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  1. In Fitterer we trust. The stinch of Fat Rhule has been exorcised. There's a new Sheriff in Town!
  2. Much warmer In Carolina compared to Minnesota. Oh, yes, we’ll soon have quality QB. There you go Adam. Sign up!
  3. Broncos sold their soul to get Russell Wilson and now Payton, well as they say "Birds of a feather flock together."
  4. Tepper: Please find a way to move up and get Stroud. Replace Darnold and his everyday mediocrity. We must turn the corner with a franchise QB and Darnold is not one.
  5. Saints suck, all day, every day, every season.
  6. Sign Harbaugh Tepper and find a way to move up to take a QB. My favorite: C.J. Stroud. Wouldn't that be cool to see a Michigan man and an Ohio State QB?
  7. Day One. I knew he was a fraud and my opinion never changed.
  8. I'm not getting anything out of watching this dumpster fire team. Time to switch over to Buffalo and New York Jets. At least that game is close.
  9. Hit the road and don’t let the door hit you on the butt!
  10. Robbie may not make it back on the plane tonight. Cut him and his attitude. One of Rhule’s guys. Rhule is like a bad gift that keeps on giving.
  11. Not watching because neighbor needs his grass cut, house cleaned, car washed and his dog’s nails trimmed. Then, I come home to do my honey-do lists. All more important then watching Panthers
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