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  1. I need to hear what he says in the presser. If we’re still on board the Bryce plan I’m out.
  2. Do you guys understand how directionless this search is? The Seahawks have their mind set on a defensive guy to stop 49ers and Rams. The Titans had their mind set on a west coast offense guy for Will Levis. We are interviewing everyone from the eagles OC to Mike Vrabel to defensive guys. Totally lost franchise right now.
  3. What Tepper should do is just hire a tough CEO coach like Vrabel and hand off all power to him and Morgan to make sweeping changes. But he won’t. It’s not a culture fit with the staffers currently occupying Mint street and Tepper lacks the willpower to fire them. They would be LIVID if we hired Vrabel.
  4. Morgan was the biggest cheerleader of Tepper’s every move. Many people inside the building have told me.
  5. Tepper is going with the backer of his failed big Bryce Young plan. The nightmare of being a fan of a team owned by David and Nicole Tepper never ends.
  6. By money is on Alex Halaby. I think Tepper is looking to recreate what the eagles have done with a super controlling GM who does everything by what the analytics tells him to do. Not a good idea, but the route Tepper will go imo.
  7. Chargers. But I think Johnson to the Redskins is a lock.
  8. And like 4 or 5 other teams… Seattle, Las Vegas… when you get a well connected experienced coach like that these things are quieter. More things happening behind the scenes.
  9. Ravens Packers Bills Steelers Giants 49ers Chiefs Cowboys
  10. That would be a lie. Tepper is cheap. We have some of the oldest facilities and most outdated equipment in the league.
  11. Tepper is once again going to make a mistake. He’s liking these Eagles guys like Alec Halaby, they’re data guys, not a football guys. Data analytics is somewhat of a junk science in football. There are things it can’t account for, like a QB’s leadership skills(look at the Eagles). The Eagles window has closed now after 2 seasons at top? The Bills for example, who don’t use data analytics, window has been open for 4 years. Need smart common sense football people to fix what we have broken.
  12. Thomas Brown is getting head coaching interviews? The Rooney rule abuse is out of control. Why are they wasting this man’s time?
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