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  1. Tepper mortgaged our future. This staff is pretty safe for another year.
  2. CJ Stroud was #1 until March where Tepper was blown away after meeting with him and Bryce Young quickly overtook CJ Stroud leading to draft. But even after NFL combine, CJ was #1. I think Tepper was sold on media hype. If you recall… Media did the same with Newton and Gabber. Newton was #1 but with a month before the draft the media start selling Gabbert narrative and Gabbert was #1 on many draft board. Hurney stayed focused and took Newton.
  3. Nicole is the Panthers future owner and she’s crazy vested which means she won’t sell so there are two options: She will learn from her mistakes or she will be the cancer for decades to come. Considering Tepper’s personality where he will buy something just to tear it down and enjoy it tells me he has his fingers in everything he owns.
  4. Corporate said it was “miscommunication” and returned all funds. Said per policy if car becomes available, I have to either get the car or lose the reservation payment. Sounds like their sales people using bait and switch and lying during the process so be careful out there. We were told it will take at least 4-6 months and we can give reservation payment and they would call us in January when car arrives. The salespeople knew the car was available well before January so they tried to either take our money or force us to buy a car.
  5. Oh 100% they are screwing with me. Trying to hustle me but now they realized they screwed up. I will likely send a pretty email to corporate and will take my business elsewhere.
  6. I think Young’s development is going to poo with this super staff and Fitts. They are giving him a mental break.
  7. Exactly! They told me minimum of 4-6 months and they called me 3 days later to come get it! They also want ~40% cash down. I don’t print money.
  8. It wasn’t my car. Someone else walked away and they are trying to make me buy it. Also, I don’t need a car just yet. I need a car in January as per our agreement. They are threatening me to buy someone else’s vehicle or gtfo. I told them I’m taking my money and going to another dealership. They are refusing to refund my down deposit after threatening me and now not returning my calls. Basically they tried to hustle me but screwed up. I made a down deposit with a credit card so I’m getting it back with one phone call.
  9. Looks like I’ll be 100% red zone on Sunday. I usually do that around December when Panthers suck, first time for me in week 3.
  10. Wife and I are in no urgency to get a new car but we will need one in few months. We called Hendrick Toyota and asked how long it would take to get a 2024 vehicle. Sales person told us 4-6 months at minimum so the time frame works out perfectly for us. We went in and made a down deposit. Three days later, salesman calls us that our car is coming in 1 week. We told them that it’s not what was communicated to us so Hendrick told us to either buy a car available or get our money back and gtfo. We were like… wow. We asked for our deposit back and will never buying anything from Hendricks Automotive again. I guess business is good.
  11. I told you they always sell you hope for the future.
  12. Lmao! Last year we had a sex scene in bathroom stall. Panthers fans can do better. I have faith.
  13. Damn, that’s the most action bofa stadium seen all night.
  14. He don’t have the zip big armed QBs have. He need to add some muscles during off-season. His arms are tiny as hell.
  15. Commentator in the booth in last 2 minutes of the game literally said no one was open all day.
  16. I think the fans need to give him just a bit of time. Let him settle in. The whole offense sucks. We don’t even have a run game to help him out. It’s easy to blame one guy but it’s not just Bryce.
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