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  1. Hopefully that TD gives the whole team a boost.
  2. I have YouTube TV, the game will be on there! Yay!
  3. Big hugs to you. A great comfort in losing my mom was that I was there for her till the end. Nothing in this world is more valuable and precious than the time you give your children and parents. It brings you peace. Cooking and an immaculate house is way down that list.
  4. Back home, there were fast food Korean, Greek and millions of Mexican, BBQ,etc, fast food places to take home. We are big into the food trucks in SoCal for years now. Farmers Markets are year round, lots of different food sold there by vendors while you’re shopping for fresh produce and fruit. I’ve only been here two years, one year doesn’t count due to the pandemic, so anxious to find the equivalent in TN.
  5. He is behind a much better line than Sam was - young, but still better. Sam didn’t even have a center that could snap the ball….jumping up to catch a ball snapped over your head, takes valuable time from surveying the field and making your reads to throw. *Just checked, Wilson is taller than I thought, same height as Sam, but not as husky/sturdy.
  6. I’m not a vegetarian, but I love my vegetables….I could go a month without eating meat. I need to go through periods with little meat to cleanse my body, lol.
  7. I made albondiga soup last night, making arroz con pollo tonight. My youngest chose to move to Portland, and I sent this photo - her favorite soup.
  8. You can love and celebrate the big personalities, their joy and charm, and still celebrate the low key guys that are leaders, focused and equally loved by their teammates. I watched CMC on The Herd, when asked about Sam, he said that off the field, he was a regular guy, humble and respectful to everyone. On the field, confident and had command of the huddle. There is more than one way to lead.
  9. My heart goes out to the young man. Out of BYU, he played behind a massive oline of 40 year olds protecting him….now, everyone is big, fast and strong. Bet on injured and out for a few more games….ouch.
  10. The Panthers glorious defense is getting tons of love on sports media! Think of the past two games, and this one, as a chance for the offense to gel (especially the oline) and for the OC to open up the playbook. Let the D take charge, while their teammates on the other side of the ball keep building on their development together.
  11. Good thing the Bills thought an interception/inaccurate prone QB, from a small school in the Mountain West conference - that couldn’t even win that conference, or defeat a Power 5 school…..was worthy enough to draft in the first round and build around him. Guess a raw QB with skills can shine with good coaching, building an offense around a QB actually works.
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