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  1. The poll begins now. In my opinion, he gets one more year. Vote #1.
  2. Let's take a serious poll. Should Rule stay or should he go?
  3. How about some Christmas 'Cheer'! On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate our TopCats?
  4. I must admit that other sport journalists agree with the majority sentiment on this forum. E.g. the SB NATION article, "The 6 teams with the most hopeless futures in the NFL"
  5. Let's get used to the idea that Rhule will 'Rule' in 2022! Has a 'ring' and 'rhyme' to it......doesn't it?
  6. Doesn't anyone feel the positive vibes! Tis the season! A resurrection is coming!
  7. Tepper and Rhule will collaborate in season 3 for a resounding turnaround! It's time to board the bandwagon and support the team 100%! I feel a positive change!
  8. CPantherKing makes a valid comparison.....Season 3 with Rhule requires drastic improvement in each area mentioned. That's a legit request!
  9. Gipetto makes a valid point with the disruptive effects of covid on the 2020 season. Count it 1.5 yrs. to date as a coach. Nevertheless, I agree that 2022 improvement is mandatory.
  10. It is a possibility that things can recover. Give rhule one more year. I believe he deserves that! Obviously I'm in the minority but rhule will surprise you. Get in his and the team's corner.
  11. Successful tenure of 3 years at Baylor
  12. He deserves at least 3 years. Give him an opportunity to develop his program. 2 years is not enough.
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