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  1. No problem man, I'll send more your way the next time I see ya bro!

  2. replive, how you doing bro. Been looking for your post's, I owe you some pie!

  3. What's up badass, I know you kept the huddle straight while I was gone, I'll catch up with you soon man.

  4. Good man, hope your good, just got back from vacation, been gone a week. Loved the time with the wife and kid's. Just got to get back in the groove here at work, I'll talk to you soon. Stay safe Mike.

  5. Hey Badass, hope your doing good bro!

  6. You've outdone yourself with that avatar grits!

  7. Hey Mike, you too bro, been so busy, it's been almost a week since I've had a chance to catch my breath. Be on vacation next week, I'll catch up with ya man!

  8. Just Working, trying to take care of the family. Next time I see you on the board I'll give you some pie!

  9. That's sweet, bet you loved all the chargers fans cash too!! Historic game right there. I had trouble talking for 2 day's after that.

  10. I mean did you get to go to the game? I'll never forget that game.

  11. What's going on replive? Hope your all good man, later.

  12. Richmond, Ky. , around a bunch of Bungles fans. San Diego, sweet! did you see the chargers game?

  13. Badass, u dat deal main!

  14. What's up Kats? Did'nt see you on the board today, catch you later man!

  15. Hello london, is it raining there?LOL have a good weekend man.

  16. Hey man, did'nt know until recently that your in Cali. Good to know your out there rep. for the Panthers! Talk to ya later bro.

  17. Morning Happy! Hope you have a good weekend.

  18. Thank's for the rep. Mike, It would'nt let me the last time I did, talk to you soon bro!

  19. Goku rulz! Love the Avatar rippadonn.

  20. Congrat's on your victory! Saw you won the poll, and by twice as much as jangler!

  21. Saw your post the other day,"rawr, show me your tittay's, rawr, read this pie chart" Classic!

  22. I have to give credit to london67, he posted it in the couple of question's thread. I hate to say it but Jerry's been the butt of a few joke's around here, maybe I laugh due to stress?LOL

  23. Mike what's up! Yeah I've been busy at work this week, I love it. Get a vacation in 2 week's can't wait. You have a good week man, I'll catch up with you your next post, later!

  24. Lilsmitty! Hey that's good news, can't wait to see it, have a good one bro!

  25. Lilsmitty, sup man, hope to see a new vid soon!

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