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  1. Why does this team schedule a practice week with the Patriots knowing that Belichick is dirty, cheats, and already cheated the Panthers out of a superbowl
  2. Sam doesn't feel like a real human. Are we sure he's not robotic under his skin
  3. What is Baker's stats first two years vs. Jake's and Flacco's first two years they started? As usual, hot takes without any research or support
  4. Smith is exactly what we need, however Bears will ask for 1st round pick and we obviously can’t do that because of our QB situation
  5. Deshaun doesn't seem to get it. I don't know where he was raised where he thought it was ok to start masturbating in front of a massage therapist or pulling his dick out and trying to touch her with it, and claim he "didn't do anything wrong". Poor parenting and/or friends I guess
  6. Brown started right away, Horn started right away....it's not like Rhule woke up and decided this, maybe Ickey isn't as far along as you guys think
  7. Or, they could be trying to prop up Darnold's value so they don't have to pay him so much this year or get a pick out of him. Some of you are so triggered by the smallest things.
  8. The bigger story is they lose their 2023 1st round pick, all for trying to talk to Tom Brady and Sean Payton
  9. Sam can't do this. Sorry but he just can't. He would have thrown it away or taken a sack. Just from this one play the decision has been made
  10. This is a great series that Marshall does, everyone should give this a listen/watch
  11. He'll change his avatar and pretend he was never negative and be on here cheering when the Panthers start winning again. Just more hot take "look at me" artistry
  12. Tepper aggress in 2020 to get a Charlotte FC facility built... Its mid 2022 and they haven't even broke ground yet, with no plans to do so (really) in the near future They pull out of the deal so they can get something done faster The same 8 huddlers who get massive boners when they see Tepper negative press rush to the huddle to type their hearts out Rinse and repeat Just like Rock Hill, the area politicians/city managers are really letting this team down. Tepper is investing his own money in these communities, but the communities continue to drag ass and swing and miss
  13. Our roster is way, way better than the Packers minus QB. Where did they rank?
  14. I think the Panthers should drop either white or silver from the color scheme all together. I think you can make a compelling case for both and have the three colors be black, blue, and light grey. You can make some really nice uniforms in all three primary colors.
  15. You think the Ravens colors go well with black? I think the Ravens have the worst helmet and worst uniforms in the NFL and its not close. Panther blue goes very, very well with black. Honestly these helmets should be permanent. They are much more modern whereas the silver helmets look stuck in the 20th century. I love the all blue Panther too, I hate that the jersey still has the white eyes and teeth. It clashes when put right next to eachother. New jerseys when? We need a modernization
  16. They are consistently the best at predicting the draft (had first 10 picks correct in 2022 draft) and for tracking free agents. That's about it.
  17. I want a Mark Williams/Kai center rotation this year. I think both are better than Plumlee defensively, and I'll take what they offer offensively over Plumlee's passing.
  18. Duren has BBIQ issues, especially on defense and is a dreadful shooter and is similar to Andre Drummond, while I am confident that Williams is on a Rudy Gobert path, which is exactly what we need (Gobert is just way overpriced). Williams has played excellent defensively thus far and will be great with actual point guards getting him the ball in real NBA games. Passing on Eason is going to hurt, though. He would have made us forget about Miles Bridges very quickly.
  19. Duren isn't a miss, but Eason is. I was begging the Hornets to not do anything stupid and just take Eason and Williams at 13 and 15, and we had a chance to do it, yet we traded away for nothing. I'm officially on the fire Kupchak and clean house bandwagon after tonight. If we didn't get lucky and move up ONLY to 3rd (because we'd be dumb enough to take Wiseman 1 or 2 over Edwards and LaMelo), we'd have one of the worst futures in all of sports. I honestly think the RealGM Hornets board collective can and will have done a better job GM'ing the team than the two jabronis they have had over the last 12 years.
  20. For the record I said all of this on RealGM weeks ago, before tonight, if you want to go look for it Duren struggled against athletic teams and constantly got lost on screens. He's also a dreadful shooter. He's a poor man's Drummond, which doesn't fit in today's NBA. I was very high on Williams and Tari Eason, and we had an opportunity to take both. Hopefully Denver struggles next season and they barely make the playoffs. The 2023 draft is a lot better according to draft experts, one of the best in a long time
  21. Duren sucks. He has low BBIQ and will struggle to play winning basketball like James Wiseman. Mark Williams was the correct pick. He's a smart player with insane measurables who played on a stacked Duke team so he was underused. The 13 trade was horrible though. We should have gotten a lot more, or just take Eason.
  22. It will never happen, we just had a president that had a ton of sexual assault settlements and NDA's and still got elected. This country is run by money
  23. This is Klutch, his agent, postering to get a max contract Although I am getting more and more on the "trade him for Ayton" bandwagon for roster fit reasons...there are some really good forwards available in the draft with the 13 and 15 pick
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