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  1. We could live with a few years of average qb play till it’s time to Mahomes it for a franchise qb…unless Watson is under center That being said Kenny intrigues me…he has the grit and it’s all about putting the ball where it needs to be.
  2. We are actually on the Vegas boards to land him. Think we have the 7th best odds at the moment. That caught me by surprise
  3. Listen…I get the Rhule hate but those trying to argue that it’s him that’s stretching. Mike Martz was the reason he wanted out of that situation in Chicago.
  4. Gayle Benson was quoted in saying “who knows” on the fate of Payton in New Orleans but he did report to the facility today but no one knows in what capacity he is there for.
  5. They can deal with having to play shuffle like we did when Sean left Carolina. as is Carolina tradition
  6. We don’t have to eat the whole cap hit. The article even mentions that the Vikings would have to agree to taking some and the pick will probably be based on how much of the cap they take.
  7. People forget how terrible that season was in general. We didn't compete in any games outside of a east coast trip for San Fran and a bad Cardinals team.
  8. I’m in the camp of I’ll believe it when I see it but I’m starting to get the impression that Arians and Tom can’t get along
  9. Side note I totally didn’t realize Washington went to Buffalo. Thought he followed Ron.
  10. If you're not paying attention there is a lot of hate coming out of the Tampa locker room so the "turmoil" report from Florio might be accurate. Lavonte David basically admitted that half the defense didn't know the coverage on that last Kupp catch. TB might not be coming back either.. Strife in Tampa makes up for great stuff. If Tom were to leave I feel like the South would be like 2014 again where no one wanted to win it and 8-9 or 9-8 wins you
  11. Sounds more contract related than a straight up “no”
  12. Meh i agree it happens I thought you were talking blow outs but look at the box scores….Two of those games were close till the inept offense led to bad position for the defense in the 4th. Point being we do not have an awful defense but it’s full of players we just need 2-3 more pieces for it to be “great” by todays standards.
  13. New England was close all the way till the pick 6 Minnesota was a one score loss Atl part deux was bad because we had PJ turning the ball over and having to go for it on 4th but still wasn’t a blowout
  14. I feel like he is getting the Ron treatment (As most coaches do) We love him when we win lothe him when we lose.
  15. I want Watson But to play Devils Advocate... When KC faced a defense that was clicking like Tampa last year they couldn't do squat.
  16. I think we are in agreement in some aspects but Taylor also gave the Bucs issues last year. Brian is a good player but needs to add 15lbs. The X's and O's and not the Jimmys and Joes is the issue.
  17. Yeah because the main starter that is the issue is the QB position to move the ball and put up points. We aren't talent deprived the issue is QB and the line which honestly could have given Rhule 9-10 wins this year If it wasn't bad. The dolphins, Tampa 2x, Buffalo, are the only offenses that "tore" through the defense and that's after the defense was worn down from the offense not doing squat. The NYG game was the only one where all faucets of the game were bad.
  18. Jackson and Gilmore would most definitely start at corner for the chiefs and they both are better than Danr Jackson on the bills....Pats weren't gonna trade to Gilmore to the AFC. Burns would start on the Chiefs hence why they traded for Melvin Ingram who has the same skill set.
  19. CMC Moore Moton Burns Reddick Brown Shaq Horn Jackson Gilmore Chinn Its a lot more than you think...O line being the main issue which is 4 more spots so not the knock you were thinking.
  20. We might not land him but you're a fool if you think we won't try.
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