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  1. I don't see how drafting another G with our compensatory 6th would've made that much of a difference. We can only start 2 Gs. Between Miller, who was solid on the line last year, Daley, Elflein, Brown and Moore, not to mention Erving who has played a lot of snaps at G and Christensen, who some project to start at G before eventually kicking out to LT, where would Smith get an opportunity to bolster this line? I really think the disappointment about passing Smith is overblown. We already took one G who dropped for one reason or another in the 6th. We decided Brown was a better prospect than Smi
  2. Moton isn't the type of player you gamble with. He's young, skilled, healthy and plays a key position. Even if we spend a couple million more than we want, the loss of Moton would be harder to recover from than whoever we might have signed for the $2 million or per year so we might be apart on in contract negotiations. Drafting Christensen doesn't suddenly make Moton expendable. And Erving has been a liability at tackle whenever he's been asked to start. He functions better as a swing tackle for depth. Our offensive line situation has been a major question mark for years. Resigning Moton
  3. Our drafting strategy actually made a lot of sense. Most drafts have around 10-15 consensus elite prospects. And once you start approaching the 3rd round, player evaluations start to muddle together. The difference in perceived talent between a 4th and a 6th round pick is a lot less than the difference between the 10th pick and the 20th pick. So while we held onto our ultra valuable top 10 pick, we readily traded down in the later rounds to accumulate multiple picks where the difference in value is negligible. It's like trading a dime for 3 nickels.
  4. The same organization that cut Cam with only 1 year and roughly $20 million left on his contract after busting his ass for a year to get healthy, just so they could sign Teddy Bridgewater of all people, suddenly reveres him so much they make his number off limits?
  5. Honestly even if he isn't an elite receiver, does it really matter? There's only so many targets to go around between DJ, Robby, Marshall, David Moore, CMC and Dan Arnold.
  6. Lighten up guy. Do you have trouble picking up on jokes? I'm not grading picks based on interviews even if it was hilarious. But guess what? It doesn't even matter cause I'm still giving the pick a positive grade. You realize he was our comp 6th? One of the last picks in the 6th round. I'd venture to guess that over 80% of the players picked after him won't make their team's 53 man roster. At that point in the draft you can take one of the top 1 or 2 special teamers in the country or a guy with major question marks overlooked round after round by 31 other teams who has to compete with a half d
  7. A pure blocking tight end does seem like poor value in the 3rd where you can find starter potential at more important positions like guard and wr. I've been able to reason it in a couple ways 1. He can help shore up our deficiencies on the offensive line with meaningful snaps as a rookie. Think of him as a part-time starter 6th O lineman. 2. We lost both Manhertz and Armah. He effectively takes the place of 2 starters in 1. 3. Many clamored for us to draft another lineman but at a certain point you can have too many bodies. We already signed Erving, Elflein, and Miller, still ha
  8. Keep in mind the following: 1. We let Douglas and Elder leave, both of whom had a fair amount of playing time last year. 2. Bouye is on a 1 year contract and is suspended for the first two games. 3. Donte has missed multiple games every year and is on the last year of his contract. 4. Melvin hasn't played since 2019 (he opted out last year) and before that had played for 3 different teams in 3 years. He's 31 years old and is on a cheap 1 year contract. 5. Stantley was a 7th round pick and Taylor is a 5th. Day 3 picks are usually developmental guys that you're not nece
  9. Appreciate the analysis but I'm disappointed you didn't give the long snapper an A+. The video of him getting the call from Rhule was one of the highlights of our whole draft
  10. If you're WR5 or 6 on the team, it helps to bring something extra to the table (e.g. special teams ace, kick returner) because chances are you won't see the field on passing downs. Better Zylstra actually contribute on special teams than Bayless sit on the bench all the game. Maybe Bayless would do well on ST, I don't know. But I do think that will factor in. You can always stash Bayless on the practice squad and put him on the roster if we have multiple injuries.
  11. When you have a dozen draft picks and only 53 spots, the chances a late round draft pick making the team isn't great. So why not take the best rookie long snapper and save $1 million on your cap? Honestly one of the soundest picks at that point of the draft.
  12. Well one of the benefits of collecting a bunch of 3rd rooms picks is you can go BPA rather than focus on filling immediate needs. You still have a chance to do that in the 3rd. Pick makes sense. Good value at the end of the 2nd and sets us up to move on from Robby if his price is too high next year.
  13. Can't see us being comfortable trading back to 20 when we only have 1st round grades on 15 players. Also, getting future 1sts is great and all but if you're foregoing an elite prospect for a 2nd tier one by dropping that far, kind of dampers your prospects this year which may not be optimal when you traded away your 2nd round pick in 2022. Would hate for that to be a high 2nd rounder. Gotta put yourself in a position to be semi-competitive this year.
  14. Not exciting but if you think about it, it's the sensical pick. 1. Covers the biggest hole on our team 2. Chance of finding a competent day 1 starter at cb after the first round was not very good. 3. Get our choice of the top player at the position rather than whatever is leftover. 4. Our 2nd biggest need, tackle, has a ton of depth in this draft and we had just missed out on the 1 clear elite LT prospect with question marks about Slater being a better fit at guard. Much more likely we find a starter in the 2nd round and consider switching Moton to LT. 5. With Denver
  15. Guaranteed at a chance for Sewell or Fields... holy smokes!
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