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  1. He's a very gifted athlete so if he's not making an impact its between the ears. Harder to predict when/if guys get that together.
  2. Yeah that was a pretty lazy take. Low hanging fruit, I'd say drafting Vernon Butler was a mistake. But he at least made a handful of plays. Will Grier hasn't done anything.
  3. I don't really understand how they apply value to a draft pick... So if you draft a good corner like James Bradberry and he walks after his rookie deal...does that score well or not? Greg Hardy is one of the best talent evaluation picks in Hurney's career. But he had a disastrous career, how is that scored? Josh Norman had 2 great years with the Panthers but an average run with the Redskins. These are three good draft picks that never fully panned out for the Panthers.
  4. Matt Rhule has six seasons left on his contract. Any GM we hire has to be comfortable with keeping Rhule and working with him. Some GMs want the power to fire a Coach they don't trust. I don't think anyone can fire Rhule for at least 4 more seasons. GM/Coach relationship and power structure is one of the trickiest things in the NFL. It doesn't mean one side is right and the other is wrong. We can be successful without doing things Dodds way.
  5. Game was never that close. He played above expectations but to say he played great is a stretch.
  6. I'm just tired of having star linebackers that last less than ten years because of the wear and tear on their bodies. Those 125 tackle guys are like a ground and pound running back. I want a top 10 pick to have a chance to play a long time as a cornerstone of this Rhule Era.
  7. It seems like they need to trade some guys off the team, too much of the same. He's a good player. He will help them get back to that 8th seed territory they've always aspired to. He is overpaid though. He's still young... the injuries have always been a knock though.
  8. It's not a surprise at all the markets are down. They should have never been up. Billionaires are toying with them to make money. We are just along for the ride.
  9. I bought exxon, halliburton, and valero when there was that massive drop in the oil market. All rose dramatically. Bought twitter when Trump bashed twitter. Made a quick 10%. I'm honestly scared to leave anything in short term. The markets are up too much given so many businesses are about to go bankrupt.
  10. This reminded me of Panthers vs. Bears
  11. I love drafting offensive lineman in the 3rd round. Hate giving up that pick. We need to draft for depth on the oline at all times. They just get hurt too often.
  12. Both teams have the Super Bowl to lose. Stopped reading after his first point.
  13. I've loved the Panthers since Bob Christian scored 2 Touchdowns vs. the Jags in 1995. I wasn't that excited about the news of the franchise. But once I saw them playing I felt ownership. Edit: Pretty sure it was Christian not Fuller.
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