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  1. I would trade a ham sandwich and nothing less. Well, maybe Darnold and that’s it.
  2. Why no interview with Ekwonu? Come on here NFL Network
  3. Love this pick. Ekwonu can move defensive players. CMC is going to roll.
  4. Dirty Birds will go QB. I bet they take Malik Willis here
  5. Just like last year. Commercial when it's time for the Panthers pick
  6. I'll jump off the roof of my house if they pick a QB. Take Ekwonu......easy pick.
  7. Ekwonu. Take him now, run, run. Don't screw this one up, Panthers
  8. Cleveland made what is normally done by Carolina...a DUMB move. Appears to me that they have mortgaged their football future. I am so glad Tepper did not pull the trigger on this move.
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