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  1. They need to utilize him as a joker similar to Jamal Adams and let him wreck havoc. Adams is a 3rd safety/LB and opposing teams have no idea if he will drop back deep, blitz or play zone and that gives QBs fits. Rhule failed to utilize Chinn talent properly. I think everyone in organization knew that except for Rhule.
  2. Hopkins and Mingo both X. They won’t be on the field the same time most plays.
  3. I think we are mostly set at WR. I’d rather spend money on something else. There are still a ton of talent in FA.
  4. So he is a DE! He’ll have a career year.
  5. Yahoo sport has game ended 3-2 Florida. So weird. The game is still going.
  6. We got some big ass WRs this season. Laviska 6’1 220lbs Mingo 6’2 226lbs Chark 6’4 210lbs Marshall 6’3 205lbs Thielen 6’2 210lbs Also got few speedsters with Byrd and Smith
  7. City discussed $1.2 billion framework for Panthers stadium renovations https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/city-discussed-12-billion-framework-panthers-stadium-renovations/GPQZECP3AZAWHBQSMPQ5CZTEA4/ The Charlotte City Council discussed the future of Bank of America Stadium in a closed session on January 31. >>At 6 p.m., Channel 9′s Joe Bruno will break down how the city and the Panthers will arrange funding for the stadium. In that meeting, city leaders discussed a potential framework of a $1.2 billion project with $600 million in public funds. The discussion was meant to brief Charlotte City Council on what a potential deal could look like.
  8. right as Goodell contract is running out
  9. I don’t think we will have home market crisis. Folks who bought homes at 3% or less no way in hell they will sell it now, causing huge shortage in inventory.
  10. Omg, a ton of talent left! Get Fournette and top DE.
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