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  1. Darnold inside the red zone. Missed at least 1 TD throw to Marshall. Not sure about the Thomas throw; I was at the game. finishing sacks. I know Wilson is slippery but jesus
  2. Panthers are the better team and the jets can’t handle the panthers defense right now, but Wilson is a dude. making throws all over the field. does it look the same on tv?
  3. 126 since 96 my dad and I have been to 22 or 23 home openers. absolutely don’t want to go to plague town tomorrow but how do you tell your dad no?
  4. Breaking Cam deserved so much more than this
  5. All these things would have to happen for a super bowl to occur.
  6. Kinda hard to come back from getting caught having group sex with multiple women and your brother.
  7. This whole board would line up to blow him if he accepted a trade here. and it’d be justified.
  8. Lmao he’s played division 1 football for years. and it’s not like football isn’t rife with one of the leading causes of seizures.
  9. No one is an exact science. But yours was 0% managed.
  10. Then I would t exactly call you managed.
  11. So “managing” means he was diagnosed with epilepsy at some point and is taking something for them. It doesn’t mean he’s had a recent seizure, also doesn’t mean he hasn’t. But it means it’s in control. Seizure medication is fairly straightforward and not that big a deal. Keppra, for example, is safe to give during pregnancy and has the side effect of making people cranky. Hell, aspirin is technically an anti epileptic drug. the worst side effect from commonly prescribed drugs is probably hyponatremia from carbamezapine. there is a drug called fycompa that has the side effects of delirium and homicidal ideation, which we always laugh about in the office and never prescribe. there are specific seizure disorders that hit you in childhood like Lennox gastaut or whatever but that is severe and I doubt he could be where he is athletically if he’d been afflicted with it. teams manage their players meds at big schools, certainly places like UGA or OSU. two schools have checked off on him. I can’t imagine this would impact him at the nfl level. plus, every nfl player is at risk for seizures since one of the most common cause of them is concussions. overall I doubt this is a big deal source: this is literally what I do for a living
  12. Remember that abuse is cyclical. it’s a learned behavior. it’s also usually a family member or very close associate, in a position of power, and usually male. what I’m saying is deshaun absolutely learned this from Dabo and clemson should be show caused immediately.
  13. It’ll be just like Greg hardy. A bunch of poo beads will rereg and lay low until the next opportunity to slut shame women.
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