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  1. So you rank Mac Jones over Trevor Lawrence? You, sir, are truly dim.
  2. Y'all people crazy. Ain't no way that Slater should be taken over Pitts. A Slater-level talent comes nearly every draft. But Pitts? You never see a specimen like him. Put it this way- I'd bet my last dollar on the fact that y'all would've rather us taken Tyron Smith than Julio. Any day of the week. Because you don't see a Julio every day.
  3. The fact that he had the best receivers and not even close to the best numbers. That he's the least mobile QB in the upper part of QBs. That that's what he was until 9ers moved up, and now he's top 3?
  4. See, though... I think Mac Jones is a second-round talent, inflated by the position he plays. Best-case scenario, he ends up not being a total bust and being a middle-of-the-pack QB. Worst case, someone wastes a first round pick.
  5. Speaking of terrible fashion, this ad happened to pop up on this thread
  6. If RB Mike Davis dies, good luck defending him when you can't see him.
  7. Fair enough. To move up from 8, it would probably take a first this year, a third this year, and a first next year.
  8. Lots of speculation saying CAR likes Justin Fields. If he's there at 4, would you move up? No way he gets past DEN at 6, and while I don't think Darnold is a bad QB, Fields has a ridiculous ceiling. How much capitol would you give up?
  9. And ATL at 4, and MIA at 6, and DAL at 10, and on and on...
  10. Forget Trask, you want Peyton Ramsey. Real deal QB, better than Trevor.
  11. Don't know if anyone will trade up to 8. Probably going to have all the rush for QB's happen before that.
  12. WR's and QB's alone don't win Super Bowls. If so, Megatron and Stafford would have won like 5. You need a defence, and an O-Line. And to be fair, Matt Ryan is consistent enough that he should have had multiple rings right now. Probably would with better coaches.
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