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  1. Sanders had 50 receptions in 2019…just curious how many catches does a rb need to be considered a valid pass catcher? No he’s not Cmac but I think he’s a very good RB
  2. Right, can’t play scared. Draft the guy you feel best about, support him with personnel, scheme, and coaching and let’s see if he’s got that. I do feel like this staff seems more capable of that than the last time we had the number 1 pick but they still gotta land the right guy..point blank it’s just hard to to know who that guy is otherwise the mahomes’, Allen’s, Brady’s would’ve been drafted number 1
  3. Barry was healthy when he retired. He retired because he was tired of playing for the Lions and they refused to trade him. #facts ha
  4. Chark’s got the best size/speed/age ratio 6’4/4.3/26…he’s gone over 1000 yds once. Just seems like most upside and shouldn’t break the bank. Just seems like he could potentially explode with right situation and QB
  5. I’d prefer someone that can take the top off the defense to open up everything else
  6. Yeah I don’t get the problem if you trade a pick for a good player..when what you’re trying to do in the draft is use the pick to draft a good player. Were people pissed when we traded the 3rd rder for Olsen?
  7. Hell yeah.. I think a very overlooked part is our coaching staff vs the Saints. Dennis Allen has always looked like shitake as a head coach. Dude looks like a total prick.
  8. I like idea of a vet TE with a rookie QB….wouldn’t have minded Schultz until I saw those 2 huge mental errors at the end of Dallas’ playoff game. Might be putting too much on that but football IQ especially in big moments matters. I haven’t watched Gesicke much at all but maybe he’d make an Olsen-ish jump for us
  9. Right…they’re not doing all this to finally get a QB and not surround him with weapons
  10. Folks are off their meds tonight. I love DJ but much easier to find a WR then a QB or an edge runner. We gave up 1 first rder to get the first pick in the draft. Of course you have to give up something to get something
  11. There was no reason to get hyped over 80% of Rhule’s staff ha
  12. Makes it kinda hard to negotiate when the guy with the sayso is telling you to make it happen.
  13. Cam tore his shoulder tackling a guy after a pick. Was never the same after that. The tj watt hit was the icing on the cake. Folks that actually watched the games saw exactly what happened and when.
  14. Sounds about right…if we go rookie QB I hope they go get a vet TE. I’ve never looked at the stats for it but it seems like rookie TEs are slower to make an impact and I remember how shockey and Olsen helped rookie Cam. Not one of the higher cost FA positions either
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