offensive game, Sam. Thank God for this defense.
  11. Who? JuJu and Pitt were his targets, with Adoree’ Jackson borrowed from the D as kickoff/returner/WR/RB spark.
  12. Yes, he was….with a great oline.
  13. He’s a rookie, on a bad team. Sound familiar?
  14. Critique is good…very good, but if you can’t understand why questioning a players manhood, and character as “babied”, I don’t know what to tell you. People dump on Linville, yet he hasn’t dumped on Sams’ character, his critique is performance based. You’ve had QBs here before who didn’t take responsibility for their performance, blaming others, or sulking like a petulant little girl during a press conference after a loss.
  15. Bought a tri-tip at our local butcher shop yesterday, and my wonderful son-in-love is going to BBQ today. Reminds me of home.
  16. The only social media account he has is Instagram, not a guy who spends time with his phone in his face…..think he cares what members of a message board say? CMC said, he’s a regular guy, hangs out with teammates, and he made it a point to say that he treats them all with respect, does not place himself above them as the QB….wonder why he said that? Sam has his circle of friends he’s had since grade school, he keeps them close, broke up with his college girlfriend before the draft because he didn’t want distractions. How many guys do that? Like all his teammates say, former and present, he’s all about ball. If you can come out of NY, with your confidence in tact, no sulking or saying stupid things, remain very coachable….you don’t have to be coddled, you’re a man.
  17. How can a player be “babied” who refuses to make excuses for himself, and takes all the blame, never his teammates or coaches? Even in that NY hellhole? Don’t make him sound soft and coddled, when he’s anything but.
  18. it’s those basketball player moves.
  19. Interestingly, Carson Palmer thinks Sam is a lot like him. Carson with a stronger arm, Sam more mobile. Same quiet leadership, likes to be one of the guys, respectful of everyone.
  20. There should be no issue, but since when does an agenda require a valid issue? Points are points. you and I know Sam has never been a running QB, but he is a mobile QB who appears to be taking what the defense is giving him….and for the last four games, those defenses have given him open lanes to run in TDs. He looks to me like he’s gliding them in, not bulldozing his way in.
  21. Love it. I now live in a land locked state, don’t know if I trust the sea food here. Have to find out where to buy good Spanish chorizo and a high grade of saffron. It takes me a good part of the day to get it all together…the clams, scallops, shrimp, crab and lobster would be very costly down here. Enjoy.
  22. Coaches are letting him play some backyard football when needed, instead of forcing to coach it out of him. The City of Charlotte must be a dream for him too….San Clementes’ population is about 64,000, so that’s also an upgrade for him. Since moving down here to TN, it’s always surprising to me how people always assume we’re all “L.A. people”. We’re not, although I loved living only 70 miles from the city, loved going to school there, it’s nice to drive back home over the grade to my beach town.
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