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  1. I wish they'd drop Thur games, or have them only after both teams' by weeks
  2. I broke that bone in my right foot once, even after I had the cast off I had discomfort for several more weeks and could not put full pressure on it even if he's cleared to come back this season I wouldn't want him to since he's not going to be in playing shape after 6 to 8 weeks of hobbling around
  3. I don't like home night games, tough for me to go to them when the kids have school the next day. glad this one is on the road, we'll prolly get flexed later on this year tho
  4. not going to join in on the fat shaming, but i do find it amusing that they shelled out 4-600 bucks to watch their team get mauled like the desert counter at Golden Corral
  5. that place should have been plowed under and the earth salted after Katrina
  6. don't think Hill is capable of QB'ing effectively for a full game, which is even better for us
  7. actually, the best I've heard these two games was walking down the ramp to leave the stadium, pretty damn loud
  8. was pops wearing our gear today?
  9. they put it up on the screen today, but not like it was before, one side doing "Keep" and the other "Pounding", it wasn't directed at either side and yes I heard it start up within the crowd too, but it never got full throat across the stadium, came close one time tho late in the game
  10. just got back home south side represented today, especially during the back to back NO false starts, really good to hear that sound again, been a long time
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