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  1. Yes, he is, and why not? Plenty said about his bland persona, lack of leadership and toughness…it’s part of the game. I prefer a Joe Montana type QB personality. Play on the field, or how you rep your school or franchise is always open for critique. A persons looks….face, body shaming or saying they are expendable due to injury is another matter. Cam may dress like a pimp, but he’s a very fine looking young man, his dress doesn’t change that, but you continue not seeing the distinction. I’m not Sam’s mom, and I’ve never championed him over any other QB on the team, or any you could have drafted. He hasn’t been a good QB, that’s a fact, who is denying that? Find a post where I’ve said he is the answer at QB for the Carolina Panthers, from my initial post, or mocked a players physical appearance (not clothing, which we all have control of) or made light on any player injury..,,,you won’t find that, about any player in college or playing in the NFL.
  2. Good lord….forgive me for responding about non-QB related issues that the entire football world has commented on, by most of the sports outlets, in not flattering terms. I would have never known one thing about the “girl” incapable of discussing football incident (she was a grown woman, by the way) or commenting on the foppish dress. Do you not think that a big reason Cam has not been offered a job just may be his several self created distractions? Other than not diving for the ball in one of the most important games in the history of any NFL franchise, because he was afraid of getting hurt….not one other comment was about performance as a QB. Sam’s are all QB performance related. Sorry, if Newton is your one star player in your history, it is true we have not had any good QBs in the NFL, but we’ve had a number of star players in our history. Doesn’t make them infallible, or everything they say or do not cringeworthy….”give me the damn ball” and “I still think we were the better team”, etc. it all comes with the territory, but never, ever would I say an injured player was expendable, no matter who it was..,even a Burfinct or Suh or anyone else, that is classless.
  3. Horrific, terrible and maddening. Never thought he’d be worse than Mark….guess what, worse. Sam’s a smart guy, use that mind in another field outside FB. Come home Sam, finish your degree and you can continue playing back yard football on the beach with your friends.
  4. Agreed, there are quite a few “dumb as rocks” QBs in the HOF…..Bradshaw, Fauve, Marino, Kelly…..so, you can be one of the greats and have the IQ the same as your shoe size. By that measure, Fitzpatrick should be a shoe in for the HOF.
  5. I wasn’t talking about now, at the end of the season…..if he gets hurt further over this one game, and has to miss more games, you won’t be able to get anything for him in the end.
  6. Hmmmm, cleared from concussion protocol, and a healed throwing arm are two different things. He goes out there, gets injured worse, there goes any trade value you can get. You could use every bit of value you can to do something about that horrid oline.
  7. Best of luck to PJ, he has a chance to be the hero.
  8. Or, a handful of fans that create multiple accounts.
  9. This is childish thinking……battered fan syndrome, wallowing in your grief rather than welcome new fans, simply because you’ve been miserable longer, or since the beginning. How the hell else do you build on your fan base? We have fans that became fans because of one player(s) or coach, ended up staying fans for 20-30+ years. Good grief.
  10. This is the answer….also, the poor player has no choice but to play out his contract, or get dumped/traded by the franchise that drafted them. Very few players end their careers with the franchise that drafted them. It is what it is.
  11. Like I said, feels like Sunday is the last day Sam is the QB for the Panthers. Bite the bullet, go with who you have, since the whole QB room is trash….as many are saying. You might get a nice high draft pick in the draft, trouble is, if that oline isn’t addressed in the first round, your next starting QB will be in a hospital bed most of the season.
  12. He was sitting home for a year before the crypt keeper called him to play for the Raiders.
  13. At this point, can’t tell your village idiot from your board wise men.
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