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  1. Them we should have drafted Zappe. He broke all kinds of college records.
  2. You are right that the Panthers brass were pretty dumb. But a lie is lie. I will not excuse it just because. To each there own
  3. I don't know, we've never met. Do you two hang out together. He did try to trick people with water weight deal at the combine. In my book that's lying
  4. Well I'm just watching number 0 getting manhandled one on one by a backup rt.
  5. Well tell us what Bryce's are. Not quickness, not arm strength, not a strong core. The only thing he has is a quick release.
  6. In a physical sport you need some physical attributes, B.Y. has none. See Shaq in highschool
  7. According to fantasypros he is ranked 50th from last year's stats. Good news is we've got number 10 coming in. https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/advanced-stats-rb.php
  8. Years back the NFL changed their business license from sports to sport entertainment ,just like professional wrestling. IE they can do whatever they want.
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