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  1. We barely scored one goal on like 50 shots. Didn’t realize NY built a brick wall in front of their net before the game. fuging embarrassing
  2. One too many passes. Need to get our poo together and end this.
  3. 40 shots one fuging goal. Come the fug on and crowd the damn net.
  4. Playoff Raanta is on another level. Guy is playing out of his mind. Lets end this poo in New York.
  5. Raanta player of the game. Could have easily lost 4-1 if it weren’t for him.
  6. We just need to pray this period ends the same score. Rod needs to lay into these guys. Everyone but Raanta is playing like dog ass.
  7. Mia going on 2 and a half games now. Get him on a different line maybe idk. This seems like the perfect match up for him to skate the puck in and create a ton of opportunities. So far nothing.
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