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  1. Park Ave is happy because Sam Fran and Dallas are good relevant again just to lose to small market AFC Baltimore in the Super Bowl.
  2. There is a “hierarchy” among teams with what they can/should get away with and right now KC is up there in their mind…reminds me of all of the pick plays from New England with 2008-2016.
  3. Lol Hurts threw the same pass just now and completed it to AJ Brown that many here called an under throw last week to Chark.
  4. Call it blind hope but when the constant message every week that this team is terrible overall what do you expect? “What do you want Bryce to do?” Is a common thing asked every week.
  5. I’m just if the opinion you can’t make this claim until you get some semblance of game planning that isn’t stupid and have an actual nfl team. Tua who was compared to the next long bomb god Herbert has turned out to be better with a good scheme than Herbert but what do I know.
  6. Someone is playing the market I see
  7. Bryce isn't playing like a Vet so be it, are you ready to throw it away just because the entire offense is playing like poo? The QB does not make or break a team on a team in transition, there are 10 other guys on the field to help out. Pat Mahomes tonight lost because one of those 10 other men fuged up. This whole operation has been a disaster but I am not throwing the towel in on Bryce, I actually was more in in the "ditch Bryce" camp after last week but he did not stuff against the Saints this week that we haven't seen. He was actually able to move about the pocket and escape pressure at some points. I won't have any issue if the new staff brings in someone else but this whole "Bryce is Jimmy Clausen" is just fuging stupid thinking. Jimmy couldn't do anythingggggggggg.
  8. Oh horse poo, there were plenty of drops today that a good receiver would have caught. My "narrative" is that you have to wait till you have some semblance of offensive function before you can full judge Bryce. Hero ball style playing from the likes of Mahomes, Jackson, and Allen, have ruined QB development.
  9. Apples and Oranges dude, Jimmy had Steve Smith to chuck the ball to if he wanted to help get rid of those 0 TDs in September and October and November. Bryce has a lame duck staff and is regressing because of it. If he's this way next year congrats you win the game?
  10. Mel Kiper was the only on preaching Clausen love in 2010...its why he fell to the 2nd.
  11. Yeah you're gonna have to have more tape and actual game play to determine if this is true or not.
  12. I agree, it’s why I addressed it in my next post. I have issues that people here want to paint this as 2010 when it was clearly QB play that held everything back…this is everything holding the offense back.
  13. If he’s extended this season and Burns walks I won’t have an issue about it.
  14. I should but a disclaimer that Bryce needs things fixed too, but I mean everything on offense is broken. I go back to 2010 and that was 100 percent bad QB play between Pickles and Brian St Pierre.
  15. The next guy shouldn’t be focused on fixing Bryce as the main project but fixing the whole offense. Hurrr durrr bryce is the problem No he’s not, it’s the whole unit.
  16. Has Bryce shown nothing at all or just nothing that you want? He’s made some throws that have been completed and some not that warrant talent. Hes not Cam, if that’s what you’re looking for. He’s not gonna make dudes miss and miraculously turn as 3rd and 17 into a first down with his legs.
  17. They thought they did just like us, the window on affording talent that’s not drafted is gone and for some reason, they haven’t drafted as well over the past 2 years.
  18. Tepper isn’t the boogie man that made the panthers 1-12.
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