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  1. Most fun out of nowhere ive had with a game since Halo 1 dropped on xbox. And the co-op experience is unmatched. Anyone else out there spreading democracy?
  2. He's worst than a dumb football fan, he's a dumb STEELERS football fan. Thats just as bad as a dumb Cowboys fan.
  3. That was Hurney's plan, this has been said numerous times, ive even heard it from a former scout. Hurney was veto'd.
  4. 30 mins on the topic of Derrick Brown needing to be extended by a (previously?) inept front office??! Count me so IN!
  5. Excuse me but wtf does 2025 cap hit have to do with 2024 cap hit?
  6. Yeah, if you're cap space financially illiterate it would look like a bad situation to be in.
  7. This forum of all places would be Drake Maye fuging city right now. No rhyme or reason. I posted this before even looking at any other comment and holy poo was I right.
  8. Capers was only 3 years older than Dave Canales when he took over as the Panthers HC.
  9. A really bad DE draft, we got: First round: Laiatu Latu, DE, UCLA, Jared Verse, DE, Florida State Late 1st, early 2nd round: Bralen Trice, DE, Washington 2nd Round: Adisa Isaac, DE, Penn State, Chop Robinson, OLB/DE, Penn State Late 2nd, Early 3rd: Jonah Eliss, DE, Utah 3rd Round: Mohamed Kamara, DE/OLB, Colorado State, Xavier Thomas, DE, Clemson That's 8 in the top 100. This draft is DEEP for CB, WR, QB, OT, and DT Its decent at LB, C, and G. It is extremely weak at DE, OLB, S, RB, TE.
  10. Yep, saw one mock where we traded back at 33 for 2nd round picks and thought that was great too. If there is a giant batch of WR's available (which almost every mock shows in R2) gamble and try and get two of them. Or get OL and WR.
  11. Rhule was on that stuff every press conference and no one ever said a thing.
  12. Bahahah when you lie on your audio engineer resume just to get a job lmao
  13. Sounds like Kansas City's contract ran out the way the article is worded.
  14. I just hope he gets a liaison they report to like Tilis as his intermediary and keeps his hands off them directly.
  15. bb needs to just take a year off and come back for the Cowboys at this point. Its sad.
  16. I remember the times, so embarrassing for the huddle.
  17. I mean at this point I'd be surprised if it wasn't Canales, as much as I wanted MacDonald. With Canales its pretty obvious we would keep defense intact, he would probably keep Tabor too.
  18. Ok, thats one good name into round two... wonder if we keep it to three like we did with the GMs?
  19. Great, DB, Luvu, and Bell are all here, Burns and Horn makes it extra.
  20. Lol Raven's defensive talent is garbage compared to ours, its bonkers what he's doing. for reference, jadevon clowney is technically the best player on their defense lol
  21. I know that everyone is all in on an offensive HC. I get it, but there is something everyone is forgetting. If you can't score points against a team how are you beating them? Our Offense will be garbage again next season barring two or three miracle moves that all work out on that side of the ball, but our defense is good, what if we could move the defense to best? No team in the division is doing jack poo against Mike MacDonald twice a year. He should be the coach and maybe you can salvage Bryce Young by getting his confidence back up with some easy play action smash mouth football, you don't need a savant to put in an offense like that.
  22. If by boatrace you mean put in a blender, then yeah, he has put every offense in a blender this season.
  23. Who else have we not interviewed? Everyone that they said they would interview has interviewed. Unless you think we will add a name on Sat/Sun? Who would that be? Its clear Belichick, Harbaugh, and Vrabel have no interest in coming here or else we would have interviewed them already.
  24. So were done with initial interviews for GM and HC, should start hearing rumbling soon.
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