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  1. There was nothing that stood out of the video posted In the OP to remotely generate hype, I watched all 4 of the posted vids and the TE Iwas the worst of the bunch, there's Semi pro out here In vegas 10x better that can block as well
  2. there is more to a TE then catching the ball, our O is going to be run first, if he can't block, he's useless. Just read the scouting report on him and it said his blocking was bad, I'm going to say we won't even look at him. Just my opinion tho, I played TE for 8 years, I know the position inside and out, and I'm telling you, a O that features a TE as it's primary target is always going to inflate his stats and value, nothing about that "highlight' video stood out to me personally at all
  3. not trying to be a downer, but that TE is garbage, in this O, he's gonna have to be able to block, those catches are what you expect from a high school player, nothing in that entire video stood out as something that would even come close to first round talent, for fugs sake, the first highlight was a busted lateral play... c'mon man....
  4. left my phone at home today on accident, get on the CPU and this is the first thing i saw.... made an otherwise shitty Monday, an amazing day! Keep up the good work GMAN!!!
  5. Also... look what happened when we played real playoff teams... we were humiliated by 3 scores +. We got lucky we had a shitty division this year. Quit making yourself think we are playoff caliber
  6. We beat a Arizona team on their 4th qb.... who had no clue how to play qb in the NFL....it's not like we beat a great team. It was nice to win the division just because, well, fug the other teams in our division, but, we aren't a playoff caliber team
  7. If Hogan could have stayed healthy, he would have been exciting to watch, imo anyway, that guy played lights out at WV
  8. Haha I was driving, and had the windows down, someone probably heard it lol
  9. I literally just screamed "who?" and threw my phone down :/ where the fug are the "Tiffany" signings? This dollar store bullshit is old as fug
  10. A lot of people knock him, but I was at the Arizona game last year, he caught a skinny post right in front on me, took a huge shot, held on, and popped right back up. For a second, I thought it was Smitty, but got up, 19, I was like damn... he showed he's more then just a return guy to me on that one catch. I'd welcome him back here on return ability alone, but he fits as a weapon on O as well
  11. Did you see what happened with Flloyd in Minnesota? I'd say negative on that haha
  12. what do you classify as simple? cuz it is nation-wide at disgression of the court between misdemeanor and felony depending how bad it was. I live in Las Vegas, here and in cali don't play around with that poo, its automatically a felony and you have to get a lwyer to hope for it dropped down, which in most cases it is, but comes along with a ton of fines, community service, and classes.
  13. What state do you live in? You have to HOPE it gets dropped to a misdemeanor in almost every state
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