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  1. Sunday is November 14 ... Carolina is 13-5 all-time (including playoffs) vs. Arizona - Carolina can get it's 14th win vs. AZ on the 14th - with QB #14 (yes, #14 will start, and rebound) Also, it's week 10 - Rhule can pick up 10th win as Panthers Head Coach Jacksonville got their 9th win all-time vs. Buffalo in week 9 Carolina's rotation number this week is 257 - the 55th prime number, signaling we'll become 5-5
  2. Rhule can get his 10th win as Panthers HC in week 10 ... Carolina can also win 14th all-time game vs. AZ on the 14th - with #14 Darnold I like us to upset.
  3. Sam is making everyone affiliated with the offense look worse than they are. Sam is total garbage.
  4. Get Rhule some Rogaine and send that son of a bitch on his way
  5. We aren't this bad. Darnold is just so terrible he's making us look worse than we really are. Don't know how that's hard to comprehend. Trash QB's make your team look trash.
  6. We're not as bad as we look right now. Sam is just the anchor dragging everyone else down. Darnold has truly been piss poor.
  7. I can't believe anyone would ever argue that having a terrible QB messes up the entire team vibe ... that we even have 4 wins with trash Sam is a testament to the overall strength of this team. Yes, Sam is completely ******* our team.
  8. Darnold's level of play has been F- .. when your QB is so trash, it rubs off on everyone else
  9. I wish I saw him .. '..you stupid bastard, sign Cam tomorrow..'
  10. Stop talking about a QB who is a FA who is better than any QB on our roster?
  11. Cam led the 2017 team to 11 wins and this years offense is better than 2017
  12. I think he's signing here tomorrow .. man, the Cam's done people just don't get it, he's 32, he ain't done
  13. Well Chapter 1 of Cam era started in AZ Chapter 2 can too
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