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  1. There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. Football is a game of intangibles, team cohesiveness. Those dudes are dead inside....if they knew one damn thing, they’d be making billions from nfl franchises for their input.
  2. Sam didn’t start till the 4th game, so maybe stats would have been better. I was just being silly.
  3. 2016 he threw 31 TDs, 9 INT, 2 rushing TDs and 3 tackles. Want him to do this on the Panthers.
  4. Forgot, Harvard also offered…they don’t throw those offers around to just anyone, even athletes.
  5. Son of a teacher. If you listened to Jamis Winston, you’d never know he qualified academically for admission to Stanford - they do not make academic allowances for athletes, or that Kris Kristofferson was a Rhodes Scholar. USC makes academic allowances for athletes, but at the end of the day, they’re surrounded by classmates in the top 10% in their classes. We’ve had some great athletes not make it.
  6. If he is, they have strong, unbendable opinions on everything...and they let EVERYONE know it, loud and clear.
  7. How much more can they ask Sam, who has taken all the blame for his and the teams failings on himself? On draft day, didn’t that group of four, including Mel Kiper (can’t remember other names) say that Sam went through a meat grinder in NY, but they couldn’t get him to blame anyone but himself. He never even complained to friends. Gase was an egotistical micromanager, it was his way, or else. He didn’t draft Sam, doubt he knew how to develop him or his skill set....a QB who would dare to go off platform, a backyard playmaker when things broke down. He’s a smart kid, held offers from D
  8. For anyone whose family has not lived in California over 100 years, and not bilingual and bicultural….you’re an outsider/foreigner. That’s what some of us think.
  9. Isn’t there a part of the country where they burn couches after a sporting event?
  10. Yup, what he’s known for, but I believe that is a year to year analysis, so last season doesn’t surprise me, it was horrific for Sam.
  11. I moved from a Southern California beach town, surrounded by agriculture, to middle Tennessee. I focused on the similarities when I moved here, you can always find them, I’m surrounded by agriculture here as I was back home, small town mentality is the same. You focus on that to be happy.
  12. Believe me, you could be living in a paradise, but if it’s not “home”......your heart will always long to go back.
  13. I had quite a number of specialty registry staff from NY, Midwest and the south that I contracted out to hospitals in our county and the L.A. area, really liked most of the NYers, but man, I had to remind them that people were not deaf, and no one cares about their opinions, or to STFU about how much money they were making as registry staff. Gets tiring continually smoothing the waters to prevent a Do Not Send kiss of death. Sam is no more a NYer type than I’m like Salma Hayek or a Song Girl.
  14. And people in Charlotte don’t have that loud, obnoxious and pushy NY manner of communicating. That accent, Lord.
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