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  1. Cam and Tolbert are doing battle, trying to outdo one another in firing up the crowd along the 35 yard line.
  2. Cam dances better during warm up and stretches than I'm even capable of....
  3. Oher, Turner, Jansen, Norwell, Remmers together on punt snap practice
  4. I'm looking to see how he builds on yesterday's performance. Made his first shot, not very imposing down low on D.
  5. Again, just another reason I love the Panthers and having such a high character organization from top to bottom.
  6. Reminds me of Nick Goings, more athletic than Hoover and really looks to understand leverage. I hope he sticks.
  7. What "best talent" are you referring to? Disregard, I missed a very important word that changes the entire context,
  8. I really like Watt, but the value at DE is less than QB, so no. While I don't think Cam is elite, we were just awful with Clausen.
  9. No injury, she was obviously remorseful and did the right thing. In this situation I don't know what that isn't enough.
  10. Lol at "other teams" when referring to casual fans of other teams. I don't think either pick was a reach. I like that he's stubborn enough to stick to his philosophy that has worked pretty well since he arrived.
  11. Who was the last to do that? I remember Bo Jackson skipping out of the Bucs, albeit for completely different reasons and going to the Raiders a year later.
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