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  1. Exactly. All these jags will act like this never happened when we start winning again. There is a lot of "talking out of your ass" syndrome on the huddle right now
  2. Bruce Arians has always been a really dumb coach, just got carried to a SB win last year by Brady and a historically talented offense and defense
  3. None of that matters. Only a franchise QB matters. Get a top 10 QB and the huddle turns from doom and gloom to everything is happy, regardless of the damn owner of the team or the coach. We had the league's best offense with JERRY RICHARDSON AND MIKE SHULA of all people.
  4. Not true, if we had Burrow we'd be every bit as good as the Bengals That is why teams trade tons of resources for a QB, because if they hit, they are good and can figure out the rest later Fields and Mac Jones aren't in the same realm as Burrow The fact we won 5 games without any NFL caliber QB's speaks to the team we have. The same league-leading Packers team with Sam Darnold instead of Rodgers would have won 5 games or less.
  5. Campbell has us passing up all QB's for offensive line with Neal at the top of our board because we "love versatility"
  6. Yep. I am not an emotional child like most of the huddle.
  7. I didn't say it was a good offensive line, but our QB's were horrid irregardless of the line. It's a lazy excuse. Burrow would have done just fine behind this line this season.
  8. I watched every one, I don't care enough to go back to game threads and give examples. At one point Darnold had the 2nd highest time in the pocket in the entire league. He just blows. Panics and never moves around correctly in the pocket to buy even more time like most QB's. And Cam just doesn't have an arm anymore.
  9. Our QB's had plenty of time in a fair amount of games this year, they just can't complete passes. This was always about QB...not Rhule or Brady or Tepper. It's extremely hard to find a good one.
  10. Jesus there are so many Niner fans in Dallas, anyone see that? The crowd is mostly red!
  11. Where did we have the opportunity to draft Burrow or Allen? Do you already forget how miserable the Bengals were before Burrow?
  12. Still want Mac Jones? He just can't make a lot of throws. The ultimate game manager QB.
  13. Right now Campbell has us taking OT/G Evan Neal at 6
  14. This also confirms that Charlie Campbell of Walterfootball does indeed have a source inside the organization so whoever he says we are picking in his 2022 mock draft is probably at the top of our draft board Last year during the draft Campbell said “a team picking in the top 10 that needed a tackle passed on Slater because they thought he was too small for a tackle and didn’t want to pick a guard that high,” which is almost verbatim what Rhule just said Campbell has correctly called the last 4 Panthers first round picks (and also said the Panthers were going to take Horn no matter who was on the board, BEFORE last years draft)
  15. You guys know there are only 10-12 QB's in the entire world that can play in the NFL at a high level, right? You act like its so easy to get a high level QB
  16. -Building a massive new practice facility that is better than the crappy outdoor field right outside the stadium that Jerry thought was okay for NFL players to practice -Goal of breaking ground on a new stadium in the next 10 years, with additional development around the stadium site, and not a dome -Took a hands off approach immediately after buying the team, then chose to fire the old regime after they weren't going anywhere -Opens his pocketbook to pay big money to coach and staff, even if he signed off on the wrong one it is still great to not have a cheapskate -Aggressive in finding a franchise QB, only to be turned down by Stafford (trade was done) and Watson's penis -Doesn't have female staffers massage his bare feet I think you should give him more than a few years, especially since he took over a team that was aged out and without a franchise QB
  17. Posts like this are hilarious, huddle is reaching all time cringe/reddit territory
  18. Cringe Also probably the weakest of chants at BoA ever
  19. Boo hoo, fans will be back when the team is winning, just a bunch of fairweather fans, this level of whining is a new low for this fanbase
  20. Pickett is going top 2 so it doesn't matter anyway as we don't have the assets to trade up
  21. Not surprising, the huddle is very reactionary and has a very short memory. If they keep Rhule and he goes 11-6 next year they'll act like they never wanted to fire him, just like how everyone here was rioting in front of the stadium to fire Ron Rivera when he started 0-2 in 2013 and then they won 8 in a row and pretended they never did that
  22. For real. Half the huddle is so clueless. Tepper can't just switch an on button and the team starts winning superbowls. He's making big moves like other owners have done if they want to win, just hasn't panned out yet.
  23. Charlie Campbell who has called the last 4 Panther picks and has a bunch of inside sources says that teams are telling him that Pickett is a top 2 pick, #1 if the Lions or Texans get it
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