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  1. In a division with Tom Brady and Matt Ryan, the Panthers have....Sam Darnold. How many times did Darnolds jets beat Brady again ? i am really tired of this owner....and his process. Year 4 of losing incoming I wish I could be optimistic but Rhule is still div 1 to me
  2. Yep. For someone likely cut after the draft I have no idea what the Panthers are anymore
  3. Scraps im sick of him already he has made multiple mistakes that a more experienced HC would not and that is why we are looking at scraps he, and his ‘process’ need to start producing anything less than 8 and 8 is a failure this year Honestly, More sick of Tepper. Year 4 of losing incoming
  4. And if so, Rhule can get his happy div 1 ass out of here he is also the guy who loved teddy there is nothing about Darnold that anyone likes except Rhule he better win
  5. If I wasn’t paying for tickets, I might embrace it more
  6. Yep a second ad fourth next year for a QB likely to be released after the draft if he fugs up, we fuged up our draft next year under Rhule. Bridgewater and Darnold. Winning
  7. The team that screwed the Panthers is the Panthers a draft pick is just a draft pick unless it’s a QB1 the Div 1 head coach hopefully learned from this A smart nfl coach starts Grier and others on the bench ‘to get a look at them and pretend you care....you really really do’ but you lose do that and you sit at three. Do what this guy did and bad mouth your starter on top of it, and that is a losing hand Everyone knows your intentions the 49ers kept their intentions quiet and struck. They now get to chose who they want while the Panthers are talking about Sam Da
  8. That will get you put in the Tinderbox. I shared a similar article that also showed fields’ offensive plays and where his reads were...now in Tinderbox
  9. https://www.facebook.com/297103346261/posts/10157574656686262/ PFF grade on throws past 1st read since 2019: (min. 60 attempts) 1st - Justin Fields - 90.6 2nd - Zach Wilson - 90.1 3rd - Trey Lance - 87.2 ... 7th - Trevor Lawrence - 78.6 8th - Mac Jones - 75.7
  10. The same duo who brought in Teddy. Hmmm ok hopefully the GM has some say
  11. Another team’s scraps.....again also if they are making intentions known, stupid...again
  12. Based on what? the supposed promise that didn’t materialize under Gase? He struggles to read defenses and throw his receivers open the Panthers have had enough of other teams scrapes there will never be another Cam Newton. No worries there.
  13. Guy sure had a lot of time for these, didn’t he...don’t know when he had time for anything else
  14. I’ve always liked Greg. He had many fine things to say about Justin and Trey I’d feel great about either. It’s time for the Panthers to stop getting scraps off the scrap heap If Brady and Rhule are the geniuses our genius owner thinks they are, they should have no problem molding one of the two to nfl level competition....you know, with a full year under their belts
  15. Not to be a contrarian, but there are just as many analysts who show tape that shows he does If he is there and he is taken, I’d be thrilled
  16. Just be glad we had two QBs that GOT the Panthers to the Super Bowl...one had far less talent to work with than the other. ...,a feat Teddy Bridgewater will never do, ever.
  17. Start with his endless cadence at the LOS and he changes the call and screws it up he is like a golfer that stands over the putt for hrs and still misses it in your foursome he is gutless in tight windows. He isn’t bold and the nfl is about being bold I’ll tell you, when we were playing NO in NO and he goes over and sits down on the bench during our offensive series, I hated him. Football is war. Can you imagine Cam or Jake doing that they welcomed him because he was no threat. They got rid of him for the same reason nice guy but
  18. Fields he has everything they want. previously there was a rumor about the Panthers that they ‘loved’ fields the crap about him only doing first read is crap based on input fron several scouts on film study. Perfect example was the number of second, third, and fourth reads against Clemson. Unlike Lance or. Zack, big time schedule, under bright lights and expectations that hit from Clemson, my god and he threw what 4 tds after....it may have affected him in the final he isn’t Cam or Vick. He is Justin The fact that he likes to play chess tells me he has a mind
  19. My god, I just can’t do another year of Bridgewater or a cast off do you see trask, mond, or the Stanford qb...is there any hope of not seeing Teddy this year I really struggle, seeing how well fields dismantled Clemson AFTER getting hit how they would not take him if there
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