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  1. Steve Drummond was our Jack Easterby and had more of a hand in hiring Rhule than Marty did.
  2. This is a record…you don’t usually see the “what if pick 1 doesn’t want to play for…” articles till December
  3. The promise that Bryce is old enough for those calls.
  4. The unknown (rookie qb) scares people and Vegas so it makes sense.
  5. Technically week 18 is the last week but it’s not true anyway. I believe
  6. Yeah it’s confirmed talking with someone. Someone in Atlanta is gonna be in trouble for leaking that.
  7. Don’t know if it was posted but at Jax is a rumor week 17 from @Ozzynfl
  8. I did see a leak from a credible falcons guy that had the game in Charlotte week 1 so not might be official official yet.
  9. I figured we’d be on the road week 1, we’ve been home week 1 since 2018. It’s gonna suck for stadium staff if we are home week 2 with a FC flip to Panthers in 24 hours.
  10. I’m hoping the NFL give us home week 1 which looking at week 2, FC has a home match that Saturday on the 16th so maybe that helps the week 1 cause.
  11. Don’t lean one way or the other with stadium financing… But I work for the city Don’t ever let Charlotte leadership (or any large city for that matter) say the city doesn’t have money no matter the project or issue.
  12. I went to London in 2019 and that was really the last time I had a BLAST at a Panther game with the atmosphere. I hope Germany is just as fun.
  13. I was always on team Brown but I feel like Simmons hasn't been used right his entire time in Arizona.
  14. I’ve heard through the grapevine that BoA isn’t happy that you can see the FNB sign everywhere from the home side of the stadium. Its the top of the building at Graham and MLK. Talk about petty.
  15. Henderson is the classic example that he has all the tools and traits but does he have the heart? I believe that was his biggest knock in the draft process coming out of Florida.
  16. Arthur Smith is literally trying to replicate his Titans offense.
  17. There’s been rumblings all week that CJ could drop and drop hard so it was a feel good moment that both of these guys who have been competing against each other at 7 on 7 camps, recruiting events, and even the Heisman race over the last 5 years went 1 and 2.
  18. Very nice, I figured he would be in Baltimore but without a long term deal but now he's set in stone. good night Lamar to Atlanta.
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