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  1. But that Taylor Heinicke, bring him back and we may have something.
  2. I say stick with what's working until it doesn't.
  3. Stop going to your fourth read, get the ball and jet that fugger out before 10 seconds and an intentional grounding foul. Know what you are doing with your preliminary read of the defense.
  4. Perhaps, Taylor Heinicke Jalen Hurts. Find the loop holes and make it happen!
  5. I say bring up Spencer Brown from the practice squad, this guy impressed me in pre-season. Use him in short yardage like a full back or some of those trick plays like was used with Samuel.
  6. Pull PJ. out the garage, give him a good scrubbing, change that oil and lube that front end (stop) Rev him up and get ready to light it up!
  7. Hell, PJ would be better than Darnold at this point!!
  8. I will be making my world famous chicken & dumplings, I have to be careful announcing that, the last time I was overwhelmed with hungry Panther fans beating down my door!
  9. I prefer Swiss but mozzarella will suffice, it's a matter of taste!
  10. This is what I will be using tonight, Worked well last year. https://reditt.crackstreams.gg/game/carolina-panthers-houston-texans-live-stream/272985
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