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  1. It makes a lot of sense to shop Robbie. It also makes a lot of sense to keep him if there was no strong offer.
  2. Just looking at the offensive lineman on this roster, we have a lot of young guys to learn about and older guys with experience. Your probably looking at Paradis and Moton locked in at center and RT. After that anything could happen. I would gladly take Greg Little developing into a guard over nothing at all. Then you have guys like Elflein, Miller, and Erving that could keep the young guys on the bench. The one thing we can say is the backups to our starters won't be untested or undrafted. If the LT missing a game means we get to see Brady Christensen develop...we will take that ov
  3. Wish the staff knew he was out before they signed a couple veterans in March. Hard to imagine we bring him in.
  4. If Darnold sucks, we will be drafting a QB in the first soon enough. The only real concern is his ceiling being Kirk Cousins.
  5. They could go with anything but QB/TE and I would be happy at this point. Get a C, G, RB, WR, S, LB, DT... You really can't go wrong. Any of those positions will contribute immediately.
  6. The Panthers saw a need and a fit. They didn't bring him in to move the chains. He's here to move linebackers.
  7. If you wanted a tackle or QB in the first round its going to be hard to convince you Jaycee was a good pick. The reality is he's a great player and a great pick. We can argue the Panthers should have never signed Teddy Bridgewater or traded for Darnold... but they did. Fields made less sense after the Darnold trade.
  8. I think it indicates a strategy for managing all the dead cap. Get lots of contributors on rookie deals to fill out a roster while they outlast bad contracts. We added a lot of picks in that 3-5 range where guys might not be stars but if your starter gets injured you have someone with potential to put in.
  9. Keep drafting offensive line. You get 3 rd round lineman and your floor raises. Think of all the injuries that have derailed good Panther teams in the past. Get a room full of young solid guys.
  10. They would have to trade some veterans right? They have no cap space, giving away draft picks is giving away their cap releif.
  11. Most of the Panthers bad decisions were avoidable... We didn't need to bring in Teddy. We didn't need to resign Eric Reid. We didn't need to sign Matt Kalil or trade Trai Turner. These weren't wise moves we all agreed with at the time.
  12. If we brought Teddy in for 3million and a 6th, this fanbase would be rightfully ecstatic. But we brought him in to replace a legend for 60million dollars and the only people that thought it would work were in the Panthers front office.
  13. If we keep Darnold for 2 years, he's good but not great and signs elsewhere, we might snag a 4th or 5th for him. If he's great but we don't want to pay him, we might get a 3rd. The only way this deal sucks is if Darnold sucks. And we would honestly be losing and frustrated regardless of the compensation.
  14. By the time we know Darnold won't work out, it will be end of Rhule's 3rd year. Presumably three losing seasons. The process will be in jeopardy. No doubt about it.
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