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  1. Yep, and all the playbooks are designed as such. "see line up as wide as possible and run as fast as possible and the QB will just heave it up to you and you will have so much separation against 9 out 10 of the teams we play it won't fuging matter what we call"
  2. And its hard to stop in the playoffs, and it keeps your defense rested, and it helps setup play action... like our entire team is designed to do but Rhule just ignored it because he's basically Chip Kelly.
  3. Wonder when his best man at his wedding Jeff Nixon leaves?
  4. The warning signs were all around us: "I don't fire my assistants" was the biggest red flag of all-time and he was right, he never fired "his" assistants but had no problem with the outsiders that were actually talented (i.e. Brady being held back by Rhule then scapegoated)
  5. LETS GOOOO CMCMCCCCCC Good to get to cheer for him again.
  6. Dog, we have a Year 2 Matt Corral on the roster for next year, its not ideal compared to Bryce Young or w/e but its not nothing.
  7. Exactly, I was in the trade burns for 3 first and 2nds (whatever equals 4 first round picks) because if the hit rate for a DE is 25% in the first round well... you need four picks because Burns is a muthafugin hit.
  8. Was never gonna be a first down, terrible primary in the first place, again Surtain, he is in cover 2, he had outside leverage, I think he wanted to move off of it but didn't trust the O-line to give him a chance for a second read.
  9. The worst part of the get rid of Burns crowd is that this man has never got a chance to nurse a big lead in his entire career and just EAT.
  10. Always has, dude was zooted when he was being introduced to Carolina.
  11. You really have a reading comprehension problem or just ignoring his resume if you think he is a one year wonder.
  12. Been banging the drum on Shane since he knows what a franchise QB looks like and how to develop them. fug everything else. D coordinators are a dime a dozen.
  13. This is the same guy that moved from New Jersey to Florida and ruined New Jersey's budget because they thought they could squeeze a few more cents out of him. fug with Tepper's money at your own peril.
  14. I know I'm late but aside from Houston all of these teams actually have competent offenses or goat coaches. Can you imagine if we get an a great rookie QB next season or Corral balls out but we get on defense and never are able to stop anyone cause yall armchair generals got rid of the only passrusher the other team had to gameplan around. They def don't run rollouts to Burns side.
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