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  1. Yep, forced to watch Saints Falcons
  2. Same thing we do every Sunday Pinky, try to take over the next game.
  3. Go back and recruit Steve Wilks, offer the man a hefty salary.
  4. Man, let the man throw down the field, send Mingo, Chart or hell send Reich for all I care at this point. Loosen up that defense, hell they might get lucky. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
  5. Play calling is the difference.
  6. This question is absurd.. that's like asking me if I would watch my son play even though his team hasn't won a game yet! It is my team, why would I abandon them when the need us the most? Silly rabbit
  7. Like I said and got blasted last, week my prediction was 6-27, similarly tonight the Panthers need to stew a little longer. So I'll go with 10-24 Nos
  8. Sorry but 27-6 Falcons, Panthers need time to grow.
  9. Easy, Sweet baby Rays, Brown sugar and Hickory, or Sweet baby Ray's honey and hickory!
  10. Word of the night.......Putrid
  11. Maybe some model glue in a bag?
  12. Simple answer No, longer answer review the other answers
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