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  1. We have an offensive coordinator and Qb who both look like they’ve never stepped foot outside of a high school football field. fuging Clueless.
  2. See Rhule, Franklin is a Linebacker. Keep him away from the safety position.
  3. Joe Brady doesn’t know how to read a defense. His play calls are 100% random.
  4. Freeman is trash. Still not sure why he kept a roster spot over Rodney Smith.
  5. Give Darnold the Browns offensive line and I don’t think you would be able to tell their stats apart on paper. Both guys are middle of the pack QBs who aren’t winning anything without a solid team around them. Oh yeah and no, I wouldn’t even consider paying either one of them north of 30 million dollars a year.
  6. Never expected Andersen to come in and play so well. I know it is early, but he is on pace for a career year. Ned on the other hand isn't looking too hot in Detroit although they don't have the best team in front of him. With the way the Canes are currently playing, this is easily a Cup contending squad.
  7. Na I'm good. I'd rather back up the Brinks truck for Armstead, an actual known probowl LT, in free agency. Robinson is honestly no better than Erving, just healthier.
  8. Gordon is not getting any love from the refs this season.
  9. Was going to say the same. He looked impressive in the slot before going down with that wrist injury.
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