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  1. Yeah I mixed up my OSU linebackers. It was Borland I was thinking of.
  2. I’m on the Jabril Cox or KJ Britt train in the draft. I want to stay away from Pete Werner, dude looked super unathletic at the senior bowl. Britt looked like a stud on the Panthers team and was commanding the huddle during the senior bowl. FAs I can see us looking at KJ Wright or Matt Milano from Buffalo.
  3. What’s crazy is that the Legion of Boom on their way out made it seem like the Seahawks (more Carroll) bowed down to Russell on a whim while they would get nothing but berated. Now the claim by Russell is the opposite lol ”The dynasty that never was”
  4. I will always remember how he bragged that the Steelers were better because he showed up to Steelers camp overweight and Tomlin called him fat and took it as a pride thing that he lost they weight. Soooo you had no motivation to be The best here because you got comfortable.
  5. It makes me feel semi better that the Broncos have fallen off the face of the earth after 2015 like us...It would have added insult to injury if they were still averaging 10 wins a year...fug Von Miller.
  6. I remember hearing we didn’t scout Clausen because we didn’t believe he would be there at our pick and that’s why we didn’t see the red flags so I’m glad we are doing our homework because you never know behind the scenes why a player falls if you don’t scout.
  7. Probably gonna be a Steeler. Would be cool if he were here tho.
  8. Not just Covid but security operations in general for the stadium whether it be games, soccer matches, or concerts.
  9. Wilson allegedly also tweeted the show had to be called off yesterday due to forces out side of their control but quickly deleted it which makes me think that someone tested positive for Covid and they all had to rush and get tested.
  10. Everything line up wise was normal until 2pm. They had the Kyle Bailey show and right at 2pm it went to national radio and that was after Nick Wilson tweeted his show preview at like 1pm
  11. Jim is pretty in the know. He tweeted earlier in the morning about it being a stunt but then he Tweeted this and retracted the publicity stunt tweet and admitted that it was wrong. He believes everyone will be back soon.
  12. Dude has massive size you like to see and he was lauded as being athletic for his size but he was super disappointing dealing with the interior pass rushers built for pass rushing at the senior bowl. The Pitt players ate his lunch. I have no qualms to draft him if he’s there round 5-7. 4 is meh but I wouldn’t hate it.
  13. Underwhelming but I feel that has more to do with Covid and lack of gamedays more than anything. I went to a number of games and while they were fun they weren’t the same fun experience that a normal gameday has.
  14. Someone brought it up on Twitter that this makes it easier to spread out and be a post June 1st retirement or something.
  15. Probably funneling it into some account like the Pats would do with TB12 so Brady’s deals looked “team friendly” and not count against the cap. only 75 million left to go NO
  16. If we have to throw in a Brian Burns you would be getting only 1 first round from me but then again that’s probably why I’m not an nfl gm.
  17. I’m starting to wonder if the Texans really believe they are gonna keep Watson.
  18. This is what I was thinking. Miami would be fine trading 3 for 7 and 8 because they can still get playmakers and a top tackle there.
  19. Britt from Auburn had a pretty good game I thought.
  20. I feel like Brown believes that he can use his size his entire career but Aaron Donald would have a athletic field day with him.
  21. He’s getting some better protection too and he looks a little more relaxed. His career is the definition of hot and cold. There are weeks he looked like a pro and then turns around the next and makes you scratch your head.
  22. Hearing it again on the radio I think this is more likely.
  23. Stafford is being underrated by many here. Dude is a good QB that has been on a toothless Lions team. His “injury prone stuff” didn’t start till this year with his shitty oline. He was out with acl and stuff his first two years but after that dude went on to play every game for like 9 years straight.
  24. He’s such a drama queen. I get the McCarthy riff but now he’s already making one with Lefleur. Hell of a qb though. Florio mentioned the Saints getting him I would be livid but I think first place he would want would be home in San Fran.
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