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  1. I saw on Twitter blue jerseys black pants don't know how true the source is though
  2. We are not the McCaffrey Panthers we are the Carolina Panthers lots of talent on this roster!
  3. Sam is like another Brett Favre and with this nasty defense omg
  4. Football is a team sport if you keep feeding it to McCaffrey the whole game you may lose the game teams will figure you out. We need more passing and play action mix it up. Your the one that is dumb as hell.
  5. Good post. I think we rely on McCaffrey too much. There is too much talent on this roster. Spread the ball around and we score more TDs!!!
  6. We would get more TDs if they didn't go to him so much we have other talent on this roster that barely got used. This is a team sport not a one man show.
  7. You can poo on me all you want I hate Dallas too but it's best if they win tonight. Anything to help my team. Go Panthers Keep Pounding!!!
  8. I hate both teams but I'm pulling for Dallas it would help the Panthers
  9. I thought Darnold performed well during the Steelers game. People are dumb.
  10. DJ at punt returns could work or be bad. Hey Steve Smith did it!
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