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  1. Come on, the first half could have easily been 35-0 if we didn't fumble on the one and two passes were 6 inches closer to the WR/TE. Thats like the people at the game shitting on Wilson because of his stats, fug stats, use your eyes. The eye test screams that the panthers completely dominated the Jets and the only reason the score is closer than what the game looked like is because the entire second half was garbage time.
  2. People just like football, they can't evaluate players outside of stats. I had so many people bring up Wilson's stats at the game and I kept trying to explain the the throws had terrific attributes, Darnold proves how bad the coaching sucked for the Jets.
  3. Not true, we deliberately drafted Armanti Edwards for the extra tickets sold to the App State crowd despite not having any film on him as a WR.
  4. Hey folks, looking for ideas in the fun category for that 24 to 28 crowd and the dive barish type areas for that 30-45 feel. I would normally just stick to epicenter before when I came to town but that appears to be in bankruptcy I heard.
  5. That observer job is such an easy transition into a national brand.
  6. Skura taking over for Pat Eflien and pat moving to center for a 6th for paradise has to be better than this.
  7. Our defense is scary good, our offensive line will obviously limit what we can accomplish this season, its pathetic. Darnold doesn't even look that bad, he looks like a 18th to 14th ranked QB in the NFL on a good team.
  8. What did Greg say to Terrace Marshall?
  9. Pineiro. I don't know if you send the colts a 2023 7th rounder or not and just hope to snag him off the waiver wire but he is the only option atm.
  10. Pineiro We got to see the answer in person last week.
  11. If you actually listen to the presser this Dean Jones guy is actively lying about what was said on two seperate tweets today.
  12. Trifecta you betcha (sack, fumble, fumble recovery)
  13. Yeah the only difference is the QB is freah meat for the opposing teams D-line. Still imaginary points being scored.
  14. I have not seen Darnold look any worst than any other panther starting QB in all the livestreams I've watched.
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