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  1. That @Jon Snow guy not nearly quite the troll like @Samuel L. Jackson. I remember the old days when @CRA and me went back and forth. His metamorphosis over the years has been pretty amazing. [email protected] during the 2015 was cool as we shared many of the same views on the Panthers. Shoutout to Kurb
  2. I just read posts more than comment on them these days.
  3. I love the Panthers so much I have a helmet signed by all the players from this year.
  4. I don't think that Zod would plan for an ad on every page though...
  5. Philly could honestly have a real career in play analytics providing down tendencies, distance, hash tendencies, and identifying coverage type in blitz/blitz in coverage. If I didn't know better sounds like he is building a resume for the Panthers, unfortunately we know he is mostly a drunk bastage. For real, stellar work.
  6. All the women I know talk about how awful hard Luke is on the eyes...Glad he is locked up. @firest0rm1
  7. Clean out your Message box foooo!

    1. rayzor


      lol i never even looked at that thing since the board change.

  8. lol everytime I see your name I think of the Tennis player.. Timea bacsinszky.. timea.jpg

  9. Lol, everytime I see your picture up there I think about when you ban the jersey selling bots. You could be denying this child food by not buying a high quality jersey! WTG!

  10. Ha! Despite my name, I'm not some Bo Berry biscuit fiend. I did, however, have one last weekend. Awesome stuff!

  11. Everytime I see your name, It makes me hungry :(

  12. Final voting is open... vote for me!

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