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  1. I saw Howell on Good Morning Football saying he’s never eaten any kind of meat but chicken. No burgers , hot dogs, steaks, fish ever…maybe that was the kicker ha
  2. The browns could use a wr..Baker for Robbie straight up would be aiight
  3. Probably a better chance Brady and Giselle buy the Miami dolphins when he’s done done ha
  4. Their QB costs a billion dollars hahaha
  5. Oh yeah there was obviously something like that between them. OBJ has worn out his welcome on 2 teams now. I was just saying between the obj stuff and the injury I don’t think I’d hold last season against him too much
  6. He was playing with a torn left shoulder, arm in the sling and such…I know it’s not his throwing shoulder but that’s gotta affect someone. I really don’t understand why he’s so much worse with OBJ on the field but with eyeballs and numbers he just was. Not saying I’d take him..but the browns are just going to have to take whatever they can get at this point.
  7. It is a little bit intriguing if the pick is low/set for next year as a conditional pick or something based on performance. I agree. We could get a stud at 6…plug-in baker behind that line and with our weapons…if he balls out we can sign him or tag and trade him and if he sucks/attitude problem/injured…he goes out the door and takes Rhule with him. Not saying I’d do it…depends on their evaluation of Pickett. Whichever one Rhule wants to do pick the opposite
  8. Oh yeah I was just saying since I hate the falcons, wasn’t something I thought they’d do
  9. I’ll cross my fingers that they trade the farm to Detroit to jump in front of us to draft him haha
  10. If Pickett’s hands were bigger that receiver in the first video would have caught the ball that hit him right in the hands
  11. Atlanta used Patterson similarly, he’s a matchup nightmare
  12. You never know the way players have pulled out/or just not signed “done” deals…I’m just glad they’re finally taking the oline seriously
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