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  1. He is the pick but we gotta trick houston dammit lol I imagine that tricking would involve writting Bryce Young on the card before trading it to Houston too lol
  2. Its a new dawn, a new day. https://counter-strike.net/cs2
  3. Ain't no way in hell he coming back here: https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2016/10/13/panthers-cut-wr-damiere-byrd/
  4. More importantly he revealed he had Russell Wilson ranked high in his QB evals before the draft that year.
  5. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2023/03/20/fmia-nfl-free-agency-bears-panthers/ For clarity it would have been the #2 this year and their #1 next year.
  6. We have $23.5M in cap space with another $4M to $5M we could create via Brian Burns extension but that's the max we could create. They like to take ~$10M into the season for in-season signings. and $6.7M as you pointed out for Rooks. That means we have [$23.5M - $10M - $6.7M = $6.8M] available right now for this FA period which is more than enough to get some depth at D-line/LB/CB and one more WR and if we need more we can make that $12M in space with a Brian Burns extensions.
  7. Wouldn't they have met him at BoA if they were all visiting at the same time?
  8. Best I could do after many many attempts to fill in the board. Really wanted USC #49 Tuli Tuipulotu in the second but would take some trade-up magic to get him and Downs. We would still need some UDFA/Vet help at some depth positions like Safety and Tackle.
  9. The only cap saving move left to us is extending Burns at this point and time.
  10. I say trade with Houston our #1 and #39 for their #2 and #12 pair Young or Stroud up with Jaxson Smith, get some TE/HB/CB/3-4 DE/ or LB depth with our 3rd round pick and lets go.
  11. I was told by a scout Rhule personally drafted fletcher and they were all like "WTF?"
  12. Dont worry it will catch up to them next year. -some huddler in 2014.
  13. Heavy doubt, I've seen A LOT of replays of that Georgia game and Carter is constantly in the backfield, Stroud just gets away from the pressure.
  14. What yall think of this for our starting offense and defense (o-line left out for obvious reason)? Offense QB - CJ Stroud * Pick #2 WR - Thielen WR - TMJ WR - Downs * Pick #33 (trade with Houston) TE - Hurst TE - Tremble TE - Ian Thomas RB - Jamaal Williams RB - Chuba RB- Blackshear Defense NT - Shy Tuttle DE - D Brown DE - Tuli Tuipulotu *#39 DE - Gross-Matos OLB - Burns OLB - Luvu OLB - Haynes ILB - Chinn Big ILB - Ivan Pace Jr. * #93 ILB - Shaq CB - Horn CB - Slay Nickle - D. Jackson Big Nickle - Chinn FS - Woods SS - Bell Would mean we have to go out and get Thielen and Williams but doesn't seem too far fetched. I think we would run the south and have a chance at winning our first playoff game.
  15. Trade CJ for a conditional 7th and sign Slay, secondary overhaul complete.
  16. And then there was the Brian Burns extension as the last move
  17. Wheres the guy that said bozeman was a titan because he said nashville was home?
  18. He's just speculating based off our past tendencies but Fitt was pretty straight forward with his conferences saying they would be active so I would take that with a grain of salt. I know Steve has covered the team awhile for AP but when was the last time be "broke" anything?
  19. Bro do you know how many NFL players live in Nashville their entire career while never playing for the titans? Rodgers just bought a house there, Kittle has lived there his entire career basically. I wouldn't read too much into it
  20. With most of everything done for the upcoming FA only one more elephant in the room remains. Brian Burns contract extension. Everything this previous season, where we turned down 2 first round picks in order to retain Burns, and this offseason (shipping DJ Moore instead of BB) Indicates he is about to sign a massive contract extension sooner rather than later. There don't remain many roster moves needed prior to free agency, such as a potential Pat Elflein's cut (creates $2.8M in cap space), and a potential D-Jax restructure (creates $9.5M! in cap space), Brian Burns extension remains the next most impactful (potentially $5M to $7M in cap savings) in terms of creating space before free agency starts. What do you guys think BB's contract is going to be?
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