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  1. the intros were totally screwed up got in through the south gate faster than I have in recent memory, thought things would be tighter this time so we left our parking spot early in anticipation Still, not convinced the lack of KP was Tepper's idea, he's been trying to build brand loyalty since he got here and this doesn't really fit into that mode, to me it looks more like something a freshly minted JA MBA would pull in hopes of impressing higher ups
  2. had seats in that area a couple of years ago and can back this statement up
  3. just need a couple of fans each with a sign at the middle of the home and visitor sides, 500 level to get it going
  4. seems a bit harsh to shoot them, but they are raider fans so I guess it's ok
  5. this is solid advice, normally don't go to Sept games because of the heat, but this year I'll make an exception wouldn't be surprised if attendance is curtailed again this year at some point
  6. here's hoping for a decent kicker
  7. this. we are absolutely headed in the right direction
  8. has time to text his mom before making a throw
  9. I still don't know why we have Grier on this team
  10. CBS Spartanburg has it on their schedule
  11. Damn it's good to have Smitty back in the family
  12. Imma not worried, plenty of teams have lost all their games in preseason, looked like crap and and went on to be fine game day is what counts
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