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  1. Was Daniel Jones a top ten QB before Daboll got there? Saquan’s much better all of the sudden too. A lot of the key players are the same ones that did squat before. Just saying the right coach can turn us around quickly too
  2. Right on …Daboll’s turned the Giants around immediately without any big roster changes etc. Just gotta get the Head Coach hire right this time
  3. Roquan Smith from Chicago? Ha I know he’ll get paid and it’s a lot more efficient to find our own guy in the draft. I really don’t watch the bears but what little I do see that guy looks good
  4. Hmm…no elflein and we can get a push..go figure ha
  5. Yep..I might add can we please get a legit TE finally. Cmac and a TE that can catch will help the rookie QB a ton
  6. Yep trading top talent for dirt and that cap hit doesn’t make sense at all
  7. Ben fugn Johnson.
  8. It’s really impressive. We’ve gone the DC route so many times… It’s all a risk…I’d like to see what this guy can do with a QB of his choice and full say so. Mcaffery would avg 10 yds a carry. Retreads (coach and QB)scare me. As do college coaches now ha.
  9. I’m not sure I can get enough of watching Elflein immediately get blown 5 yards back off the line of scrimmage…did Bozeman finger bang Rhule’s cat or what? I hate having to sit through it but get the broom out
  10. We need a young offensive mind or a Dan Campbell just crazy motivator type
  11. There’s no doubt in my mind we’d be 2-0 right now if McDaniels was our coach and Baker and Cmac would be in the early comeback player of the year discussion
  12. Seriously…going into this game wouldn’t you think the obvious keys were stop the run and screen game…holy snikies that was bad. Especially thinking of all the picks and capital spent on D
  13. Yea we dug a big hole in the first half. I think if we’d just ran the damn ball we’d been ok. I like the second half rally. People can say one bad call doesn’t dictate a game but that one at that moment did
  14. He can swing inside also…having an end that’s particularly good against the run and setting the edge is a good thing too. I wouldn’t mind a straight up tackle either
  15. Yeah you’d think the whole point of investing in the secondary like we have is so you can commit more to run defense and pass rush when you need to…especially against a backup QB and the browns’ wide receivers
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