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  1. Too funny and spot on! That's the best laugh I've had all week.
  2. That was a very impressive press conference. I had chills just listening to Cam. Well deserved homecoming. Keep [email protected]@
  3. Robbie has fallen off of a cliff, since he got paid.
  4. There was a play in the Dallas game where Sam made a poor throw to Anderson deep down the field. It sticks out in my mind because Robby's body language told me he was done trying. As an example, the drop he had, in the fourth quarter, which could have extended the drive. Something about him has been pouty/off.
  5. I never made a prediction for the season. The Oline is bad, but looking at the schedule, I believe we get 12 wins.
  6. I would have thought the same thing, if I hadn't actually watched the interviews. Some people just parrot the company line. Every player I watched in the interviews struck me as very sincere about the standards set and only focusing on the next opponent.
  7. Sam. DJ is in the conversation.
  8. Joe Buck is almost begging the Seahawks to come back....what a fuging homer.
  9. I was pretty calm, but now I'm getting a little nervous. I still believe we win it going away. 41-17 panthers.
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