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  1. I keep watching tape of Tommy Tremble blocking and for the life of me can't figure out how he wasn't in the conversation for at least the late 1st or early 2nd. even if you consider his absolute upside to be your 1B blocking TE to a 1A pass catching guy, he's just full effort all over the field and one of the best athletes at the position this year. he's likely to line up behind the line of scrimmage at times to lead block for CMC and get to the spot first to set the edge. This guy doesn't just block, he's nasty. Not dirty, but really really nasty. Saw this interesting stat about ND TE's that
  2. people are acting like just because they played together in NY that either of them liked each other or brought out the best of each other. Anderson can't catch the fastball. It's why he worked with Bridgewater. Look at his catch percentages for every other year besides last year and you'll see why there's a VERY reasonable expectation that he's going to take a step back.
  3. that's a bummer for mac jones. there might have been some teams prior to the Patriots that had interest but thought he'd never be there. he ended up in a decent spot, presumably, but it has to suck a little to hear you were a pawn in a misdirection scheme.
  4. my thoughts are that they don't want anyone coming behind him and winning games if this thing blows up with him under center. they keep will and pj to walk sam through the playbook. especially will considering he's apparently a likeable kid that several coaches wanted to keep around at various times. we need a good practice player. but if darnold is injured or plays poorly, we need to suck and we need to suck bad so these are our guys.
  5. defense is rarely a popular pick, but when teams in front of you get obsessed with the quarterback discussion it's a good opportunity to scoop up a franchise corner. think about what this does for our ability to be aggressive with our pass rushing talent. we have two of the fastest corners in the league that don't need a ton of over-the-top supervision/protection because they should be able to run with anyone in single coverage. horn has that steve smith fire to not just beat you but to beat you spiritually. he's long and strong and scrappy at the line in press coverage and that will disrupt a
  6. not sure what to make of this information. i think a stat regarding time from snap until throw and the number of progressions prior to the pass would be far more valuable. if you've got one of these dudes patting the ball for fifteen seconds before finding that next read because his line is NFL caliber, it's not quite as impressive to me as guys who identify the scripted route is no good right away and get their eyes down the field. not picking on fields, but dude had an eternity to make decisions. that line he played behind was rock solid. especially his sophomore season. but again, with the
  7. sub 60% quarterbacks create more problems than they solve. if we make this trade, we're basically committing to losing enough to draft our actual QB of the future in '22. go look up what NFL executives have to say about his throwing mechanics and how fixable they are. it's not pretty. even in his pre-draft workups almost every scout prefaced their opinion by mentioning how slow the ball is out of his hands and how early he tips his throws. he has a strong arm and can still make some "wow" throws, but he can go from hero to zero in the middle of games. the people here that got frustrated with C
  8. darnold has a fatal flaw in my opinion and it's in his throwing mechanics. he had the arm strength to negate the weakness somewhat in his NCAA days, but he's like an MLB pitcher that tips his pitches and defensive backs are able to get early jumps based on how long it takes him from decision to throw to getting the ball out. if you're not perfect with your ball placement, it's a lot easier to get picked off. it hurts him a lot in the redzone also because of how quick windows close on short field. i think if he washes out at his next shot at starting, he needs to take a backup role somewh
  9. people saying that these women need to fire their lawyer might be missing the point. the thing to think about is that if most or all of these women had sex with watson, which seems likely, that every single thing that was said in the aftermath electronically or otherwise would come out in the discovery phase. i mentioned a while back that watson has lawyers also and that at least half of these accusations would be put on ice by text message history alone. if they discussed it with friends as a consensual encounter or used it as a flex, that's grounds for immediate dismissal. in this day and ti
  10. my contention has been that if these actions didn't meet the threshold of criminality, the NFL will probably conduct their own simultaneous investigation to determine the level of wrongdoing and suspend him accordingly for conduct. 8 games? that will likely be the extent the NFL involves themselves in a matter in which there are 20 accusers and not a single indictable offense according to their own lawyer. this is huge for watson and his team, because it's now and presumably forever a civil matter and civil matters require no admission of guilt to be made to go away. just cold, hard cash of wh
  11. the panthers have to at least try to get in some articles about interest in other quarterbacks to balance their position on being all in on watson. i'm not sure why some folks believe that this off the field stuff is going to impact where his rights are sent. the whole of houston has emerged en masse to crucify him publicly and a reported friend of the team is leading the prosecution. he'll never play another snap in that town unless he's on the visiting team. if anything, this has only intensified the situation between watson and the texans. david tepper is the richest owner in the leag
  12. i don't think people fully understand how much of a problem it would be to coach your linebackers to cover both CMC and a guy like this. It would be comical to see it attempted. when people talk about quarterback and its importance, that's valid. but at what position can we most improve our WAR, for lack of a better football stat, should be the focus. make our team so good that we set up whoever our next quarterback is for success before he even arrives. we had less than ideal QB play last season, but there are available arms that could probably give us neutral 20-25th in the league type perfo
  13. there can be two wrong parties in a single event. it's too early to call what exactly deshaun's issue is/was, but it's not with the lawyer representing these women on a case he would have NEVER pursued if not for trying to gain favor from the McNair family and further cement his alleged friendship. he's the same idiot that posted all those billboards about drafting johnny manziel around houston. someone that invested and with that many conflicting interests should recuse themselves instead of collecting allegations via instagram. he's a hack. if there's any heat to this at all he needs to be e
  14. if you're trying to stay in the NFL as a strategy and you're a borderline player who is holding on, it can't be all bad to go hold a clipboard for a season and cash some checks and repeat the process the next season. We have to think about real life here. The end all goal for quarterbacks is not to just get on the field. It's to stay employed. When you flunk out after playing starter reps, maybe taking a year to get right and then hitting the market again with new teams in the mix next offseason. And if it does happen that you're pushed into action, you've got a really solid cast around
  15. it's not as shocking when you think about the fact that so many teams are probably tied up in the Watson drama and other teams are leveraging their offers against that. he probably got a final notice on the availability of this deal before they started to look elsewhere. he's not a super hot commodity and doesn't have the clout of being a former MVP to bolster his status as a starter like cam. plus, some guys just want a quiet year to rehab injuries and get right mentally before they attack their next opportunity. I think mitch knows that the next run of starts he gets could be his last.
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