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  1. Damn, I actually forgot about that too... they might get even less if another team just calls their bluff and waits them out.
  2. They got a 1st and DJ Moore for the right to pick at 1. The powers to be that chose Bryce made it a better trade for them.
  3. Per the NFLPA we have the *4th* worst owner in the league... silver linings.
  4. Chicago isn't getting a 1st for Fields... If people aren't busting down the door to trade for him now, the closer they get to their self-imposed deadline the less likely they are to get a 1st. I say they get a 2nd/3rd and a mixed bag of picks in the later rounds.
  5. As noted down the line from my original comment, yeah it stings not having the first.... but it's not the only way to get an impact player... I mean look at our last 3 1st round picks... they've been a mixed bag overall... It's not the end of the world if we go into '24 Draft without a 1st.
  6. Absolutely without a doubt. I'd feel WAY worse if we only had our picks... lmao we have like 3 organic picks.
  7. its 6 picks rather than 7. It's not Seattle from a couple of years level bad. We also can easily have more picks in this draft. You know as well as I do it's not and never was gonna be completely fixed in one offseason.
  8. I mean to a degree the QB whispering thing is getting a bit literal. He's not working with Bryce step by step to improve everything. Nor should he be, he'd be neglecting his other duties as a HC. All I need him to do is identify, plan to correct, instill a competent offense. Let your OC/QB coach go under the hood and do the heavy lifting. Watching how the rest of the hiring cycle shake out, Dave's hiring was the correct one especially given the lack of interest (I'll just say mutually) for Jim Harbaugh. With the "top 2" offensive minds going back home.. yeah Dan Quinn would have started a riot here.
  9. I watched both start to finish (they weren't super long) Wasn't filled with quotes about process and conviction though... I mean Morgan just said dawg mentality over and over but they answered the questions. Dave is interesting to listen too though.. he talks football A LOT.. like everything he talks about ends up in some kind of spiel about football or some training technique or some coaching point it's weird but refreshing I guess I could say.
  10. I mean to me Sam Howell is just Mayfield Lite/2.0. They have a similar playstyle, although Howell is more downfield and intentional with his legs. IDK about swapping 1/1 BUT if he became available I'd throw them back a 5th round pick. Neither were in a situation where they can be properly judged.. RR is terrible with QB development and Young came out of what was probably a nightmare of a situation.. Let them get after it and you can move one or the other down the line.
  11. I’d take Russ for vet min. We could always move him to a QB needy team later on, and he could be a quality spot starter if we keep him for the season. No reason to waste more years of other players careers because our QB play is lacking. Dalton was a Reich pickup so I’d honestly let him move on. We don’t gain much in age but a QB the HC and offensive staff is very familiar with could help. Gives a legitimate option for if they come to the realization that Bryce isn’t it. Maybe Dalton could fill that role but I have much less historical faith in Dalton than I do Russ.
  12. With the NE tag, if another negotiate a deal and he agrees to it we can match that deal say it’s 25M.. or refuse to match and the team that strikes a deal with him owes us 2 1sts. It’s not a tag and trade per se. it’s what the Ravens did with Lamar last offseason. No one offered him anything and they negotiated a deal that worked with both sides. Nothing is saying the deal HAS to be 30M.
  13. Poor drafting.. maybe talent acquisition as well.. only 4 of those players have double digit years of experience either. Def need to draft better forsure.
  14. This roster isn't even old... like at all.. we have a FEW old players... but the talent point stands lol We are in the top half or less of average age. Seems older because we relied on 32 year old AT for offensive production lol
  15. I'm kind of proud actually.
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