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  1. My pants are going to be properly shitted if Hill is looking balls in and catching away from the body.
  2. You hate yourself as well, its pretty bizarre. psst you got to breathe today, wake up
  3. Panthers Mexican wrestling masks? My Ray Mysterio Jr. levels are off the charts. Im gettin one
  4. Funniest photo set page in "Along the SIdelines" History http://carolinahuddle.com/gameday/2015/12/14/atlanta-falcons-at-carolina-panthers/14/
  5. Well, tbh, you wouldnt have people qualifying anything if they just watch the game with their eyeballs instead of reading stat sheets. But then again idiots just want to be right, so those kind of fools will always exist to write yet another "Andrew Luck is the greatest QB if the century piece"
  6. I. . . I am hesitating to say this but. . . . The Cheatriots need wideouts right now. In some evil universe somewhere, Evil Steve Smith (with evil mustache) is getting ready for is first game suited up as a Cheatriot.
  7. If I had a nickel for the number of Saints fans that are now Panthers fans mysteriously. Just because the whole state is colored blue doesnt mean there isnt a Panthers presence there. ughh generalizations are so lazy, why not just take note whos posting and just skip that fail boat next time by not reading whatever he next posts.
  8. Well I wouldnt say none of receivers. Smitty credits Proehl for a lot of his growth back when Ricky was on the team. LaFell became a starter. . how many other 1st 2nd 3rds did we spend on receivers? You do the counting :) (and when you remember who that other draft pick was dont forget to roll your eyes, he wasnt gonna be successful anyways) edit: and Johnny Im not saying Proehl is a good coach because others are. Im saying it because with my own eyeballs, Im watching him make a huge difference in every receivers habits and techniques. Its just obvious to me and many others I suppose.
  9. Let me tell you something Proehl. . . Donald LaFell is a starting 1 in this league.
  10. You would be hated and vilified at every opportunity. lol I would find you hilarious and ridiculously ungrateful.
  11. I went a couple of years ago, the day that story broke about him taking off his shoes and handing them to the nice fatally diseased woman in a wheelchair, which happened to be right next to me. I can tell you that he seems to me to be the most motivated person in the world to make everyone happy and he really enjoys having that reciprocated with smiles and compassion imo. Then there are people like you who may have some sort of preconceived notion of who he is, which usually leads to a disagreement between your brain and reality. What did you think he was going to be like? Smiles and spend 15 minutes with you? Be honest with yourself about that and then ask yourself how many people like you he saw that day.
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