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  1. we basically got a first round pick for NOTHING... plus he has been tested in the NFL... we have a 2 year jump on any rookie that will be drafted.
  2. Dave says Josh is worth $7 mill a year... Hes worth $7 mill a year.
  3. Django Unchained : A movie that came close to capturing a time with a hint of Humor...
  4. My services have not been needed that much this year.... Cam has been doing all the Propaganda we need. DELICIOUS <3
  5. The game plan was to go after the "Hot Head" Norman and watch him mentally crumble... Pffftthahahhahah
  6. Yuck... Tampa are the best. :) Anyway... keep it moving WE WANT THEM ALL - All the way to 19 - 0
  7. Have you seen the Prevent Defense Fox is using in Chicago.. its unreal .. HAHAHAHAHA Have everyone at the line of scrimmage to prevent a touchdown.. like WTF
  8. When are we going to have a Ball Cancer Awareness month...
  9. The team that blinks will be down 37 points by halftime... lol
  10. Bro you're just spoilt by having nothing but studs for close to nothing - Thomas Davis like etc This kid just like Luke will light it up
  11. As a 'black man' - fug the NCAAP they don't represent anyone but themselves. Just a bunch of hyenas
  12. Super Bowl is used to reward its corporate clients not the fans or the general public. Enjoy the regular season and the playoffs - that's all that matters
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