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  1. there's a lot of high risk throws in that package. he has a fantastic arm, obviously, but whoever put this together didn't put in a lot of plays when he had to work through progressions. he threw a lot of guys open with deep balls. he seems good at timing throws, but to me it looks like he's sitting on one route and just putting the best ball he can in that direction instead of finding something higher percentage. that's going to get you a lot of attention from NFL safeties watching your eyes. he reminds me of jacob eason last year.
  2. I think when enough time has passed we will remember this as Cam's farewell. With how he played here, I doubt he's going to draw a lot of interest to get another starting gig considering how long he was out there this season. His return for me was less about Rhule, Fitterer, Tepper, etc. as it was about Cam and the fanbase. We got our proper goodbye. It was special even more so because it felt separate from this current drama.
  3. For those doubting we'll get an elite offensive guy, do you remember what happened the last time the owner wanted someone badly? Like, $60 plus million badly?
  4. Rhule isn't safe. His departure from this team is part of a 2 year plan. He gets to close this season out for the tank. They're going to bring in an OC with NFL pedigree and take that side of the ball away from Rhule entirely. There's two reasons for it. One is that the original staff that Rhule brought with him had virtually ZERO coaches with legitimate NFL experience and as a result, couldn't lean on their history to convince their offensive players that they were still in the game plan. Rhule's biggest mistake in my opinion was his staff selection. I would almost be willing to bet that whatever higher profile offensive play caller we bring in is also going to be something on paper that indicates the line of succession will go through them. Associate Head Coach, or some other variation of the term. Our QB situation became by degrees harder to solve with Darnold's 5th year option being picked up. I think he goes into next season in a competition with a QB we draft in the 3rd or 4th round. He'll get 3 or 4 games and if he falters again, Rhule will be fired and Darnold will be done. Whoever our OC is will take over as interim head coach, try to see what they have in the rookie and try not to worry too much about the record in order to set us up to draft the solution with an entirely new regime, cap space galore, and a damn solid defensive core to build on. It will be a high profile destination next offseason, but not this one with as muddled as the waters are now and the fact that we're kind of married to Darnold for one more season.
  5. I think we might see some big movement as far as players are concerned that don't fit the window of the rebuild. the only reason to keep Rhule at this point is to allow him to close out the 5th year option they gave to Darnold and be bad enough next year to be in striking range to draft a QB in a much better class than this one. You don't want a new hire in that situation. Let Rhule start the year 0-3 and then fire him and promote someone to head coach that can finish the tank job. that way, we can lure a head coach here with a ridiculous amount of cap space after Darnold and .... as sad as it is for me to say it, CMC come off the books somehow. the new coach should have a highly regarded QB prospect and a young defense that can develop into one of the best in football with few changes. in my opinion, the choice on rhule has already been made. they just need someone to point the titanic at the iceburg and they don't want that guy to be their new hire for obvious reasons.
  6. CMC is like crack to everyone in his orbit. if he's out there on the field, everyone wants the ball in his hands because he makes things happen. he's so good at what he does that it's dangerous for him. he has never had a coach with the self control to put him on a pitch count and stick to it. honestly though, it's like his "problem" is the same as Luke's problem. they are full effort on every snap and have no instinct of self-preservation. the level of performance they demand from themselves forces their bodies to give up because they're mentally relentless on it.
  7. plus, as a rookie what you believe you do well doesn't matter so much to a coach. once you get to be a veteran like cam, you pretty much tell the coaching staff what you're comfortable running and they scheme it. rookies have to know more about the entire playbook because experience hasn't yet shown them their best throws or their most productive plays and their coach is going to be trying more things. cam is older than our OC isn't he? that's kind of funny. mostly, you're going to let the former league mvp have some input on what he's going to be doing out there. systems are a bit overrated in terms of difficulty to pick up in modern times. there's not a lot of innovation or deviation from what everyone else is doing.
  8. learning systems for the most part, unless you're from an NCAA school that didn't run pro formations, is being familiar enough with the verbiage and learning where everyone is going to be than it is learning entirely new plays and concepts. a veteran for as many years as cam has been in the league knows all the plays he's going to be asked to run. what he doesn't know is the verbiage, the cadence, the blocking schemes, how to direct his blockers pre snap, how to audible pre snap, what to call certain blitzes he spots, how to send particular players on hot routes, etc. it's like someone saying he doesn't know how to play madden and then assign him random controls. he won't be comfortable with it, but once he figures out what moves what and which button does which desired thing he wants, it's still madden. it's still football. there's obviously a lot more nuance than that, but the premise is the same. they're not reteaching him how to play football.
  9. just an observation, but i didnt know this was a thing. when an opposing player is down, it seems like part of the captain's duties includes staying on field until they're up and moving. i didn't realize it until i saw donte and burns go over to do this on this injury. must be a sportsmanship thing.
  10. what you're seeing is our OC making a statement by refusing to put the football in darnold's hands. he's telling the whole world he doesn't believe in him anymore if he ever did. it's embarrassing. someone is keeping darnold as the starter without looking outside the organization and Brady is putting his job on the table.
  11. nobody will want to admit this but you're right. the safety experiment needs to pick up some momentum quickly. he's stretched out on athleticism at his size. it's such a repeat of the thomas davis situation. he hits so hard you want him to have some runway to make hits like he made today but not at the expense of being able to cover deep.
  12. the numbers always come back to reasonable no matter what. you can't average 45 rushing against for the whole season while tearing opposing quarterbacks apart on a weekly basis. some games you're going to get stood up by one side of the ball. and to be really honest, we had our most momentum of the game on that Chinn forced fumble that would have given us the ball on short field with the lead that turned into an absolute gutshot of a touchdown. the thing about the defense is that we've seen them mostly fresh this season because they've been that good at getting off the field. even if it didn't manifest into overwhelming point totals, we took a lot of body blows against their rush in the first half and it slowed the pass rush down. plus, for the first time we saw Darnold seeing ghosts. he was really getting pinned back there and he looked like Jets Darnold in the 3rd quarter. he straightened it out at the end to make it competitive and to save his line, but he had some tough tough turnovers there when our defense needed a blow. you can put part of that on the playcalling for forgetting hubbard existed during that stretch.
  13. that was not a turnover worthy throw, that was an absolute dart and it hit moore in the hands. it looked worse from the sideline than it would from the all 22. entirely arguable he shouldn't throw that ball, but there was no mistake.
  14. it's a tougher call than I think you're giving it credit. you have a rookie kicker about to take his first league kick from 50+. missing there might set him up for a really bad day. it's a strange concept to think about, but punting there is giving your best unit (the defense) an opportunity to have this rookie quarterback who looks rattled throwing out of his own endzone. if charlton does his job and puts that ball down inside the 10, if not the 5, imagine how greedy that defense would come out. they earned a crack at the short field to try to make a splash play. it could have been way more meaningful than the 3 points.
  15. the field position game starts early. with the way our defense was flying around, had we gotten that punt down inside the 10 (which is on the punter) we could have tilted the field against them with the noise at field level and them already struggling to keep Wilson upright. everybody has to do their job or everybody looks stupid. we wanted that rookie QB to show he could go all the way down. the last thing you want to do in that situation is turn the ball over to him with any reason to be optimistic. plus, the dude was making his NFL regular season debut. you might want to give him a chip shot or two before you trot him out there to miss a 50+ yarder and ruin him for the day.
  16. Stafford is an excellent QB and will be very good for 3-4 more seasons, but if we can make Sam work he could be the answer here for the next decade. Failing that, we will draft our QB of the future once we have resolution on Sam, but don't count him out. Sam looks like he needed a quieter place to develop due to coming out of the draft so young and the Jets were a crash landing because they needed a savior and a savior he is not. The thing that keeps sticking with me is the optimism for Joe Burrow and the dismissal of Sam Darnold and the relative age difference. People will cringe, but this move reminds me more of when we picked up David Carr, but we were about 2-3 seasons too late. We're due a good bounce.
  17. I actually have a different take. if melo responds to him, then it's all good. we don't need a coach that is liked, we just need one that is respected. there are hardly any screamers left in the league because legit it doesn't make sense to be screaming at someone in a professional capacity that makes 10x what you make. you need a coach who can sit you down and teach you about basketball and how the players they've seen become great did it and you get to decide how much you want that. but there's no doubt in the x's and o's department, JB can get you there. it's just being humble enough to recognize you haven't yet mastered the craft. lamelo can't forget to stay learning. he's a big personality despite what you'd believe watching his media availability. he'll learn in time as well that you don't get endorsements by sitting quietly behind a gatorade bottle and mumbling some nonsense, but that's just immaturity. it warmed my heart to see JB have the balls to pull melo an assist short of a triple double the first time he was going for it. you could practically hear melo counting them down. the play he got pulled on, if he hadn't gotten pulled you would have lost that room entirely. bismack after that game was heated and brought the veteran leadership to him. you let a lot of that poo handle itself because the veteran players are the best culture builders anyways. that was too much. there were some on those board worked up calling for JB to get fired because of that and hell that's probably half of what earned him this extension. he's going to need to be handled carefully and JB has such a good relationship with his guys. you can see it. they don't show him up, they don't curse in his face, they don't do to him what he doesn't do to them. but when he says enough, it's enough. his veterans know to enforce that. i really love the fit here.
  18. i was glad to see he's being realistic. his upside in the league is being a catch and shoot specialist pressure release valve for the guys that are driving the interior. he's going to get an opportunity to make some big shots without having to create his own offense, and that's the best fit for him. he'll get his 17-20 minutes of burn with the 2nd unit and shoot as much as possible. this team is already adapting to how lamelo wants to play. they want to run the floor and bringing in Ish will allow them to do that with the 2nd unit as well or if lamelo just needs a blow.
  19. i still firmly believe that he has literal poor vision in addition to poor judgment
  20. I keep watching tape of Tommy Tremble blocking and for the life of me can't figure out how he wasn't in the conversation for at least the late 1st or early 2nd. even if you consider his absolute upside to be your 1B blocking TE to a 1A pass catching guy, he's just full effort all over the field and one of the best athletes at the position this year. he's likely to line up behind the line of scrimmage at times to lead block for CMC and get to the spot first to set the edge. This guy doesn't just block, he's nasty. Not dirty, but really really nasty. Saw this interesting stat about ND TE's that start being drafted 10 or 11 straight seasons. The complexity of what they ask of their guys in the running game is a big part of it. He's going to be a special teams impact right away. He's going to be a run game impact right away. He accelerates into anticipated contact and finishes plays. He has some potential for offensive production as well, but it probably won't be eye popping. If he can get 350-400 yards from being forgotten as a target because of the expectation he's in as a blocker, it's going to help blow things wide open and give us a lot more of a chance to disguise what we're going to do. He also has the speed and strength and arms to neutralize edge rushers and keep them from going wide by directing them back into the tackle if he's being used at the end of the line. There will be at least 1 occurrence a game where the opposing safety hasn't done their homework and gets clean trucked by him in run blocking. This is a football player.
  21. people are acting like just because they played together in NY that either of them liked each other or brought out the best of each other. Anderson can't catch the fastball. It's why he worked with Bridgewater. Look at his catch percentages for every other year besides last year and you'll see why there's a VERY reasonable expectation that he's going to take a step back.
  22. that's a bummer for mac jones. there might have been some teams prior to the Patriots that had interest but thought he'd never be there. he ended up in a decent spot, presumably, but it has to suck a little to hear you were a pawn in a misdirection scheme.
  23. my thoughts are that they don't want anyone coming behind him and winning games if this thing blows up with him under center. they keep will and pj to walk sam through the playbook. especially will considering he's apparently a likeable kid that several coaches wanted to keep around at various times. we need a good practice player. but if darnold is injured or plays poorly, we need to suck and we need to suck bad so these are our guys.
  24. defense is rarely a popular pick, but when teams in front of you get obsessed with the quarterback discussion it's a good opportunity to scoop up a franchise corner. think about what this does for our ability to be aggressive with our pass rushing talent. we have two of the fastest corners in the league that don't need a ton of over-the-top supervision/protection because they should be able to run with anyone in single coverage. horn has that steve smith fire to not just beat you but to beat you spiritually. he's long and strong and scrappy at the line in press coverage and that will disrupt a lot of the timing routes teams will want to run against our pocket collapsing pass rush. horn has unbelievable self-confidence and it's not fake. he's been around NFL talent since he was a child. when we moved chinn from linebacker to safety, my concern was that we weren't strong enough in coverage to send blitzes from the secondary without being vulnerable outside. this takes care of that to a large extent. we can now send chinn anywhere we want. he can play coverage, he can blitz from standing, he can pretend he's coming and disrupt assignments.... it just allows him to plausibly set from anywhere on the LOS and you can reasonably expect him to both drop into coverage and blitz from there. then you go into how good press can lead the quarterback to have the ball in his hands longer. you have derrick brown pushing inside and putting the center into his lap with gross-matos, reddick, and burns coming off the ends and chinn occasionally. that's a lot of places to expect pressure from and with guys who can get there exceptionally fast. in our division, we have Tom Brady and Matt Ryan. Jameis isn't without athleticism but he's a big body that doesn't want to be rolling out every passing down just to get away from our pass rush. those guys are all in serious trouble if their offensive lines spring a leak with that many hats to worry about. this man is the richard sherman of fitterer trying to recreate a similar dynamic to what the seahawks have tried to do defensively which is just to put eleven exceptional athletes on the field and move them fluidly around to create confusion. there are a lot of ways to get things done in this league and if you build the right team, the right quarterback will find you. if we get a reputation as a team with a lethal defense and weapons galore on offense but nothing at the quarterback position, there's going to be some veteran that will pull a Brady, Manning, and seemingly Rodgers as well at this point and come in to put you over the top. it's still incredibly possible that deshaun watson post-legal trouble is still that guy we want, but if we could strike gold with a reclamation project we might be just as well. for better or worse, our season belongs to darnold as the defense starts to take full shape. we're basically set on that side of the ball. none of this at all even discussed what horn as an individual can bring, but just what putting a potentially elite corner on the field does to every other position.
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