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  1. I mean there is still a great chance something happens before the start of training camp, I don't think either is medically cleared yet anyway so neither would even pass a physical.
  2. Sounds easy enough but our team was hamstrung for the last two years with insane amounts of deadcap.
  3. That's besides the point here, the point was that they didn't have "Pro-style Offenses" in college. It's like were having a conversation about someone's ability to speak English and I said someone's experience with Ukrainian shouldn't mean they can't learn English and someone says that someone else learned English after speaking Russian, not Ukrainian, so I shouldn't compare the two.. I hate that I just had to explain this this way. Or use "this this" in a sentence lol Edit: lets not forget this:
  4. I cared until 2011, thats all anyone would talk about being a downside of Newton coming out and I bought into it. Newton wasn't the foregone conclusion at #1 like people want to believe, there were a lot of people banging the table for the DT that went to Buffalo and even a few banging the table for Blaine Gabbard, but Hurney did his usual top 16 first round pick homerun (outside Derrick Brown) and the rest was history. I learned with Newton that its traits at the end of the day, and how hard they are as workers as a professional. Do they treat it like a job and a craft that they are compensated to spend the next 10 to 20 years of their life perfecting? You marry talent, traits, and hardwork and you can get something special sometimes. Darnold just doesn't have the traits, he always had a trait of being turnover prone, thay will never change and ya know what? His other traits might be good enough to win you games in the CFL, USFL, Pac-10, but in the NFL turnover prone doesn't work in 2022, especially when you're missing wide open home runs two or three times a game. Forget an RPO QB being a liability. Either they learn the playbook and apply their traits to the NFL level or get out the way and let Stroud or Young come in here next year and show you how its done.
  5. I kinda agree, we all knew with Claussen he was garbage Year 1, no reason to dilly dally, he could have sat for two years even behind a resurgent Delhomme and it still would have been the same result except we found out year 1 not to waste any more on Jimmy. I say see what you have in Corral, he has all the tools, fug some RPO doubters, tell him he'll get his chance this season and and put him in week 3 or week 4 and find out what you have in him. I say week 3 or 4 because you kinda do have to give Darnold a chance to get some kind of compensation for him but don't be afraid to pull the plug early either the more games Corral gets Year 1 the easier it will be to evaluate. And by compensation for Dornald I mean he has to see the field to give him a chance to get some compensation for the team during/after the season either by a trade or comp pick when he walks next year. And I will admit an extra month to learn some more of the NFL game for Corral is probably all he needs. If everything falls off the rails fug it, get Bryce Young/CJ Stroud and MLB or Edge (pending YGM/Luvu/Haynes) or LG (if Christensen sucks) next year at the top of the second and get the other two in free agency
  6. We are still extremely susceptible to the run which means we are still extremely susceptible to play action which is what wins games in the NFL. Until the run gets shored up and we get a possession WR we still arent exactly a QB away.
  7. Yeah that usually true but the team website went out of their way to confirm that Tepper called Sean Payton, they did not release the details or the nature of that call.
  8. We don't have a 6th next year either but thats splitting hairs. The 6th we gave up for Gilmore was a 2023 6th round pick.
  9. He cant hit the broadside of a barn on half his throws on Madden so that's a no.
  10. I think its on Corral and Darnold at this point to dictate who we draft next year based on record. I can confidently say we are a QB away from competing for a wildcard spot even if our Run D is still a question mark. If Darnold and Corral can play us out of a top 10 pick then we won't get to go QB next year, if we have a chance at Stroud or Young I don't care what we saw in 2022, you go get those players and trade Corral a la Josh Rosen.
  11. I'm optimistic but if we have a chance at Cj Stroud or Bryce Young is too bad so sad for him unless he looks like Herbert Jr this year.
  12. Whew, I just looked his up and 15 is absolutely alarming, I just did one and got 30 and at least 20 of those were easy questions. It is true that if you skip one its doesn't award a point so better to guess than to skip.
  13. Luke had an impact on games and could take them over sometimes from the linebacker spot, that is generational. Urlacher could too but wasn't a coverage beast that Luke was. Yeah there is that poster of Julio over Luke but not many LB's in the league would ever be in that position. You def can't find Ray Lewis or Urlacher making an Ed Reed play and Luke would make them on the regular. Dallas in '15. Seattle in that playoffs that year.
  14. Yeah, Tepper and Nicole clearly stay plugged in with Panthers twitter for better or for worst and they have made it known they are aware of the support and love the fanbase gives to Fitterer, memes and all.
  15. He throws 6 Td - 1 Interception in the Preseason and rushes for 2 more TDs.
  16. Another question, has anyone figured out what kind of scheme knowledge Matt Rhule has? I have not once heard him talk about any type of scheme, only "arm length" like the line cook fan he is.
  17. It's been slow. I was hoping we would get a conference at the stadium from Matt Corral these last few days but it seems like they are gonna wrap a bubble around him like they did Sam last year so we might not hear from him until training camp. In the meantime, I had a question I was pondering, and it stems from the fact I feel like the only reason Matt Rhule is still here is because Tepper knows he has a good thing with Snow on the defense and if he can get a good thing with McAdoo on the offense Matt Rhule can essentially just be the team hype man and get out of the way. This also makes me wonder, how would the huddle feel if we end up with a brutal first four games of the season. Say 1-3 and Tepper fires Rhule and promotes Snow to HC and Steve Wilks back to DC... then Snow takes us to the playoffs because he actually has a braincell when it comes to football concepts.. Would you guys be cool with keeping essentially this entire staff minus Rhule beyond 2022 or is Snow just too old?
  18. Yeah but he showed more processing in three of his allotted QB reading throws per game than Darnold has ever shown in a single college or NFL game.
  19. Yeah that Chiefs game in 2020 was beautiful complete 180 from what we saw in 2021.
  20. Yeah i was thinking 3 or 4 as well.
  21. Yeah but we could only have one, Reddick or Burns, they just were both too small to have both. Got ran on at will last season.
  22. he will get weight in the NFL. I think they are going to rely on a play action system for him early in his career. Def don't see designed QB runs outside of the Redzone being part of the gameplan either.
  23. I would rather cut Darnold straight up and have Foles mentor Corral.
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