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  1. 1. Sewell or Slater. 2. Jackson Carman 3. Josh Myers Edit: Just give me a LT in round one, OG/OT round two and a OG/C round three.
  2. Draft the top LT at 8 and start Grier. Grab our new QB next draft.
  3. He wouldn’t take a pay cut and wants a long term deal. That doesn’t seem to align with what the Panthers have been doing in free agency.
  4. You can find videos of Trevor Lawrence doing the same thing. Footwork is one of the most common things QBs have to work on when coming into the NFL.
  5. That alley-oop windmill by Miles to end the game. Good golly miss Molly.
  6. The actual start of free agency started like 24 hours ago. Monday opened the legal tampering period. Im sure majority of deals agreed to have not been signed yet and official cap numbers of those deals are still unknown. Most places are probably still listing cap space teams had to start free agency.
  7. That is why Adam Silver started to fine players who take advantage of it. The NFL added the ability to challenge PI calls and then removed it a year later, why?
  8. Run a post route and if the DB gets to close to you flail your arms up and wait for that yellow flag to get thrown. Both leagues have this problem because they are making harder to play defense in the name of safety. One league is actively trying to find a way to combat the issue. The other seems to be getting worse year after year.
  9. David Stern wanted to change the image of the NBA in the early 2000s after the malice in the palace incident. Fights on the court were nearly a nightly occurrence up to that point. Both the NBA and NFL have made major changes to their rules in the name of player safety that you could argue are making the leagues “soft”.
  10. That’s is from 5+ years ago. Adam Silver has been doing as much as he can to get flopping like that out of the game. If you flop now you can expect a fine to be coming your way in the next few days. Players will do whatever they can to gain a competitive advantage over another team. Just like in the NFL. There is no consistency with things like pass interference and holding. Hell if NFL players are starting to flop to get calls. It happens at least once a game now where a receiver will flail his arms and fall down mid route trying to get a PI call after the slightest contact.
  11. This is arguably the most fun/entertaining Hornets team we’ve seen in like 20 years. It’s not too late to hop back on board.
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