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  1. Looks like collapse was the choice the Panthers have made.
  2. That one is on Dalton. Could’ve caught it if he dove for it, yeah. But wouldn’t have had to if the pass was on target.
  3. Let’s see what happens here. Collapse or rebound? Hmmmm
  4. Over the years I tried to make it to one game a year (I live in Richmond). But with my son grown up and gone and the team stuck in a years-long funk, going to a game is getting less and less exciting. I hope that turns around because I miss seeing exciting football in person in BoA.
  5. Damn. I lamented the lack of SCP hype threads and here it is! Love your work, SCP, you crazy bastard.
  6. I had hoped that Tepper’s deep pockets and association with a winning franchise would lead to more winning. So far, it’s been nothing but abject failure…unless BY can turn this around. Don’t know yet if he can, but I can’t let myself try to imagine a complete reset again in three years.
  7. Not to defend Bryce, but he didn’t have the ball in his hands to end the game.
  8. The final score in no way reflects how lopsided this game was.
  9. Guess I can toss the Bryce jersey on the pile with the Dwayne Jarrett and Everette Brown ones.
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