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  1. The rooney rule is stupid. And racist. Just interview and choose the best candidates no matter their races.
  2. We must upgrade our TE room this offseason. Tremble had show some good things and can be our 2nd TE. We can Draft Kincaid with our 2b pick and I will like to sign a guy like Antony Auclair, a very good blocker to have all TE profiles. The Ian Thomas' contrzat is horrible but I'm for to cut him. Sullivan to the PS ? If we have the opportunity to have Jim Harbaugh, I'm high to draft FB Hunter Luepke. He is an elite talent who can run, block and catch. Jim knows to use FB and it will be a great opportunity to draft him in the 4th or 5th. Kincaid, Tremble, Auclair + Luepke as FB.
  3. You are missing Taylor Kraft.
  4. I love Luvu. Tremble is good but we need a #1 TE. I'm not fan to take a TE in 1st even if the ND Kid is awesome, the next TE class is strong and Kincaid or Kraft with the SF 2nd round will be very good.
  5. What is the worst position possible if we win against the Saints ?
  6. Who will play nickelback for panthers please ?
  7. Who will play nickelback tomorrow for panthers please ?
  8. I don't want to trade up and I want a new QB to develop. So, let's go (with PFN): 1: QB Will Levis from Kentucky I'm not conviced at 100% percent about Levis but we need to take some risk. I think, his bad OLine in Lexington don't help him. Carolina is a great destination for a young QB with a great and young OLine. 2a: WR Josh Downs from North Carolina If we choose a QB, I want the most of talent possible for him. Josh Downs is a great target. 2b: LB Jack Campbell from Iowa Time to help the defense and the front 7. 3a: TE Tucker Kraft from South Dakota State 3b: DL Tuli Tuipulotu from USC Same philisophy. 4: FB Hunter Luepke from North Dakota State We want to run ? Ok, Draft this guy, He has speed, size and athletism and can help in all compartments. Foreman, Hubbard and Luepke for the running game next year. 5: CB Riley Moss from Iowa Moss join his teamates Campbell in Charlotte. I hope to have a good and strong secondary locker room with Norman, Donte, Horn, CJH and Moss. Thieaves Avenue is back. 7a: WR Andrei Iosivas from Princeton Small college again but nice talent. He is very, very, very, very fast and it's important to add speed to our receiver corps. 7b: OT Graham Barton from Duke Some depth for our nice OLine.
  9. I assume Steve Wilks is our HC for next years. Who do you want to be our next OC and DC ? Do you keep Ben McAdoo and Al Holcomb ?
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