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  1. Every time Hubbard touches the ball he slips
  2. That 3 day rest is showing on this already weak ass oline and aggressive d
  3. Sam is still young so some mistakes are expected. Had a damn good game overall.
  4. Was a bad call on that hold and missing that punch to the head these refs sucking it up tonight
  5. Give Coleman the dam game ball he is a beast it tonight
  6. cheap try if its open u throw it or is that hard to understand?
  7. You should throw the ball when box is stacked in the rain and u have speed on outside. With C and G out you really want to run up the middle with a slippy ball just so people can bitch about that like every week
  8. don't be dumb if not throw off back foot that's a td.
  9. He is a rookie calm the hell down only useless thing is your post
  10. Its just lol at the moment reading these post and watching this game
  11. Yea its pretty dumb to try to go up 2 scores with 2 min left you guys lmao
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