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  1. Groundhog Day every Sunday. Same old, same old and unfortunately it’s not going to change
  2. This Panthers team is the worst is professional sports history
  3. Tepper and the Bride pulled the strings to get Bryce. They had to. Remember when Josh McCown was talking with CJ Stroud during his pro day when he said they would find a basketball court when he came to Charlotte? This is on the Teppers and this pick is going down as the worst #1 pick in history.
  4. Blackshear is probably the same size as Young. So, Panthers continue to make bad decision there too
  5. Easily the worst. Unfortunately things are not going to change anytime in the future. Maybe in five to 10 years, maybe, but not likely with the Teppers in charge.
  6. And that's another problem! Why did we not trade Burns last year to the Rams for two first round picks.
  7. I'm sitting here in the Lazy Boy wishing I had a paper bag to hide from this experience.
  8. This team makes me want to drink. I'm giving the Teppers no $$$$. None! This team sux
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