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  1. Huh? This is about Jermaine Carter not Shaq.
  2. He is just as good as a guy like AJ Klein imo.
  3. I feel like he only finished two of those 7 lol.
  4. They have Jets line rated higher because of adding one first round lineman. I guess they also forgot Becton couldn’t stay on the field either.
  5. People act like Russel Okung wasn’t injured for 90% of last season. Oh and we lost Chris Reed, big deal. We added two depth pieces and some rookies. Not sure how that equates to dropping to the second worst unit in the league when we had a middle of the pack line last season.
  6. Turner is done unless he commits to getting back in shape. Got paid and looked like he gained 20lbs each year after signing that contract.
  7. I’m guessing you will not be allowed to mix and match current and throw back gear.
  8. I googled it and it was Denico Autry. He ended up signing for 3 years with the Titans. They ended up not resigning DaQuan Jones allowing us to sign him on a one year deal. Funny how things kind of just worked out. I doubt Fitt and Rhule wanted to give a 31 year old a multi year deal considering how young this team is.
  9. I thought we released Kerr thinking we were going to sign another DT (can’t remember the name off the top of my head) and the guy ended up signing with another team for more money/years.
  10. Still would have been a luxury pick. Olsen and Stew were both aging vets coming towards the ends of their contracts. We had just double dipped on Star and Short two years prior. Gettleman used our first pick in back to back drafts on our strongest positional groups on the team, Linebacker and Defensive tackle. A team in a Super Bowl window cannot afford to take guys with first round picks that you know have no chance of starting. That’s just terrible management.
  11. If you include outside factors 2016 was by far the worst. I think every Panther fan wanted one of the two Henry’s with our first pick and Gettlefug decided to use our top pick on a small school back up DT (DT was arguably our strongest position group at the time) and then triple dip on boom or bust CBs. Did Sandland ever even catch a football in a Panthers uniform? His fug up with Norman basically caused him to tank the entire draft. 15-1 to 6-10 and missing the playoffs is quite the accomplishment. Don’t see how you can argue another draft was worse.
  12. Why are so many of you not understanding that making adjustments doesn’t mean completely changing how the team plays football. Ron should have watched the tape and known Von Miller would have to be game planned against. Hell, even during the game after the first strip sack TD, he should have made the adjustments to give Remmers some damn help. Instead he changed nothing and continued to let Remmers get abused 1v1 vs Miller the rest of the game. It’s the same reason we lost to the Falcons. How can you be a head coach and see that poo is not working during a game and not even atte
  13. Can’t win games if you only score 1 goal on 33 shots.
  14. They would fit perfectly then with the terrible jersey number rule change.
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