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  1. Give me a tape to look over. I stopped watching the NDSU semi final game at halftime. He was very inconsistent on short throws and was bad on the deeper passes.
  2. I didn’t have anything bad to say about Herbert or Allen so those people weren’t me.
  3. Pick a game and watch the throws. 2019 Montana vs NDSU semi finals. 1. Overthrows a receiver on a diving attempt on a 50 yard throw. 2. Next pass attempt is 20 yards in the air to an open receiver who has his man beat on the sideline and he airmails is about six yards out of bounds. 3. Throws a ball from his 19 to the opposing 36 in the air. Receiver has to slow down for 3 steps to make the catch and then outruns the two DBs for the last 36 yards for a TD. ( the same kid who burns everyone on that play takes a handoff on the next offensive possession for another 70 yard touchdown ) Three deeper throws. None were on the money. Two were incomplete. One was downright awful. The only completion wasn’t even a great throw other than showing arm strength which I liked. Something that troubled me while I watch the first half is that he consistently makes bad throws on screens. First one if he throw to the outside of the receiver he can catch it and run up the sideline but he throws it inside. Second one he throws the ball behind the wide receiver so they have to literally spin around to make the catch. Next two short plays are meh and then he gets his TE hammered due to bad ball placement. Again the guy has to spin back towards the QB to make a catch. Next one has the ball thrown behind the receiver on the screen and low. Has to spin around to make a catch. something I mostly liked; 6th throw of the game was a bullet in a tight window with a lb draped all over the TE. Thrown high and towards the middle of the field so only his guy can get it. The only knock is that he stared down this read the entire time. His third throw of the game was a nice throw where he lead the back with the ball and it was his check down read. Full game is on YouTube with no ads. Can skip through all the plays that aren’t his throws. Will do more after work. Most of the passes completed in the first half are all within 5 yards of the LOS. About five were within 2 yards and 3 were behind.
  4. This sounds like most first and second round prospects every year. Every class has a Jordan Love. All the tools, just needs some coaching. For every one Josh Allen there’s like 10 similar candidates who bust or never become much of anything.
  5. Ridder likely isn’t going first or second round.
  6. I wasn’t talking about draft experts, I was talking about this forum.
  7. We don’t even know if Wilson actually is a snobby brat. That came out of nowhere.
  8. Correct. Brady isn’t going to be here long term so we don’t need to cater to his wants.
  9. Fields is shorter but weighs more than Lance. As far as talent gap though... OSU doesn’t win the National Championship every year but NDSU basically does. They are far more talented than everyone they play even in the championship games. I have a feeling these QB breakdowns are going to intentionally exclude Lance’s 2020 game.
  10. Fields literally has the same skill set except he can throw better and has done it for longer. He’s also probably going to post a better 40 time than Lance.
  11. Please do. And if you’re going to go back a few games to look for bad tape, don’t forget the previous entire year of great tape as well. And don’t forget to include Lances tape from 2020.
  12. Justin Fields shredded Clemson on a national stage for 6 touchdown passes and 385 passing yards. Trey Lance has never thrown for 385 yards in a game. Trey Lance has 5 passing touchdowns total in his last 4 games. I’m going to need to hear the reasoning behind ranking Lance above him.
  13. You think OSU is going to beat Clemson and Bama will beat Notre Dame so Fields will play against Bama? Or are you telling people to pay attention to the games and you aren’t actually sure who is playing who?
  14. Quote

    Don’t think so. Don’t recall too many politically/racially charged posts from Chuck. 

    Since the thread was locked and I just saw this now: He was just banned this past time for racist remarks. 

  15. At the end of the day, yards are cool, but the job of the offense is to move the chains and score. Cam ended with 45 touchdowns to Wilson's 35 touchdowns. Cam wins. When you combine total yards and first downs, Wilson has 4594 yards between running, passing, and receiving. Cam has 4500. So the 94 total yards difference is negligible, but those 10 total scores are not. Wilson has more yards, but Cam ended up creating more first downs than Wilson, 25 more first downs to be exact. Cam wins. Cam is raising his own child, Wilson has to raise Future's. /endthread EDIT: 94 more yards for the whole season results in 5.875 more yards a game. Not even 6 yards a game.
  16. The Panthers defensive MVP is up for grabs between Short and Davis.
  17. I hope he turns out to be a better pro than college player. Looking at his splits its pretty abysmal. Only two 100 yard games last year Only two games with touchdowns. 3 against App State and 1 against Penn State. He had 4 games under 50 yards. 7 games under 75 yards. 2013 stats? Only two 100 yard games that year. Five games with a TD. Lighting up Penn State in an overtime game. 6 games under 50 yards! 10 games under 75 yards. 2 catches for 21 yards in a bowl game. Now, does this mean he will be a bad pro? Not at all. But, it has me a bit concerned, especially giving up our third for a game with no major production in college playing against smaller, slower players than he will play against at this level, especially when as a WR he lit up App State for 3 TDs and basically stunk the bed the rest of the year. What I am hoping for is that the reason for the piss poor statistics was his QB play at Michigan where Devin Gardner and Shane Morris threw more interceptions than touchdowns. Gardner also averaged less than 7 ypa. Cam will be a much better QB than that. I am hoping for 5 TDs, about 40 catches, and 650 yards based on our offence, KB being better than last year and Olsen still being a stud.
  18. And what if the case is dropped and he is no longer considered guilty at all?
  19. Hope you can see the signature. I will take more pictures tomorrow.
  20. Won a contest at work and got a Cam Newton rookie Reebok jersey with his auto and holo on it.
  21. You can send me a Clausen jersey! For the record I agree with you about Moore.

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