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  1. Coach Matt Rhule and Coach Mike McCarthy. Don't know which would be the worst coach. They both suck. McCarthy got the Cowgirls to the playoffs only to suck it up like they do. How about them Cowboys!
  2. Whine and cry. It's what Cowboys and their fans do when they lose. Oh, and also blame the referees fault and here, throw garbage at the said referees. I say: How about them Cowboys!
  3. Thanks for the memories QB 1. In the minds of the faithful Carolina Panthers fans Cam will always be QB1
  4. Well there you go. Jimmy Claussen, the worst QB in Panthers history, gives his blessing to the worst Matt Rhule, the worst Coach. Birds of a feather do flock together.
  5. I thought about pulling out a paper bag and watching the game… from my living room. Now that’s embarrassment!
  6. Don’t know about y’all but I’d take Rivera, and Taylor Heinike over these clowns.
  7. Ugly performance of football by a horrible QB. Fire Rhule and get rid of Darnold!
  8. I don’t care. This is Tepper and Rhule’s mess. Let’s go Canes and Hornets!
  9. Come on Mr. Tepper, it’s clear Rhule is a cancer. Just end Rhule’s Rule and let’s start anew.
  10. Rhule needs to blame the person responsible for this mess.....HIM
  11. Please Matt Rhule, just leave, go away. And as you leave don’t let the door hit you. Rhule = Worst Coach in Carolina Panthers history.
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