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  1. Sam had me thinking it was going to CMC. Faked me. Way to go
  2. Panthers 31 Texans 10 Defense continues to dominate. CMC rushes for 150.
  3. Hummm, Hummm, it is over when the fat lady sings!
  4. Quick question fellow Panthers fan: How many Interceptions has Winston thrown to us while at Tampa and New Orleans??
  5. Maybe she is the reason Tepper wants to “expand” into a new stadium?
  6. At least she has another seat to expand into…
  7. Panthers:31 Aints: 21 CMC with two TDS. Anderson and Moore with a touchdown each. Panthers defense has two INTs of Winston who is repeatedly knocked down.
  8. Carolina Defense chasing Wilson is like Greyhounds at the track chasing a rabbit.
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