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  1. Remember when the saints were buzzing as a spot for Wilson too some years ago…
  2. He did request this guy to DM him an email so that they could discuss. Allbright kept his promises to Browns fans for the Deshaun thing too
  3. my issue is Russell Wilson has always been a better quarterback out of structure lol
  4. Lol Russell Wilson in a structured offense is gonna be bad… also all the football people in Denver told Penner don’t do hire Sean but he’s going for it lol
  5. I get being impartial but he is never impartial and nothing the Panthers do is ever good to him and if you disagree on Twitter he just responds snidely.
  6. Yep. It’s part of the leagues rules with playoff teams now. We couldn’t have Steichen in another interview in person until yesterday.
  7. Billy Marshall is a very whiny person who thinks he’s the smartest person in the room at any given time.
  8. Yep, hopefully Tepper has learned over the last 5 years because the Broncos will be doing the same.
  9. Matt is taking credit for this in a Lincoln meatball shop
  10. I don’t think the NFL is rigged per se but they sure as hell have favorites, situations, and match ups they prefer. I fully believe that Super Bowl 50 was swayed in a way that would not let Manning go 1-3 in super bowls.
  11. If the money is equal then he’s probably looking at the talent levels and currently Miami has more pieces to work with on Defense.
  12. Ehhh don’t think he was faking because his knee buckled the wrong way.
  13. For that Bengals player to be walking after the way his knee just bent…
  14. He’s 3 for 7 from 50 plus this year so idk
  15. Wow make it more obvious you want Mahomes in Arizona there NFL
  16. Get the calls right so coaches don’t have to waste challenges
  17. It’s the marbling in a ribeye for me that you can’t pass up.
  18. I’m the biggest believer of Point 1…KC has an elite QB and TE and is very meh everywhere else but the ability to move the ball helps everything. There are no perfect rosters
  19. Drafting a QB is totally a crap shoot even if it’s the first round. Luck plays are bigger factor in this league than you want to believe.
  20. Wonder how she’s gonna take coach Zoolander in 2024
  21. They are setting it up for Payton next year…for a while many thought Moore would take over as HC but this is one less obstacle in the way for emperor Payton.
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