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  1. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2023/03/02/panthers-all-in-anthony-richardson-espn-scott-fitterer/?utm_campaign=trueanthem&utm_medium=trueanthem&utm_source=facebook Getting a sense Panthers are all in on the young stud.
  2. I don't think he's nearly as good a runner as Cam. everything else he does as well or better. But running ability pure speed and even power...No.
  3. I am all in on drafting Richardson at 9 if we stay at 9. High upside develop him for a year or hell even let him get some playing time running rpos and such in packages. Sign a vet or even keep Darnold. Keep all those CMC picks and fill out the roster.
  4. He has been gaining steam to go number 1. his vegas odds have went up a lot. https://247sports.com/Article/2023-NFL-Draft-Anthony-Richardson-usurps-Bryce-Young-CJ-Stroud-as-No-1-QB-in-latest-CBS-Sports-mock-205147850/#:~:text=The Indianapolis Colts select Anthony,board in his most recent i
  5. He's a tackle by craft...But so was Brady Christensen...
  6. Even so I can't see this happening. Where is this kid going to play? we going to release Moton? seems like wasting draft capital to me. If we dont go Qb i would think Edge or TE maybe even linebacker before tackle.
  7. well looks like we finally landed our franchise tackle....
  8. are we going to compare Bijon Robinson to Clyde edwards elire in terms of talent. people like to say RBs are a dime a dozen but those who are more than just a RB cant be haf outside the first.
  9. You dont get quality waiting on guys to fall. Robinson is an eliye talent and legit top 10 prospect. look what we have donr with second 3rd and so on picks the last decade even. most of them are bad to bust. quality over quantity.
  10. This is a bad draft. Most say there are only about 14 true first round picks in this draft with Robinson being one of them and a top 10 pick. yeah you can get fine and decent production from other guys. This isnt a question of that. It's do you gamble on elite production.
  11. Your talking in terms of contracts? yeah sure it was awful. But im speaking in terms of draft capital and return. You got arugably the best rb in the game who redefines the position. An all time leader for our franchise in a franchise that has invested heavily in the position historically. On the back end of that you were were able to trade him for a 2,3,4,5 i think which is of huge value for a rb on his secone contract. Rbs this day and age never return a second. you got almost 1st round value for a guy you rode into the ground.
  12. I'm sure you could say the same of most franchises right up til say mid Payton Manning Era. It was a rushing league now its a passing one. I agree off the ball linebackers are not great investments but those who rush the passer are. 2 different things. Just like RBs who can be a aasset in the passing game(like CMC) guys who are special are exceptions to the rule.
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