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  1. Teddy is a first class guy and would be a great mentor to help Sam learn the offense, but that contract makes moving him a must.
  2. With the price I think it was a smart move. If he busts you’re not out of much, but if he plays well it’s a steal. I don’t know much about him but I won’t judge anyone for not performing while with the Jets, that’s just what they do. My expectations are low going in, I hope we can keep him upright and give him a real chance.
  3. Yet people will run with it as though it was inevitable.
  4. Fair point. Replacing him and saving money shouldn’t be too hard.
  5. I’m torn, I’m glad but it’s another need to be addressed.
  6. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God... Matthew 6:33.

  7. I think his only real option beside that is going somewhere with a legit OL. Being in a similar age group I definitely get it but I do think he could thrive in the right environment.
  8. What kind of empirical data would adequately represent values that are subjective in nature? I agree he didn't give any support to his claim but I fail to see where empiricism plays a significant role. How do you empirically validate things like football IQ, instincts, leadership, etc? You could rely on stats but unless you have a standard and exhaustive means of analytics that doesn't mean much either. Example, RB is supposed to run through the A gap but Star closes the gap forcing the runner to look outside where he meets the DE, who do you credit with that tackle? What if on tape it lo
  9. That's why I love football, it takes all 11 guys on the field. If Cam isn't a freak that play never happens. If Smith doesn't embarrass a trio of defenders Cam goes down well short of the goal line. If Olsen misses his block then the play never gets back to the line of scrimmage.
  10. I don't disagree with any of that. I guess my concern is wasting him. It's a trade off either way. On one hand we gamble on a rookie and have the resources to build around him though with the significantly higher risk of said rookie underperforming. On the other hand you sell the farm for a guy who's young but proven but can't build around him because of the cost of getting him. In either camp your relying on luck. Luck Watson assimilates to the new system with new players and coaches with superior skill players but deficient protection and subpar D. With a rookie you can given him b
  11. I don't see the value in an elite QB with no supporting cast. Yes they can elevate the play of their teammates but I'm doubtful we have enough pieces to keep him upright. We had an elite QB in Cam and while we made it to the Super Bowl we didn't win it and his tenure here was marred by inconsistency. Because of both his style of play and a sub-par OL he got beaten up and "ruined." Watson doesn't have the size and stature advantage that Cam had. If we had either a decent OL or the money to build one I'd be far more willing to gamble on him. I do think Watson is an elite QB and I'd lov
  12. I hate it but it makes too much sense. Doesn't matter how talented you are if you can't get on the field. Add in the cap hit and it makes this a no brainer. I wish him nothing but the best...so long as he leaves the division.
  13. He definitely deserves some of the blame, but you make it seem like he was the one holding them back. Seems to me that falls on the owners for a ridiculous history of bad decisions at the top.
  14. Yeah, Stafford has been the problem. They’re probably the worst team in the history of the NFL, go through HC’s like Marshawn goes through Skittles, have had just a couple of viable offensive weapons and a poor OL for the last several decades, but Matt is definitely the reason they suck.
  15. I’d rather have him than Watson just because of the cost. You don’t have to mortgage the next 2-3 years but can still have some capital to add other pieces. I love Watson, but the price I’ve seen speculated is insane. Matt’s used to shoddy OL but at least he’ll have options at the skill positions.
  16. I love Watson and the thought of him coming here makes me giddy, but man it's going to be expensive.
  17. Proehl is a huge asset and I see KG paying huge dividends. I like that he's extremely driven but remains humble. The thought of him realizing his potential with KB and Funch is exciting.
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