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  1. Yo! I just tend to take a break from time to time....sometime. It's happend, really. Thanks for the concern though. :)

  2. Thank's Pantherdude!

  3. Thanks for the rep :) I go through Morganton a couple times a year omw to Grandmother...pretty place! Very small. My dad's business partners are all from there.

  4. Congrats on your little bundle of joy, dude. :)

  5. But I need pie, dude!! Even if it a little bit of hair pie. ;)

  6. I wonder if it's hair pie. Would you like some hair pie? ;)

  7. Kobe is a demi-god what he says is law!

  8. Aigh? Is that what Kobe said from your avatar there?? :D

  9. There nothing wrong with you having opinons though. Just be cool & not use words like that. And the fact some of my friends are what you call....well, you'll get the idea. ;)

  10. I think you meant to neg me, but I get your point. lol.

  11. You're hot for a Saints girl (if that is you on the avatar) & at least you hate the Patriots than us. There, I say it. :) :) And welcome aboard. Even if some of us rip on your team, some of us just love to mess around & be friends with other team's fans!! Just as long they're being fun & not serious, that is. ;)

  12. Hi...im new here...wats up?

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