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  1. I can’t help it, I’m going to be petty….boo hoo Jets for being you usual jetsy self.
  2. I understand, grew up with people walking and biking outdoors on streets all my life, we just tend to be very cautious of pedestrian and bike traffic. Don’t see that here, few people running even. It is so beautiful in the country in TN, but it was rather shocking when I first got here, to drive on narrow two lane roads (no shoulder), and get scared sh*tless by a huge truck barreling down a country road. Not allowed back home. Danville is a nice place, bedroom community type, this was just a very tragic accident.
  3. My sister lived in Danville for many years, the roads out there and most of California are very bike rider friendly. Bike paths everywhere and a road without a shoulder is rare. Not as many sidewalks or people walking in the morning or early evening here. I noticed moving to TN, that is not the case. All the housing developments they are building with little thought to the infrastructure. Traffic is just as bad in some of these smaller towns as some of the larger cities in SoCal. Is it different in other Southern states? God Bless Coach Knapp and his family. Heartbreaking.
  4. Your naysayers aren’t unreasonable, at all. Wouldn’t it be nice for others not to make excuses for Sam, especially since he hasn’t ever made them for himself? The excuse makers are from the outside….even with some questions on the oline, too many weapons to not succeed, it’s also his job to make the offensive lineman’s job easier. Sometimes you can be just too competitive, always trying to make something out of nothing, live to make another play that just might be a drive changer. Quit trying to be a savior.
  5. Carson had to force his way out, but not before his knee was shredded and he was a shell of himself. They made promises to him that they never kept, surrounded him with troubled players. He cared about his teammates, especially Chris Henry, his death devastated him. There are many ways you can tear down a young player. Thankfully, Carson managed and invested his money well, he played for the Cardinals because he wanted to. Andrew Luck was a damn shame. Both guys are high character good guys.
  6. The Colts with Luck, and pretty much Carson with the Bengals. Sometimes these franchises lie to players, say they’re going to change things, then they don’t, after repeated requests from the QB.
  7. Big difference….I’m a guest here, and although I really like several of your players, I’m still a CFB of your starting QB. Besides, my Latin temper and overprotective nature can rise up if critiques are too personal.
  8. If Sammy sucks in that game, I’m not showing my face here…..if the Panthers win, and Sam helps, I’m all for a team celebration, just too many offensive weapons on this team to cheer on just a QB performance.
  9. He’s a Bruin, they’re nothing but whiners, soft…known for jumping the wall to escape practice. Really.
  10. There is a long list of QBs that were MVPs, ROY, made a Pro bowl in their first year (Vince Young) who didn’t do so well the remainder of their NFL career. Doesn’t take long for a DC to figure them out. Sam’s three years could help, or it may prove he’s not a starter in the NFL. We’ll see, all I know is the Jets are a significantly better team that Wilson is walking into, than Sam had. Coaches, focus on top OL and especially the GM. We’ll see, no? Still sticks in my craw that they drafted AVT, they don’t deserve him.
  11. Bet his mom does too. Roll out to your right, Sammy.
  12. Maybe picking a nice girl could have prevented this. People poke fun, but he acted like a man, and didn’t knock her teeth out. This could have gone worse, a lot worse, for her.
  13. I hope so, but I can’t blame the nay sayers, or those with the mentality that he has to prove it first before they call the signing a good one. There are justified concerns. I believe in Sammy, but I’m coming from a different place…but I’m taking the path my guy takes, no excuses, it’s on him to get the ball to his playmakers….not the opposing team.
  14. I loved Christian in college - what a pain in the a** he was, and he’s proven to be even better in the pros, on the biggest stage.
  15. It’s a gamble, Matt was a 5* LT, played so well in college that he kept Tyron Smith at right tackle. Now compare the two careers. I doubt your franchise is the only one that would have drafted Matt that high if they had the chance.
  16. At least you tried, they didn’t even try, completely ignoring the line and every other position on the offense. Panthers have a running game, you have some pretty good, fast receivers. A QB can’t succeed without a running game, WRs and an oline that is dog poo poo. The QBs at least has weapons here.
  17. Oops, I know the Panthers at least drafted Ryan in the second round….the Jets had centers that snapped the ball over the heads of the QBs….including unretired, wonderful, Ryan.
  18. The Cardinal sin was the Jets not drafting offensive linemen in 10+ years. They patchworked offensive lines bunch of scraps and burnouts. Seriously, what kind of dumba** franchise does that??
  19. It’s the nature of sports fans, especially those fans. Sam has a lot to prove, and the noise will not quiet till he proves otherwise. Jets fans are who they are….on three different USC site, there was a loud, painful groan when Sam was drafted to the Jets. Not even SC Jets fans were pleased. We knew what he needed, and he was not going to get it there. Better to have dropped and gone to a stable franchise. He’s in a good place now, no excuses, few get a perfect set up.
  20. Imagine how much it would sting if Sam helps the Panthers to succeed here….they’ve taken more of a media hit by the sports talking heads when they traded Sam, with many giving at least some level of excuse to the sad sap Jets franchise for Sam’s’ failure to produce. It even happened on draft day. Why else would they care? Lots of hate for a young man that never once complained, or threw his teammates, coaches, fans or the owners under the bus?
  21. I’ll try it, I normally make my own, but I sometimes get lazy. Not a fan of vinegar tang, hopefully it won’t have much? I don’t care for vinegary tasting salsa, either.
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