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  1. Christian McCaffrey McCaffrey was one of my "untradeable" players from just a year ago, but it's not crazy to think the Panthers could move on from him this offseason. Now, it should be noted the injuries from 2020 would likely make his trade value the lowest of his NFL career. However, he's only going to turn 25 in June, so he's still in the prime of his career and would be a valuable commodity. Which makes you think Carolina should hold on to him. But the Panthers aren't close to the Super Bowl. And if they draft a quarterback to essentially turn the page on Teddy Bridgewater (see
  2. I didnt watch the CC game but looking at the stats of just one game is a tough way to judge a QB. If you just look at the stats from the Super Bowl you could say Mahomes choked in the biggest game. 0 TDs, 2 INTs and a 53 Rating. But he was under constant pressure and receivers were dropping balls. Im not advocating for or against Wilson just saying
  3. then take Felton from UCLA who was a RB who caught a lot of balls and is transitioning to WR.
  4. He also said we are targeting Will Fuller, so we will see how reliable he is on that. And Washington is targeting Samuel
  5. Especially when you consider Chris Jones went a few picks after Butler
  6. Or understand how if we tell the jets to draft wilson and then we trade 2 1st for him it is considered different than if we traded 2 1st to the jets then drafted wilson. In both cases we give up the rights to 2 1st round picks and get wilson yet people on here consider the offers different (whether we give up multiple firsts or not)
  7. No im not. I honestly dont understand how giving up 2 1st is not considered giving up multiple 1sts. If we traded up the jets would have control of multiple of our 1st round picks. We give up more than 1. I get one is a swap but then under that logic you consider watson a swap of a 1st and therefore we arent giving up multiple 1sts.
  8. The different scenarios end in the exact same result but you are just choosing to classify one as trading multiple 1sts vs not. In both cases we have to give up 2 picks, its just whether its for Wilson or for the right to pick Wilson. At the end of the day we would end up with Wilson and the Jets would end up with 2 of our 1st round picks. I agree the net is 1 but at the moment in time before the Jets pick they would own multiple (more than 1) 1st round picks from the Panthers regardless of if we traded for a player or one of their picks.
  9. This isn't the case but if they find out the Jets are wanting a 2nd for Darnold and they call the Eagles and find out they are wanting a 2nd for Wentz they can judge what the QB market is and they can use that as a base for what Watson/trading up for a QB is worth. Just helps them guage where the market is an what they might have to offer for someone they actually do want.
  10. Allen was drafted 7th, the list only includes QBs taken in the top 5
  11. Fritterer is keeping true to his "we will be in on every deal". Doesn't necessarily mean we will make an offer on Darnold
  12. Ok what if we tell them hey if you pick Wilson/Fields/Lance we will give you 8 and next years 1st. The return is irrelevant because no matter what its going to turn into a player but at the end of the day you are giving up 2 1st round picks to get either a better 1st round pick or a player. But you are still giving up multiple 1st round picks. Under you logic the Rams when they traded up for Goff gave up a lot of picks but didnt give up multiple 1sts.
  13. Again how is it any different giving up 2 1st to draft wilson or 2 1st to trade for watson. Either way you are giving up multiple 1sts to get 1 back.
  14. But how many apples did you give me? Just one or multiple?
  15. It doesnt happen in the NFL but say the Jets drafted Wilson at #2 then immediately turned to the panthers and said we will give you his rights for the #8 and next years 1st. In your logic we would be giving up multiple 1sts for him, but had we traded #8 and next year's 1st to the Jets before the pick was made and we made the pick ourselves we would not be giving up multiple 1st. Please explain that.
  16. I dont know how you can't see that in either case you are giving up 2 1st round picks. Its just the return that is different not the offer
  17. but that 1st round pick turns into a player. Either way you would be trading away 2 1st for either a player or the right to select a player.
  18. you still traded away 2 1st round picks though
  19. If we trade #8 and a future 1st for Watson it's multiple 1sts but if we trade #8 and a future 1st to move up to 2 its not multiple 1sts? Both are multiple 1sts
  20. So you only consider it multiple 1sts if we trade away 3 1st round picks (this year and 2 future picks)?
  21. Some random person on Twitter threw out the trade of Darnold, #23 and 5th rounder for #8
  22. I looked it up and he threw 26 TDs and 13 INTs in 14 games in his last year at USC including 2 INTs in each of the first 3 games. For his career at USC he had 22 INTs in 27 games (24 starts).
  23. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: WHERE TO START… Go take a look for yourself. I don’t think there’s been a worse drafting team over the span. D.K. Metcalf in 2019 and landing Chris Carson in the seventh are really the only saving graces for what’s been a messy five years of picks. It's almost incomprehensible after how dominantly the Seahawks drafted from 2010-2012.
  24. This comes as absolutely no surprise: CAROLINA PANTHERS: ANYTHING AFTER THE SECOND ROUND Marty Hurney wasn’t fired for his draft record, as he did fine in early rounds. It was Rounds 3-plus where they simply have struggled to find competency. Arguably the best one of the bunch has been Corn Elder, who earned a 68.5 grade this season on 411 snaps as a slot corner. If that’s your biggest mistake, though, it’s been a solid span of drafts. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-the-biggest-draft-mistake-for-each-team-in-the-past-5-years
  25. Also someone who wants Slater please explain to me how Walker Little who (from what I've seen) was ranked higher than Slater at this point last year and was considered a 1st round pick by most people and also sat out of 2020 has now slid to late 2nd/early 3rd. The knock on him is that for OT you really want to see consistency and sitting out a year will really hurt OT, yet somehow Slater does the same thing and goes from fringe 1st/2nd to a top 10 pick. Little does have some injury concerns so I get the slide but I dont get the meteoric rise of Slater. Are you just saying you want Slater
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