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  1. So there's about 8 guys on that list I wouldn't put over Darnold. At least 15 I wouldn't want over Darnold. Fitzpatrick? Dalton? Taylor? Jalen Hurts is a college QB at best. Everyone knows that. Pretty sure the Eagles know that and hope to replace him next draft.
  2. Jameis might be hot garbage 10 times this season but if he's throwing for 400 3td and 1int against us... we still probably lose twice. I think Sam Darnold showed enough to say he can win here. But the fact he seems aware of his problems and hasn't really fixed them is concerning. Maybe he's just an okay qb.
  3. We are high on Jaycee was there is an argument to be made he has never played a better receiver than he will this week. That will happen a few times this year but this is the first. Luke Keuchley had an up and down first few games as a Panthers so it's not hard to imagine Jaycee having the same. Our run defense sucked last year. Shaq in an ok linebacker but he's never been close to what TD and Luke were so it's not the worst point to make.
  4. For the Panthers to draft top 5 next year the QB would have to be unplayable. Darnolds floor is not that low with the talent around him.
  5. The team has struggled in the run game all preseason. Is it simply the line or is Joe Brady not doing enough to coordinate a pro running game?
  6. Even if he has a probowl season... the Panthers need team success to elevate his status. That is an award voted on by media... they don't pay attention to losers.
  7. We gave him a $2mil signing bonus. Just more wasted cap space. I don't know all the details but Im sure if he would have played at some point this season.
  8. If his goal was winning, I think he misjudged the situation. CMC, Robby, Terrace (not drafted yet), and DJ is a really strong skill group. The only thing that really looks unsettled is the offensive line.
  9. The team has not been good since we got CMC but I swear he adds 4 wins when he's healthy. I know that feeling he's describing when the coach is trying to tell him what to do. There are time when you are playing a superior athlete, you know what to do. You can see it coming and you can't stop it.
  10. Grier had a good game, we can be disappointed in his past 3 years and still give him a proper pat on the back for last night.
  11. We need a most ignored huddler leader board.
  12. Darnold and a 3rd or 2 3rd at this point... Tbh I rather draft a rookie that take on that baggage and salary.
  13. When you talk about a coach that gave you a chance like that. No other coach is going to want to give you a chance. Kelvin seems incapable of recognizing his own role in all this. He's had several chances to turn it around now.
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