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  1. SCP is a Huddle OG. I miss a lot of the old crew.
  2. You have his lab work to substantiate the correlation between his inflammation levels and show an accurate timeline?
  3. Lol. I completely disagree and think it’s obviously a factor in his injuries and declining play.
  4. We can only hope… However, fortunately for him, he never went full vegan, just pescatarian.
  5. I love CMC, but as you said the running back doesn't matter with a crap OL. Calling our OL crap is a huge understatement. I don't understand why we don't invest in OL, it was a major factor in Cam's injuries and here we're seeing it again. Skill players are useless when you can't win the battle at the line of scrimmage. The games are won and lost in the trenches.
  6. Not at all, it comes down to who is genuinely saved, that’s it. Race doesn’t matter, fruit does.
  7. Both. Mainstream Christianity is borderline apostate, this is just one example of such.
  8. Hopefully the OL will get similar attention in the near future.
  9. I’d have to go with Gross and Luke just because those positions are two of the most important and a place of need for this squad.
  10. If we can maintain a pocket it’ll be a hell of a season.
  11. Overview Despite just a single season as a starter at Kentucky, Haskins is an interesting study as a prospect whose playing style doesn't necessarily match his traits. His 83 3/8-inch wingspan (34 3/8-inch arms) will get teams excited and he has good overall size to go with it. However, his playing style leans more to his snap quickness than his length, as he's much more consistent at searching for gaps than controlling the action with his hands. He's nimble and very active in both the run game and as a rusher, and his spin-counter is a legitimate weapon in attacking the pocket. If he can get his hands and feet to work in skilled harmony, he might have life as a rotational 3-technique in a one-gapping front. Strengths Good size and length. Wingspan is almost seven feet long. Gets it going very quickly after the snap. Active and plays hard through the whistle. Ability to dart into gaps and create disruption. Nimble on his feet. Creates problems inside the pocket with his spin counter. Feet always moving forward and looking for a rush edge. Weaknesses Disappointing bench press total of 20 at his pro day. Plays fast, but can be a little out of control. Struggles with his technique. Inconsistent hand usage in taking on blocks. Can be knocked to the ground by power. Pass rush wears down as game progresses. Needs to create a plan for early stages of the rush.
  12. Overview Smith played inside and outside at South Carolina, but will be a slot on the next level. He has an ability to slip and accelerate past press coverage. He will primarily work the first two levels of the field and he's very tough to pull in throws in traffic, but he takes on excessive punishment at times with the way he plays. He has plenty of experience as a gadget player who's able to handle the quick game and jet sweeps. His physicality makes him an interesting option as a possession player with potential middle-round value. Strengths Unspectacular but rock-steady production throughout career. Has shown ability to handle high volume of targets. Able to slip press fairly consistently. Improved elements of his route-running in 2020. Did a much better job of disguising slants and overall route intentions. Maintains play speed through cuts and stems. Speed to challenge downfield against single-man looks. Able to fight through heavy collisions and continue to play. Has gadget receiver potential. Good burst to elude tacklers on jet sweeps, pop passes and receiver screens. Offers kick return experience. Weaknesses Leggy and high cut. Absorbs route redirection too readily. Missed at least one game in all four seasons with different injuries. Creates contested catches by drifting in his routes. Needs to fight harder for catch space and work on his ball skills. Inconsistent focus and catch radius. Below average ball tracking downfield.
  13. Given his dimensions I’d love to see him at NT beside Brown.
  14. I love huge OL from the top programs, thus I love this pick.
  15. I appreciate it, I lurk a lot during the season but don’t post much any more. I miss conversing with some of the vets as well. I didn’t pay much attention to the pre-draft chatter so the reviews are really all I have to go on, but I know they’re wildly inconsistent. As with every player in every draft I’ll remain cautiously optimistic.
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