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  1. JC Tretter was center for Bakers best season as a pro. Signing him would make way too much sense so it will never happen. Also don’t know how much truth there is to him being blackballed but it’s kind of crazy that he’s still a free agent in august.
  2. Burns and Patches are they type of guys this team was missing. We don’t poo the bed every road game this past postseason with those two on the ice. Losing Vinny and TDA sucks, but if these new guys can stay healthy and age doesn’t catch up with Burns, we will be a better team both physically and more importantly, mentally.
  3. While I am not thrilled by the retread, I do believe Clifford is a better, more experienced NBA coach compared to Borrego. If we resign Miles and Clifford is able to do what he is known for, (limit turnovers and improve team defense) we will be a playoff team.
  4. No one is really trading players right now and won’t until we’re closer to free agency. If we want to try and offload any of our bad contracts we needed future draft picks and we didn’t have a first next year. Mitch wasn’t looking for more picks in this draft because they don’t help us in any way unless you want to increase the risk of losing Miles. If a team misses out on a key free agent they may be more inclined to take on a guy like Hayward with a future first and a few seconds included. Not a ton of future picks were moved in this draft and after a few of the coveted players were gone the big trades really died down. If we had a top 10 pick the return would have been much better. 12 teams passed on Duren and the value of pick 13 took a nose dive just like his draft position. Mitch got the player he wanted and created the possibility for future roster moves that wouldn’t be possible without this trade. I have no issues with the trade. Rehiring Clifford on the other hand, Ooh Wee Mayne.
  5. Yeah I take back what o said like 2 posts before this. I no longer trust anyone wtf.
  6. Williams was clearly who we wanted and better fits our timeline as he should be able to contribute right away. Duren is about as raw as Kai Jones. Getting Williams at 15 instead of 13 also saves us some cash that we will need to resign Miles and get a backup PG. I wanted Duren and Williams but understand we probably won’t be able to move a guy like Hayward until around Free agency time and we’re going to need picks to make it happen and we didn’t have a first next year. Not the greatest trade but it makes total sense and I still trust Mitch and what’s he’s trying to accomplish.
  7. I fuging hate Twitter. I have no idea what’s going on right now.
  8. Alright OKC don’t fug this up for us.
  9. Most of the stuff being reported just doesn’t fit Mitch’s m.o. If Jordan was going to intervene and blow up everything Mitch has built over the past few years I don’t think he would have extended him. Only big thing I can see happening is trying to get Hayward off the books for something that can actually be available come playoff push time. A healthy Hayward the past two years would have equaled playoff births imo. Being able to flip Gordon into a player or two that can actually stay healthy would be a win. Addition by subtraction.
  10. JR stood up for the actual NFL, not Goodell’s fuged up version of it. We unfortunately got stuck with an owner that fits into the mold of the modern “new age” NFL. JR may have been a creepy old pervert but guys like Dan Snyder and Roger Goodell are actual pieces of poo for much worse reasons. If it weren’t for my fandom for the Panthers, I’d be done with Goodell’s awful product. fug him.
  11. Would much rather try and package 13 and 15 to move up a few spot to ensure we get Duren than take on a year rental for Myles Turner coming off a foot injury. Don’t want to give up assets for an injury prone big man.
  12. If places are going to allow sports betting just legalize all gambling ffs. Can’t even play online poker lmao. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that ever since major online sports betting sites and apps have become popular/major money makers, the state of officiating in professional sports has gone down the toilet.
  13. If we hire a coach that doesn’t have head coaching experience in the NBA playoffs I will be pretty upset. It is the one hump this group of players hasn’t been able to overcome and we need all the help and experience we can get. If we can’t make a bit of noise in the playoffs soon, you may as well say goodbye to LaMelo.
  14. Crazy how going from down 2-1 in the NBA Finals to 4-2 and NBA Champions changes someone's mind so quickly. I liked the idea of Atkinson as coach but he just let his true colors show. The guy is a coward à la Josh McDaniels. Guy went from being ready to jump ship when he thought the Warriors may lose in the finals to "Oh wait I'm getting a ring? Nevermind, fug Charlotte. Bay Area for life". What a giant pussy.
  15. Another dumb ass Ball stan youtuber who actually doesn't know poo. Don't give these clowns views. We just extended Mitch who was very adamant about Lamelo, Miles, and Terry being the core and future of this team. A Gordon+filler Westbrook swap is more likely than this garbage.
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