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  1. Go, go, go, go go, go, go, Tepper It's your birthday We gon' party like it's yo birthday We gon' sip Bacardi like it's your birthday And you know we don't give a f*ck That it’s your birthday!
  2. From what I’m reading this morning, the $650M for Tepper is almost guaranteed to pass. The city council already approved reasoning land for Tepper’s use.
  3. Them together. Clearly she loves bill for his looks and humor.
  4. There’s a way to make money by making people watch others authors videos on YouTube. I’m almost certain that’s exactly what he’s doing. After he start posting videos across huddle, I googled and it’s legit. I won’t be surprised if he’s active across multiple message boards, posting the same videos. One time he posted 30 minute video 10 minutes after real author posted it so I know for the fact he didn’t watch it.
  5. This year it will be a win win for us. Bryce either gets his poo together or we will have a brand new signal caller we can be excited about.
  6. I drink carbonated drink before I go to sleep. Mineral water. That’s about it.
  7. Bryce footwork is replicate of Drew Brees footwork out of shotgun. Three little steps and throw. Drew Brees was master of 5-15 yard passes. Ball gone under 3 seconds most times. Last year Bryce stayed like a statue after snapping the ball with both feet flat on turf while taking slow steps back. This year he’s nimble on tippy toes until he throws. He takes three steps back super quick, like Brees.
  8. And that area is beyond booming. They redeveloped a ton along Monroe Rd hoping for Silver line. Then they could connect South Blvd to Silver line via Fairview Rd which is only few miles. That would connect East, South, and North. I guess it makes too much sense.
  9. WSOC article said the Panthers and City of Charlotte have been negotiating for over a year. I wonder if City of Charlotte cause Rock Hill location to collapse. Seems like Tepper is getting a much better deal from Charlotte even with all of the lawsuits settlements.
  10. You have always been the most positive person. You are a good dude.
  11. I’m against when it comes at cost of pulling light rail East when north already have one and East have none.
  12. Yea but how convenient is that to have two lines go north plus toll lanes while no one else gets anything? East and South also projected to grow more than twice as fast as North on latest Mecklenburg projection data. I drive from uptown in all directions. I can get on I77 toll lane zoom thru to lake Norman no problem. I literally get stuck and stop and gone to East and South with no way around. Do we need to spend poo ton of money again to help North while the growth and traffic issues are all East and South?
  13. There’s already line not too far away and most folks who work in uptown live East and South, not North. So who are they going to commute to Uptown? It will likely be another fail just most other things city planners do.
  14. And just like that.. Silver Line is no more. It got replaced by Red Line. Sorry, Monroe, Indian Trail, Mint Hill, Matthews, Stallings folks. Enjoy getting stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/silver-line-matthews-left-out-charlottes-new-light-rail-plan/GEGP6DWYXVEODP7DNOCRHN7IV4/?outputType=amp
  15. I get it but it’s a way around traffic and it gets a dissent traffic flow/revenue. City of Charlotte spent nearly a billion of taxpayer money on it, then called it terrible and now will build light rail right beside it while the same time requested approval to build toll lanes East and South (I77)… NC DOT basically called Charlotte city planner idiots and rejected it.
  16. You think folks living in multi-million dollar homes on the lake Norman will take light rail? Nope, they will use toll roads. My point is Charlotte will spend huge money likely around a billion to take revenue from itself. They just finished I77 construction like 2-3 years ago…
  17. Again, they spent close to a billion dollar on toll lanes already to help the traffic. Traffic going south is way worse to be fair. It’s stop and go nearly 24/7. Airport is a freaking nightmare. One of the largest airports in US with basically one way in and out and not enough parking.
  18. They already have light rail going north. This will kill little toll lanes revenue they are getting as is. Also, most folks who work in uptown live East and South, not North. They need light rail from the airport more than anything. Not another light rail going North.
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