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  1. I would say something but your grumpy old forum police officer self is going get upset and start threatening me about a ban.
  2. Let’s see how stupid Borrego can be tonight.
  3. It’s always a fight between the bear and the bull in the stock market. Stock = Carolina Panthers Bull = Panthers fans Bear = David Tepper This fugger is clearly shorting the stock.
  4. It’s not whether Henderson can play or not. The kid could be our best corner for the future if he wasn’t a pussy. He’s about to quit football because he’s mentally weak, not because he’s hurt or can’t play.
  5. Darnold isn’t the problem. He’s just part of the problem. Rhule, Brady and Tepper are the real Problem.
  6. Rhule, Brady and Tepper are the problems
  7. If we didn’t played a worse franchise than us in Atlanta last week, we’d be 3-6 right now.
  8. Belichick’s team is bad, but he’s still winning because he’s a great coach. Rhule’s team is pretty good, but he fuggin sucks cocks.
  9. We have some stupid fugs running this team. We are worse than the Jets.
  10. Why is the rest of former Baylor and Temple players on this team other than Reddick? That’s your answer.
  11. We all force Tepper to sell this team.
  12. Someone start a petition to have David Tepper remove as owner. I want him to see how many people want him out.
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