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  1. Hey, sorry man, I've been really busy this past week (I was in Vegas). I'm actually going to get some other trades packed up tonight, so I should be able to have yours shipped out tomorrow as well!

  2. Ha! Despite my name, I'm not some Bo Berry biscuit fiend. I did, however, have one last weekend. Awesome stuff!

  3. I knew I should have voted for you! It's all good -- hope this thing is real and you get your modship!

  4. Thanks for the vote, man!

  5. Thanks for the vote, good sir!

  6. Ha! And I do it without posting boobs (which I appreciate, by the way!).

  7. You read my mind. Can't wait to watch the game tonight!

  8. Ha! That was when I found out why wife was pregnant. We're having a baby in March! Thanks!

  9. Thanks man! I'm really excited!

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