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  1. We get 2 out of 3 game sat Sunday and Tuesday that should set us up to win the division with our remaining schedule. Any combination of 4 points out of 6 is what we want.
  2. So it’s funny, our grade As were actually passes that should have been shots. I counted 3 “too many” passes. Just shoot it.
  3. I believe in my heart we tie this up and send it to OT.
  4. See what happens when we stop playing physical and lose our forecheck?
  5. Well poo. This is why we can’t have nice things.
  6. Unacceptable you have more important things than canes hockey!
  7. ROD the Bod Hockey = forecheck those bastards into the ground.
  8. That forecheck is what wore the rags down. Their d is bad and when you hit them and hit them and forecheck them into the dirt they looked slow and started wearing down. THAT is Rod hockey in a nutshell. That kinda hockey travels when they get to it.
  9. No way Kooch plays Thursday. Anderson plays again. Rod said in the pregame he was going to start rolling with Anderson to get him playoff ready.
  10. I feel sorry for the girlfriend tonight….. so much winning
  11. Who said we can’t beat the rangers?!! That’s 1!!! Curse is lifted.
  12. Can someone tell me how pool and ghost makes us better? I feel like we are worse.
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