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  1. Over the cap uses the same savings razorwolf quoted. The discrepancy seems to hinge on whether the player performance escalator, which makes Thomas base salary so much higher this year, is guaranteed or not. I looked through the language in the CBA and it says that it isn't, so I'm inclined to believe the $2 million in savings. And at that rate, I can definitely see him being a cap casualty. But probably best to wait and see how our tight end situation settles out first unless we really need that money now.
  2. I don't think the situation is as dire as some make it. With the way most teams line up in nickel coverage half the snaps, we may only play 2 linebackers a good portion of the game. If we do keep Shaq, it'll be Carter and Shaq (or Chinn, but then we need another safety). So it comes down to finding a part-time starter and some depth. Throw in Christian Miller who can easily jump in on blitz packages (and hopefully more) and some combination of cheap free agents or mid to late round picks and we're fine. I'd much rather invest more heavily in offensive line and cb
  3. Thanks brothers. You always have the inside scoop
  4. Looks a lot worse for Judon. How insecure and vindictive do you have to be to lash out so juvenilely because someone reported from a source some numbers on a contract offer that were reportedly not true? And the writer responded multiple times to say he would happily update the report with his side of the story. Also, what is in the picture that is anymore damning then him just announcing that he was at the strip club with him? Was he snorting cocaine off a stripper's chest? Otherwise you kind of already played your cards buddy. Anyhow, I think this might keep some teams away from Judon. I mea
  5. Ideally if he can adjust to becoming a 4-3 OLB, we would shore up a weakness and allow Chinn to play as a defensive back full time. I could see him thrive in the role as a the 5th pass rusher in blitz packages. If he can be even semi-competent in coverage and run support, he could force himself into the starting conversation. Lots of ifs but I'm hoping he surprises.
  6. Let's do away with the narrative that there's little chance to find a qb in 2022. Most people agree there are at least a couple college qbs that are on a similar level as Fields or will be after another year like Howell and Rattler. Every year a fringe prospect or 2 launches up draft boards, like Wilson this year or Burrow last. So there's a good chance we'll have another top 3 or 4 on par with this year (minus Lawrence). Now add veterans that teams might move on from or make available for trade: Aaron Rodgers, Carr, Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins, and even possibly Watson if the team stands fir
  7. Both Fitzpatrick and Hopkins were good trades but let's not get carried away by calling them blockbusters. They got Fitzpatrick for a single 1st round pick. Hopkins was had for a 2nd round pick. Your definition of blockbuster seems way skewed. I'll give you Adams as a "blockbuster" perhaps but if we look back in 3 years are we sure we're going to say that was a definite win for Seattle? They gave up 2 1sts and an ok starter for 1 year of Jamal Adams. And in that 1 year they couldn't make it out of the wildcard round after making it to the divisional round the year before. Now if they wan
  8. Because if we trade a bunch of picks this year and miss, we're doing it with the base of a 5-11 team and the future picks we give up will be much higher value with no hope of improving anytime soon. If we invest our picks in players we are confident can contribute at positions of weakness and build a complete team with fewer deficiencies, we can get to the position where we're effectively one piece away from true contention and can afford to sacrifice a few picks. And it doesn't actually have to be draft picks. We can sign a free agent qb or trade for 1. Sure, doing what the chiefs did exactly
  9. Well I'm happy for the people who will be excited for the Panthers in 2021 if we trade multiple picks for Fields (or Wilson or whoever). But if they end up busting or even being in the range of someone like Sam Darnold or Daniel Jones, cause let's be honest, that's FAR more likely than them becoming elite franchise-changing qbs, suddenly we're no better off than we were with Teddy and now out multiple additional picks, making our future even bleaker. So good for you being all excited for 2021 only to ultimately be down and out on the team in 2022 AND 2023. Great trade off. I for one am no
  10. The biggest issue is it would commit us to both players in 2021 when it seems like neither is a given. Technically we can save money by cutting or trading either this year. Why take that off the table for cap money we're not remotely desperate for at this time? If they were clearly in the plans for 2021, maybe it's not totally unreasonable, but two players underperforming their contract that have outs feasibly this year and easily next year aren't who you honor with more guaranteed money.
  11. We only save $200,000 cutting him this year. That's not even enough to cover half the salary of an undrafted free agent. Keep him one more year to see if he can make anything of himself as an emergency backup, but unless he really turns it around, cut him in 2022.
  12. Yes and no. You're correct if by cutting him next year, you actually meant this year. His contract is up next year. We only have this opportunity because the contract has dummy years on it to lower the cap hits of the last couple years. This move essentially commits us to keeping him for his last year because now cutting him doesn't save us any money since it nearly fully guarantees his contract. The benefit is we save money this year when the cap is depressed and push some of the cap hit to next year when the cap is expected to go up and we'll have plenty of extra space. Smart move if we're s
  13. Multiple concussions didn't affect his brain?
  14. It is baffling how many people say you trade for Watson no matter what you have to give up because a franchise qb changes everything, even though a Houston playoff team traded away multiple picks to win now, gets a fantastic year from a healthy Watson, and actually LOSES MORE GAMES THAN THE PANTHERS. Wake up people. Yes, make an aggressive offer for Watson. But be reasonable about it. If it doesn't afford you a realistic opportunity to build a complete roster, then we shouldn't do the trade. It's as simple as that. Unless of course your goal isn't super bowl wins and just having a more fun off
  15. You have to be out of your mind if you think Brian Burns, the 8th pick and the Panthers 2022 1st rounder isn't enough for pick 2. Any GM who would trade all of that for the 2nd pick would rightly never work anywhere within a billion miles of an NFL front office. I shudder to think anyone would even consider that trade for the Panthers, let alone think it's not enough.
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