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  1. “What the fug where was this 4 years ago” -Drew Brees
  2. Dude fell out of a window 4 floors up and was fine…after he broke the window out…crazy stuff
  3. Many interceptions from QB 1…classic Freudian slip
  4. I’m proud of this team for the past two days, really thought this place would be meltdown central but we have held our own and kicked the pats in the teeth in aspects.
  5. Yeah, they interviewed Wise and he said “we dominated” and ran with it. What else was the Pats player supposed to say “we suck” lol
  6. This place would have been on fire if there was a story about this so I take this as fake news.
  7. Got a text from someone who was there. This team is night and day in attitude in a good way with adversity. also Both defenses were the winners today
  8. I vividly remember the Panthers kicking ass in the Bills joint practice in individuals to get our tails kicked in team…kinda sounds how today went from a flipped perspective.
  9. So what you’re saying is the Panthers aren’t backing down…oh no
  10. The fight wasn’t a matter of if it would happen…but when
  11. Has Rhule mentioned the process so far this camp? Not a Rhule fan but I think he’s starting to become self aware that he needed to change in aspects. Save me the reps and competition thing because we know “Rhule is a moron” blah blah we hate it. Dude lost weight, hired more NFL experience, got rid of the DBO sign, he’s slipped a few hiccups in interviews but they have been better this year.
  12. John Crumpler who is a Texans wire guy even mentioned that Penning didn’t have a “bad” outing against Houston but in no way shape or form was it “top rookie” outing.
  13. So was his status showing “suspended” last week or is this a “espn knows something we don’t” thing.
  14. People don't want to admit but PJ is pretty good about keeping his eyes downfield.
  15. These 3rd stringers all suck for the Broncos and Cowboys
  16. Some would say what Juan does is...art.
  17. I want to see some downfield throws.
  18. Not bad, he took what was there and didn't turn the ball over.
  19. I listened to him post game as I went to the store. I think being on FM here in Charlotte will help but he sounded good to me, good voice and tone, wished I listened a bit during the game.
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